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Permission was granted to post this Sapphires Devotions

These are from the teachings of Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger. To get the full teachings and more, go to www.hopeoftheworld.org

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Walking In The Angelic

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Daily Sapphires Devotions are part of Hope of the World Ministry.
Permission was granted to post this Sapphires Devotions
These are from the teachings of Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger. To get the full teachings and more, go to www.hopeoftheworld.org
  or write to Hope of the World, Box 1111, Lodi, NJ 07644 Peter’s in jail for his faith and is awaiting execution when an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared to him with the good news that he’s going free. The word angel, Malakh in Hebrew and Angelos in Greek, can be translated as “news bringers.” Angels came to shepherds in Bethlehem and said, “We bring you good news and great joy.” In the origins of the words Good News, or Gospel, is the word angel. In English, when you say evangelism, the word angel is in it. When you share the gospel by the Spirit of God or help somebody be set free from bondage, in the Lord you’re an angel on assignment. When you see somebody in need of salvation, or someone who seeks the love of God and good news, become their angel. When you do God’s will, minister, and serve, go as one sent from heaven on angelic assignment. Get into the joy of it. Start your angelic visitations now. It’s ang elic and it’s glorious. Get started in the Great Commission, on your divine mission. Become their angel.

From Message #964 – Angels and Outlaws Scripture: 1 Peter 1:2

Today’s Mission – Start your angelic visitations today and share Messiah with someone who needs to hear it.

The Spiritual Bee

Monday, August 7, 2017

When a bee’s life is in the larva stage, it does nothing but eat. It doesn’t look for pollen or help fellow bees, it lives inside the cell and gets fed. This doesn’t last long, and in a short time, the bee leaves this stage, comes out of the cell, and begins helping. It no longer has anyone feed it, it helps to feed others. It goes quickly from being ministered to, to ministering to others. Bees seem a lot wiser than some believers. We tend to get into a mode of expecting others to minister to us, meaning we’re still in the larva stage. This stage has a purpose, but there’s no future in it because you’re in a cell. Freedom comes when you forget about your needs and minister to the needs of others. Forget about having others bless you; you bless, love, and reach out to others. Only then can we attain maturity in Messiah. It’s time to grow up, fulfill our calling, and becom e conformed to His image. It all begins when you step out of the larva cell.

From Message #963- The Honeycomb Scripture: Matt. 20:28

Today’s Mission – Today, live as a mature believer. Set your heart on blessing others and move in the joy of selflessness.

The Preserver

Friday, August 4, 2017

Jeremiah 31 declares that as long as there’s the natural order of creation, God will preserve the Jewish people. The Shehecheyanu is a Hebrew prayer thanking God for preserving us and sustaining us. All of hell has sought to wipe out the Jewish people from being preserved, yet God fulfilled His Word. Many civilizations have vanished, but the Jews are still here. God preserved them and returned them to the land of Israel, just as He promised. In your life, it may sometimes seem that all hell is against you. You may wonder what’s in the future and if you’re going to make it. God is very good at keeping His word. He kept the Jewish people through all hell for thousands of years. He who keeps Israel is the same One who will keep you who are His child. As a believer, you’re part of the commonwealth of Israel and He’s the Keeper of Israel. You don’t have to worry about your fut ure, because you know Him who holds your future. He’s the One who will hold you, because He who keeps Israel, and you, will neither slumber nor sleep.

