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NEWS!!! effective December 31-2017, Bishop Yaroslaw/Russ is retiring from ministry after 40 years. No he has not left the CHURCH. He will still be affiliated with the Mother Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church World Wide Under Patriarch +Moses. His wife is going through some health issues and his moto is : JESUS CHRIST FIRST> HIS WIFE AND FAMILY SECOND< AND THIRDLY THE CHURCH. He will continue with the web-site on a personal level. The church web-site will continue.

This new website will be in operation 1st or 2nd week of November.

Please check back often

Our Jurisdiction Site is   called www.Wordsfromthebishop.ca



The face book site is wordsfromthebishop.com

By popular request “Words from the Bishop”  is returning  with a new program and  will now be telecast on local TV Access channel 7, Yorkton, Sk. starting first week of September 2017. Past programs are still being  aired.  For more information please call Words from the Bishop at  306-620-7070 or email Ineedprayer@sasktel.net or bpyaroslaw@sasktel.net

Recently, we all have been downloaded with news, fake news, true news, sex news, war news, crash news,  trash news found at your cashiers desk and news that sells. And one of the greatest is gossip news with family and friends. It has now has come to a point who or what do you believe. This news cover all aspects of our daily living. From politic, religion, movies, talk shows and what ever else. These is a saying we are not to be ignorant. We are to gather knowledge which leads to power. Power leads to control. But, if we have understanding of what knowledge is, we can now use wisdom of how to deal with this new found tool. So, we are now expanding our outreach ministry  via different high Tec. methods. We will also be going live with video and audio. The out reach will include interviews. At present we are  on Facebook and twitters. Also, we are on the web at www.wordsfromthebishop.com There we have many menus to choose from, so pay us a visit. We will inform our readers one step at a time

You will be redirected to the main web-site.

Contact us at: bpyaroslaw@sasktel.net OR frruss@sasktel.net

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