All peoples in life need prayers for the many trials they encounter in life. We at our prayer center pray for all requests. If you have a prayer request, please use the following link to our email site and post. When we get your request we will return our prayer to  your post. Names are not mentioned due to privacy issues.

Also, we will list prayers that are being requested below the address or

With government cut backs, to use our finances wisely.

Our daughter and grandson traveling from Toronto to Saskatchewan to be protected.

I need to sell my house quickly, as I can no longer carry it.

Our son committed an unexpected death pray for the family

Our greatest request is for individuals suffering in cancer. We have far to many to mention each, so please pray for them. God knows who they are.

My wife is in hospital with cancer and very ill.

Need money to pay expenses, government raised taxes.

Sugar diabetis is out of control.

Son is on high drugs.

My wife has developed dementia.

This US election has destroyed our families. A family divided cannot last long.

Our daughter after 19/1/2 years just lost her job and none are available with her experience.

Most of the prayer requests are for people who have terminal cancer and marriage problems. Also, for children who are on drugs and run away.

WE have lost our jobs , our home, most of our possessions and now live in a car. And very little money for food.

A family member 46 has cancer.

A brother who has dementia.

Need to sell our home or we lose it.

A daughter who is going to South Africa that God will protect her.

For our families in Ukraine’s  war.

Family with job loss.

For my mother and father who have developed dementia.

For family with cancer and heath problems.

For our children who are into drugs.

Our greatest request is people who are suffering in cancer. Pray for them in proxy as God know who they are.

Just buried my mother. Grand kids are in grief.

My husband has had a heart attack.

More hours at work.

House on the market for one year and no buyers

Woman needs car to go to work, other one broke down.

Widow needs money to pay living expenses.

For a marriage that is falling apart.

Wife gone into a nursing home and husband is finding out what it’s like to be lonely.

Children are all drugged.

Many requests for people who have cancer.

John whose mother passed away at 59

Shelly whose has inoperable cancer.

Edna, many in family very ill.

Episcopa Sharon in Cleveland for health.

Walter who misses his wife in a care home.

Mike and Zena very poor health.

We have a number of requests for individuals who have cancer. To many names to mention, but God knows them all.

Several marriages that are falling apart.

Husband has left his wife and 3 young children, that he would rethink his actions.

Please help out our family, team Epic Claire with your valuable financial support. We look forward to the day Claire no longer needs to test her blood every 2 hours. A day when a cure is discovered. We believe that researchers are coming close but we can’t do it without your support. MANY THANKS!!!!

– Calder Jacob S. died pray for his family – Doctor’s murdered in Afghanistan pray for their families

Christian Councillors on Blacktown City Council, largest Council in NSW Australia are requesting prayers for guidance, leadership from Father God – over 500 girls have been assaulted, raped, kidnapped & sometimes killed by crazy radical Muslim men living in Egypt, they need our prayers

My wife has terminal cancer. Please pray for a miracle of healing. BUT, if she should die, that I will have the strength to go on ward in life, as I love her and will miss her.

That he pleads for a reprieve on the grounds her cancer will soon kill her anyway and his request is granted. President and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Brown became pastor, he assumed responsibility for this men’s class with continued success.

my grandma  got a bladder infection apparently they never totally got control of it and it’s back and we need prayer that she’ll be healed & the infection will die also, that God will make an opening, preferably at the Saltcoat’s nursing home or as close as possible. please can you pray for my grandma an that she heals an gets better soon. thanks so much!

I just lost my husband, we enjoyed each other for over 55 years. I find it difficult to come to terms that he is gone. Life for me is very lonely at this stage. I need encouragement.

my family and i…we consist of myself, 2 children and my wife’s elderly parents.we finally have an opportunity to get a mortgage on a home to fit us all. work has been slow for me and we are struggling. if you could please pray for my family and i that the GOOD LORD will help me to secure steady employment where i sent resume’s too or again have more steady work at my current job so i can work to get the 8500.OO i need for the down payment and the steady work i work so hard to obtain…thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL…i am not asking for a prayer of material things, just a prayer to be able to take care of my family and to give my family the strength to come together and work at our dream goal…thank you

For my daughter who has MS and just gave birth to a grand-daughter. She does not have enough milk to feed the baby. We live in Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada and she is in Florida with family.

Our son-in law is blind, is diabetic at an early age has a family and is suffering dearly. Takes 4 shots of insolent daily and goes into cosmoses fairly often. So the Good Lord will easy his suffering and heal him.


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