From Message #962 – The Genesis Gene Scripture: Phil. 1:6

Today’s Mission – Today, trust the Lord with all your concerns for your future. Give Thanks for His taking care of it all. Trust in His peace.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recently, historian Yuval Harari, speaking at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, announced: “It is very likely, within a century or two, Homo Sapiens, as we have known it for thousands of years, will disappear. Not because, like in some Hollywood science fiction movie, the robots will come and kill us, but rather because we will use technology to upgrade ourselves…” Harari called this new being “Homo Deus,” or the “God man.”He was referring to a phenomenon that has been noted by many analysts, the increasing merger of man and machine. The scenario has been explored in the realm of science fiction, from the television ‘The Six Million Dollar Man,’ to ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Robocop,’ and many more. But more significant is the continual merging of humanity with technology in ways already affecting our lives. We may not realize it, but this represents a joining of man and machine. More and more people function through their cell phones, meaning, they function less and less without them. Our generation is increasingly addicted to technology. We are increasing our relinquishing decisions to computers. Where we used to use our minds to figure out how to get from one destination to another, we increasingly rely on GPS systems, as our brains gradually lose the ability to do what our computers now do instead. Thus, observers speculate that it is possible that one day, computers will know more about our likes and dislikes than we do. There is more and more talk and efforts at merging computers parts to brains to increase intelligence and the implantation of chips in our bodies – a development that has the shadows of the mark of the beast in The Book of Revelation. At the same time, we are increasingly developing the technology to modify our genetic code. As man seeks to act as God, he recreates humanity – or destroys it. In the Book of Daniel, w orld history is presented in the manifesting of four creatures. The last of the four represents the civilization of the end-times. Its nature is described by the Hebrew word ‘shaneh.’ The word means ‘different,’ ‘diverse,’ or ‘altered.’ So our end-time civilization is characterized by being different, altered, artificial, and unnatural. In every way, from the redefinition of gender, and marriage, to the changing of the genetic code, and now, to this, we are altering the very nature of humanity and God’s creation. And it’s all part of man trying to be God or the ‘Homo Deus,’ the God man. The irony is – the more man tries to be God, the less godly he becomes, and the less human. But we don’t look to a ‘Homo Deus,’ man trying to be God. We look to the God who became man. And the more we live our lives in Him and by His Spirit, the more powerful our lives become, more powerful than technology, and the more we ourselves become the person we were created by God to become. This month, comm it to walking in the power of God, to do all things by His Spirit, and may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborerin His love and service, Jonathan



Perfecting The Perfect

Monday, July 31, 2017

In Philippians, Paul said, “One thing I do[…] I press on”. He then said, “As many as are perfect have this attitude”. You’d think that if you’re perfect then you’ve arrived, because perfection is about getting to the full state, or becoming complete. Yet, he’s saying that all who are perfect have to have the attitude that they haven’t yet arrived. Those who are pressing ahead to be perfect- and who know that they’re not- are those who are perfect in God; imperfect in themselves, but perfect in Him. The greatest saints I’ve known in my life aren’t those who thought they arrived, but those who always want to go deeper- to learn more, become more loving, more holy, more pure, more on fire, more like Messiah. There’s always more to Messiah, and the only way you can be filled up is to never stop filling yourself up with more of Him. Have this attitude that Paul had- never s top pressing on for more until you’ve arrived. In always seeking and finding more of Him, you will have arrived, and in that will be your perfection.

From Message #824 – Higher Ground Scripture: Phil. 3:13-16

Today’s Mission – Press on today and continue on in the perfection of Messiah.

You Can’t Study During The Test

Friday, July 28, 2017

Growing up, we had tests in school and spent lots of time preparing, studying, and staying up late cramming for them. The bigger the test, the more time spent studying for it. The key with the tests was to prepare beforehand. In God, we know that we go through tests. Why is it that most believers spend no time preparing for the tests? We did it for school, but not for life, not for God, who alone really counts. Maybe that’s why sometimes we have to take the same test over and over in life. Instead of just waiting for tests to come in your life and quickly trying to handle the challenge in the middle of the trial, try something new. Start preparing for them beforehand. When things are okay and peaceful, use that time to grow. Prepare to get stronger in God in all areas of your life when you’re not in the middle of the conflict or being tempted. Those who passed the test s are those who prepared for them. Prepare for your tests and you’ll pass them and move on to graduation.

From Message #825 – The Test Scripture: 2 Chron. 12:14

Today’s Mission – Take time today to prepare for future victory. Spend time today with the Lord – meditating on His word

The Secret Of Gideon, Samson, And Joshua

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Every believer is part of a fight against some kind of evil, temptation, habit, or situation. Scripture records that on the day of battle, God’s Spirit came upon His people. His Spirit came on Gideon, Samson, and Joshua and they fought their battle, overcame the enemy, and won. The key is that they didn’t just fight their battles, they were filled with God’s presence in that battle, and so they won. You can’t fight evil by just fighting evil. You can only fight evil with the good, in the good, through the good, by the good, and for good. Fight the darkness by being filled up with the light of God’s presence. Fight the flesh by being filled up with God’s Spirit. Remember, the great biblical warriors never just fought their enemies, they fought in, by, and through the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit. Stop dwelling on your conflict, what’s against you, and what you’re again st. Start getting filled up with the good. In that, you will overcome and you will emerge from your battle victoriously.

From Message #823 – The Lion’s Roar Scripture: Micah 6:8

Today’s Mission – Before you fight your battles or deal with your problems today, receive from God the anointing for victory.

The Active Kind Of Holy

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Pharisees had a problem with Messiah going to the house of Matthew. The word Pharisee comes from the Hebrew word kedoshim, which means separated ones. Their holiness was about staying separate from the unholy. There are two kinds of holiness. One that stays away from the unholy, and the other kind that cleanses the unclean and makes it clean. Messiah’s holiness touches the unholy and makes it holy. He came to earth to touch the sick- the lepers, the untouchables- and heal them. Many religious people are scared of touching the unholy because they’re afraid they will become unholy as well. Messiah’s holiness is so great that It’s not content to leave evil alone, or let the dark stay, but to shine the light in the dark and make the darkness light. It’s so holy that It makes everything around become holy. That’s what It’s about. So have nothing to do with sin, keeping y our heart free of the slightest trace of sin, but have everything to do with the unholy people, the lost and unsaved, because the truly holy do not fear the dark- they light it up.

From Message #822 – The House Of Matthew Scripture: Luke 19:10

Today’s Mission – Don’t fear the dark today. Instead, illuminate it, touch it, overwhelm it, share the Gospel with it, and transform it with the presence of God.

Going From Lunar To Solar

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Song of Solomon speaks of the bride as the moon but finishes by speaking of her as the sun. The final picture and mystery of the bride goes from moonlight to sunshine. The moon and the sun are two different kinds of light. The moon is a light that shines conditionally. There has to be nothing blocking its face, nothing hiding it from the sun. The sun shines regardless of where it’s facing, or anything blocking it, because its nature is to shine. We are the bride and we are still in the moon phase. We’re rejoicing, but our joy is conditional. The real victory comes when you move from the moon stage to the sun stage. It’s when your joy moves from being conditional to becoming unconditional. You praise not just when things are good, but when things look terrible – at all times. You shine not just because things are shining around you, you shine because you are a light. That’s what a light does – it shines. You’re the bride, and the bride begins as fair as the moon, but ends as bright as the sun.

From Message #821 – The Dawn, the Moon & the Sun Scripture: Daniel 12:3

Today’s Mission – Commit to being the light of Messiah today and shine like the sun!

Love Even If You Don’t

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Bible says “love your wives”, and “love one another”. Someone might say, “I just don’t love my spouse anymore, my feelings have changed”. The answer to that is “Who cares”! Think about it – if you’re supposed to take out the garbage and your response is, “I don’t take it out like I used to”, it doesn’t matter. Just take out the garbage! God never asked you if you love, He just says love. He isn’t interested in your feelings, it’s a command. Do you think that husbands always feel like loving their wives, or vice versa, even in the best marriages? No more than people feel like always taking out the garbage, or doing anything else all the time. Just do what He said. That goes for anything in the Word. Don’t make it so complicated. You don’t have to feel it. That’s good news, because it’s bigger and deeper than feelings. Love anyway – the feelings will come. Praise Him an yway – the feelings will come. Rejoice anyway – the joy will come. Your faith and walk is too important to be bound up by something as flaky as feelings.

From Message #819 – The Radical Love Scripture: Prov. 3:5-6

Today’s Mission – Obey God today and don’t allow your feelings to control you. Regardless of your feelings – Just do it!

The Sword Of Jehoshaphat

Friday, July 21, 2017

God tells King Jehoshaphat that his army is to go into battle led by singers, praising and worshiping Him. The enemy comes with weapons, shields, and chariots, but the army of Israel comes out singing, praising and worshiping God. Imagine going into battle against heavily armed people ready to kill you and you have nothing but songs and your faith. So what happened? The armies that came against them became confused and ended up destroying themselves. God’s people did nothing but worship Him. Praise and worship isn’t just a nice thing, it’s a powerful weapon. Do you want to win your battle, beat the enemy in triumph, and come out of that problem stronger than ever? Praise and worship the King! It’s more powerful than all the strategies in the world. Get out your voice and instruments and praise Him even in the battle – especially in the battle! Then the enemy won’t know what to do and you will end up being victorious – as victorious as the army, or worship band, of Jehoshaphat.

From Message #817 – The Jehoshaphat Guide To Victory Scripture: 2 Chron. 20:15

Today’s Mission – Face your battles today with the praise and worship of God on your lips and let Him confuse your enemies.

Bearing The Bridegroom’s Name

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Traditionally, married women take the name of their husband. Even in cultures where they had no last names, the woman was still known by her husband’s identity. As believers, we’re Messiah’s bride and the bride must take the name of her husband. In a sense, we already have it. The word Messianic, or Christian, is basically the bride, or the church, wearing the name of her husband. Deeper than that, it means that as a bride, you bear the identity of your husband. It doesn’t matter who you once were, you now have the new identity of Messiah- that’s the sign you’re married. You don’t live as you used to live, defeated. You live as someone who’s blessed, victorious, innocent, righteous, pure, and beautiful in God. That’s who He is and that’s what you received in Him. It’s not a prideful thing, it’s a simple married thing. Take the name of Messiah. Wear it- it is your priv ilege, your blessing, your calling as a bride. Be beautiful, holy, and blessed in Him. It’s the blessing of the bride to wear the bridegroom’s Name.

From Message #816 – The Prime Identity Scripture: Gal. 2:20

Today’s Mission – Immerse yourself in Messiah’s identity today so that everyone around you will see you as His beautiful bride.

Either God Or His Work

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Behind Eastern religion and the new age belief system is a foundation that says everything is god and this universe is just a dream of a sleeping god who forgot that he was god. The Bible declares that all creation is God’s work. In Greek, the word is poema, from which we get the word poem. God’s not asleep. In a sense, He’s the Poet of existence. Scripture says that, “He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep”. We aren’t God and that’s a good thing. If we were God, or if God were asleep, how could we ever hope to be saved or find anything better? God is awake! He’s filled with thoughts of love for you, right now. Because He’s awake, He’s able to awaken us out of our sleep. This universe is no dream or accident. This universe is the poem of God, created with every intention for your life to be a work of beauty. You can only find it by knowing the Poet of ex istence in whose love your life can become – not the dream, but the poem of a Living God.

From Message #287 – The Poem Of God Scripture: Ps. 145:10

Today’s Mission – Instead of trying to produce the works of God, focus on living and becoming His work.

The Other Germs

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Germ warfare has been around for centuries. We’re in a war against an enemy that sows a different type of germ or seed – seeds of thoughts, words, bitterness, envy, slander, fault finding, and accusations – to spread through the camp of God’s army, which then produces more seeds. The seeds of gossip start in the heart and mind, then come on the tongue and spreads to others like a spiritual virus to make sick the soldiers of God. You wouldn’t want to hang around someone with a deadly disease. In the same way, if you hang around someone who is negative all the time, you could be struck with spiritual diseases. Satan wants you spiritually incapacitated, and ultimately, spiritually dead. He’s the first gossiper. When he was in the garden, he gossiped about God. All gossip and slander comes from the dragon’s mouth. So fight those negative thoughts, words of slander, and gossip. Take a strong stand against it, as much as you would fight off the germs of a deadly disease that would seek to kill you. In the end, it’s all germ warfare.

From Message #814 – The Dragon’s Mouth Scripture: Isa. 41:12-13

Today’s Mission – Fight those negative thoughts and words by meditating on and speaking God’s word.

Ending The Vaccuum

Monday, July 17, 2017

How do you remove air from a cup? The simple way is to fill it with water. You could get a vacuum machine and try to suck all the air out, but you could end up destroying the cup. How do you get sin out of your life? We try to stop doing it— and that’s good- but it’s not enough. It’s a vacuum- something else will come in. You try to stop thinking angry or bitter thoughts, or try not to worry, and then it comes back again. The key is that the focus isn’t the sin. It’s like trying to remove air from a cup with a vacuum and crushing the whole thing. How did God remove sin from this world? He did it by coming in, by putting in His presence. How do you take away sin from your life? By filling it up with the presence of God. Like a cup, fill your life up with His peace, joy, blessings, and Spirit. Get God into everything and sin will get out of everything. It’s as simple as pou ring water into a cup.

From Message #812 – The Immanuel Solution Scripture: Rom. 15:13

Today’s Mission – Allow God’s Spirit to fill your life with His presence today and wash away all that is not of Him.

Every God Has Its Altar

Friday, July 14, 2017

At the time of Israel’s apostasy, the land was filled with altars for sacrifices to false gods. Even when the people were in rebellion to God and living in sin, they still offered sacrifices, because a god is that which you sacrifice for. In your life, what is your God? You might say, “My God is God”. Ask yourself, what are the things that you are sacrificing for? Are you sacrificing for success, money, comfort, pleasure, sin, lust, yourself, your reputation, or your glory? What are you spending your time, energy, joy, dreams, and thoughts on? Those are your offerings. What are you really sacrificing for? If it’s not God, there are other gods in your life and all those other gods in the end will take from you, drain you, and bring you destruction. They’re focused on receiving your sacrifice, but there’s only One God who sacrificed Himself and died for you. Stop sacrificin g to those false gods in your life. Offer your best to the only God who deserves it, because He gave you His best. Go and do likewise.

From Message #800 – Smash The Gods Scripture: Ex. 20:3

Today’s Mission – Are you in any way serving and sacrificing to something that’s not God? Stop and present your body as a living sacrifice to your Lord.

Why You’ve Probably Had A Jewish Doctor

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Did you ever wonder why so many doctors are Jewish? The Jewish people were called to bring redemption to the world. That means healing. There’s a concept in Judaism called tikun olam, meaning bringing healing or redemption to the world. That’s the Jewish mission. It’s no accident that they became a people of healing. In fact, some of the greatest advances in medicine and healing of many diseases has come through them. That’s good news for you. Messiah is the greatest Jewish doctor in the universe. It’s no accident that one of His central missions is healing. You have a Jewish doctor, the greatest One who ever lived. He will deal with every single thing in your life as a specialist. You’ll never get a bill and He makes house calls. Whatever you need for healing, wholeness, your completion, your well-being – spiritual, emotional, and physical – bring it to Him. Whatever you r wounds or your pain, bring it to Him, let Him see it, let Him touch it, and let Him bring you your healing, because you have the best Jewish doctor ever.

From Message #799 – The Great Physician Scripture: Prov. 4:20-22

Today’s Mission – Bring your wounds to Messiah today and let Him touch them and bring you your healing.

His Secret Agents

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We think of the word Christian as a religious term. The word comes from Christianos, which was given to believers in Antioch. It wasn’t a religious term, but used to refer to Messiah’s people, party, or partisans in the same way that they would speak of Ceasar or Herod’s partisans. Political parties try to affect the world and change things. We are Messiah’s party. More than anything, we’re to be affecting and changing the world. Unlike the political parties of the world, we have the true power to change it. We’re the salt of the earth, the light of the world, and if you’re not affecting the world, you’re not doing your job. Are you leaving circumstances better, worse, or just the same as when you entered? We’re Messiah’s partisans, His party, His people, His agents on earth. We have the potential and power to make a difference. You have the power to change your circumsta nces, your homes, your neighborhoods, your family, your relationships, and your world. The Lord made you different so you could make a difference. You are Messiah’s partisan, an agent of change.

From Message #797 – The Messiah Partisans Scripture: 1 Peter 2:10

Today’s Mission – Be Messiah’s agent of change. Make a difference in your world and the lives of those around you today

The Shalom Bride

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In the Hebrew marriage, when the woman accepts the offer of marriage from the groom, she becomes the bride. She’s not of her old house anymore. Her purpose is to prepare herself, say goodbye to her old life and home, and get ready for a better place. She’s the goodbye girl, or ‘the shalom bride’. Her purpose is to leave. In the same way, if you’re born again, you’re now the bride. It’s not the marriage yet, but the world’s no longer your home. You’re not here to get rich, famous, popular, or more comfortable; you’re here to say goodbye. Learn how to say goodbye to your possessions, your past, your ego, your reputation, your old self, your burdens, and your flesh. This world used to be your home, but it isn’t anymore. You have something better. In Hebrew, shalom not only means goodbye, but also hello. Every time you say goodbye to something in the world, you’re saying hello to something in heaven. You’re getting ready to receive the blessings of your new house; the house that will never pass away.

From Message #781 – The Mystery of the Calah Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11

Today’s Mission – Say goodbye to your past or anything else you need to say goodbye to – and welcome in your blessing from heaven.

The Huppah Children

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In the Gospels, we’re called friends of the bridegroom. That Greek term means children of the bridal chamber, which is a translation of the Hebrew idiom Bnei HaChuppah, meaning children of the huppah. Huppah is the wedding canopy over the bride and groom. The children of the huppah are those who are closest to the bridegroom. If you’re born again, you’re a child of the huppah, one who is close to the bridegroom. Most bridegrooms are joyfully looking forward to the wedding. The closer you get to them, the more joy, excitement, and blessing you have. There are many believers who claim to be close to Messiah, but they don’t have joy or excitement. The true children of the huppah are those believers who are filled with joy, love, and excitement. If you find that lately you don’t have a lot of joy, get your eyes off yourself and get close to the Bridegroom. When you get really close to the Bridegroom, you won’t be able to hold back the joy, love, and excitement of the Bridegroom. It will fill your heart and life as a child of the huppah.

From Message #783 – Children Of The Huppah Scripture: John 3:29

Today’s Mission – Draw closer to your Heavenly Bridegroom today, spend quiet time in His Huppah, the Marriage Chamber.

The End-Time Olive Harvest

Monday, July 10, 2017

When the autumn harvest of Israel draws to a close and reaches its final month of Elul, the harvest of the olive begins. The olive tree is a symbol of Israel. Romans 11 speaks of Israel as an olive tree, of the day when it’s going to blossom together when the Jewish people come back to Messiah. That’s happening now. It’s the time of the olive tree, beginning to blossom. The harvest is nearing its end. When that happens, it’s the ending of the age. Olive oil is also a symbol of God’s Spirit. The end-times are marked by the Jewish people coming back to Messiah and the outpouring of God’s Spirit. It’s no accident that in the same age in which Israel is coming back, God’s Spirit is being poured out all throughout the nations. It means that the last days aren’t just times of trouble, but of the olive, redemption, and God’s Spirit. Pray for the redemption of Israel and live , move, walk, and shine in His Spirit. It’s a great combination, for the end days are the days of the olive.

From Message #793 – The Holy Day Finale Scripture: Matt. 25:4

Today’s Mission – Invite God to pour His Spirit over you like oil today and pray for the redemption of Israel.

Moses’ Biggest Obstacle

Friday, July 7, 2017

When God called Moses, the biggest obstacle in the calling of Moses was Moses. He said, ‘Oh, but I can’t, I’m too slow of speech’. God’s saying, ‘Forget about you, it’s not about you. It’s about Me’. When God called Jeremiah, he said, ‘I’m too young’. It sounds humble, but it’s not. You can’t fulfill your ministry, only God can. We like to think that our situation, or lack of opportunity, is preventing our calling. No, the biggest obstacle in your calling is you. Maybe you haven’t answered yet, or God called you one way and you went another. Whatever it is, know this: there’s nothing that can stop your calling except you. If God calls you, there’s no lack of calling on His part. Know that you’re in good company, because Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Peter were all the biggest obstacles in their calling. That’s good news, because they all ended up getting themselves out of God’s way and you can do the same. Start walking the high calling God gave you, because if we can be the greatest obstacle in our calling, we can also be the greatest breakthrough.

From Message #786 – Who Was I? Scripture: John 15:16

Today’s Mission – Have you gotten in the way of your own calling? Today, get out of God’s way and allow Him to move through you to accomplish His calling in your life.

The Mayflower Prophecies

Thursday, July 6, 2017

In school, we learned about the Puritans but never learned of the very prophetic side to them. Long before Jews for Jesus and Messianic congregations, the Puritans were saying that one day there would be a revival and the Jewish people would come back into Messiah. From as early as 1620, articles on the Messianic revival to come appeared in the ‘El Naton Par’. It said the Jewish people would come in, causing gentiles to come in. It’s happening now! More Jewish people have come to Messiah since Jerusalem came back to Israel than at any other time since the Book of Acts. In fact, this ministry is part of the manifestation of Jew and gentile, one in Messiah. It was all prophesied by the Puritans because the Bible prophesied it thousands of years before. You’ll never be ashamed staying true to the Word of God. Whatever the Bible says will happen. We’re part of prophetic pu rposes, written centuries and thousands of years ago. Don’t just hang out— live a life worthy of one of the very high, holy, prophetic end-time purposes of God. Live that way!

From Message #792 – The Mystery Reapers Scripture: Col. 3:17

Today’s Mission – Pray for revival, spread God’s love, and fulfill your end-time purpose.

An Americaless Independence Day

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July Fourth is a celebration of America’s independence, but imagine celebrating the Fourth of July with no America. One of the most amazing and peculiar things about the Jewish people is that for two thousand years, they’ve celebrated the harvest feasts, giving thanks to God for harvests that didn’t exist, sacrificial lambs that were no more, and a Temple that was nowhere to be seen. It would be as if we celebrated the Fourth of July, but there was no Revolutionary War, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or nation known as the ‘United States’. The Jewish people celebrated their nation that didn’t exist— until it did. If you’re born again, you’re part of the commonwealth of Israel. You have to learn to be just as crazy and celebrate that which is yet to come as if it already has. In the middle of the battle, celebrate the victory. In the middle of the need, celeb rate the answer. When you have no reason to celebrate, give thanks and hold your festival. Do it anyway, and God will give all the reasons you need.

From Message #699 – The Dream Harvest Scripture: Rom. 1:17

Today’s Mission – Give thanks and celebrate the answered prayers that are yet to come.

What God, What Blessing And Which America?

Monday, July 3, 2017

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, a few questions. Many in their celebration say “God bless America”, but which GOD, which America, and what Blessing? Is it the God of the Bible or the god of Islam? Is it the America founded to be a light to the nations, the source of Gospel missions, the friend of Israel and foe of what is godless, or the America that is the chief exporter of pornography, blaspheming God daily on its media airwaves, and has advocated the killing of unborn children in the tens of millions? Is it the blessing of being kept safe and prosperous so we can continue in sin? No, we should be praying that America will bless God! The focus of our prayers shouldn’t be our nation’s prosperity, but on our nation’s repentance. So, too, in our own lives, it’s most important that we repent and live in God’s will. You can’t expect His blessings if you don’t embrace an d submit to His will. Pray that your life be truly in His will. Bless God with your obedience and God will bless you with His best.

From Message #924 – Voice of the Watchmen Scripture: 2 Chron. 7:14

Today’s Mission – Focus your prayers on repentance today and pray for our nation to do the same.

The Seventy Sevens Of Messiah’s Sabbath

Friday, June 30, 2017

God put the Jewish people in exile for 70 years because for 490 years they hadn’t celebrated the Sabbath years. They were supposed to rest the land every 7 years- the Sabbath year. So He sent them into captivity, letting the land rest. This tells us that rest is not an option in the Lord. Time in His presence is an incredible privilege, but it’s also a necessity. Without it, everything else falls apart. In the Book of Daniel, God says, I’m going to give you 70 times 7, 490 years until Messiah comes. Messiah is linked to the Sabbaths because He’s the Prince of Peace and Lord of the Sabbath. It’s in the Sabbath of God’s presence that we find healing, restoration, fullness, and blessing. As much as you need bread or water, you need that- without it, you’ll wither. You can only find it in Messiah, and you don’t have to wait 490 years to find Him. You can find Him right now . Enter His presence now, for there you will find the Sabbath and the completion of your life.

From Message #774 – The Forbidden Prophecy II Scripture: 2 Thess. 3:16

Today’s Mission – Enter the Sabbath of Messiah. Dwell in His presence and receive of His fullness.

The Paralytic’s Greater Miracle

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Messiah tells a crippled man his sins are forgiven and the religious leaders are outraged because only God can pardon sins. So Messiah says, “So that you know the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins… Arise and walk’, and the man walks. Amazing! Messiah asked which is harder, and the miracle was to prove a point. The point isn’t the healing, it’s the forgiveness of sin. The miracle is just thrown in as an extra added throw-away bonus. The Hebrew word for ‘something too hard’ is ‘pele’ meaning wonderful or miracle. Messiah is called “Pele,” in Isaiah 9:5. He does things that are just too amazing. If you want to see miracles, the power of God, remember something: You already have the greater miracle- greater than crossing the Red Sea, or fire coming down on Mt. Carmel. You have the miracle of the forgiveness of your sins, the cleansing of your past, the erasing of your old life, the eradication of judgment in hell. So rejoice and be blessed today! Start your day everyday giving thanks that you’re saved. That’s a miracle! It’s the greatest of all.

From Message #775 – The Roof, The Cot, & The Miracle Scripture: Matt. 26:28

Today’s Mission – Throughout your day, dwell in the miracle of His love and mercy. Give thanks that you’re forgiven- and saved- starting now.

The Passenger Beside You

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Believers travel on planes next to unbelievers for hours and don’t say anything, then ask God for opportunities to serve Him. What a perfect opportunity- you have a captive audience. We’re praying for the Lord to use us, to fulfill our callings, our ministries, to give us opportunities to serve, and God is giving us opportunities all the time, everywhere. Everywhere there’s a person, there’s a chance to glorify Him. Instead of complaining about the opportunities you don’t have in the Lord, start using all the opportunities you do have that you’ve been missing. Share with the cashier, the man in the street, in the supermarket, your relatives, the people you’re with every day- on the plane, on the train, on the bus- sew the seed, cast your bread on the waters. What do you have to lose? God has ministry openings all around you. There’s not a shortage of the harvest- ever- but the laborers are few. Get into the harvest of the Lord and enter the adventure of the great commission. He will confirm you as His minister.

From Message #782 – Messiah 101 Scripture: Acts 2:38

Today’s Mission – Who is beside you today, around you, nearby you, able to be reached by you? Don’t be silent— give them God’s Word and love.

The Secret Of The Kiddushin

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There are many different ideas as to what holiness is: not going to the movies, going to church, not dancing, not being part of the world, etc. But the Hebrew word for holy is kadosh. From that same word comes the word kiddushin, the Hebrew betrothal ceremony. The bridegroom and bride share a cup of wine together, sealing their pledge and consecration to each other. Messiah is the Bridegroom of our soul. We’re in the time called the kiddushin, headed to the marriage supper of the Lamb. He pledged Himself to us and He shares the cup of wine as in communion, just like the bride and groom share the cup of pledging. True holiness is kiddushin- to be pledged to Messiah, devoted to Him, doing everything for Him because of what He did for you. Messiah gave you His kiddushin; His devotion and pledge and His all, His everything for you so that you would do the same. It’s all about love— the love of the bride for the Bridegroom and the Bridegroom for the bride. That’s kiddushin and that’s what holiness is really all about.

From Message #773 – The Khatan Scripture: John 17:19

Today’s Mission – Today, seek true holiness. Seek the kiddushin. Receive in your heart the pledge of the Bridegroom and give to the Bridegroom the pledge of your heart.

The Weight Training Of Fear

Monday, June 26, 2017

Weight training makes you stronger by using resistance. We have to exercise our faith in the same way. Our faith is linked to courage and fearlessness, and we grow strong through resistance. You might be filled with fear and anxiety— so were a lot of people who were called by God to do great things. They stepped out and became courageous. Do you want to become courageous? Exercise with resistance. Deal with situations that would make you afraid by seeing it as weight training. When you’re in fear of sharing with that person, or standing for your faith, just do it. Think of the joy that comes when you overcome that fear. When you have a chance to avoid that fearful situation as you would normally, instead go straight up, head on. Step out, and soon enough, you’ll become courageous. Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah, and Peter were afraid, but they all stepped out. They became the courageous people of God that He called them to be. Are you afraid? You’re in good company. Step out now and who knows what a courageous person of God you will become.

From Message #214 – Overcoming Fear Scripture: Eph. 6:14

Today’s Mission – Deal with that thing that you would normally avoid. Ask for God’s strength and go head on. Be strong and of good courage.

The Demoniac Roadblock

Friday, June 23, 2017

The demoniac in the tombs of Gadara hindered anyone from passing by. That area was on a cliff where he could look down and come running out, terrorizing anyone trying to pass. The people just accepted that the road was blocked. Ultimately, it was the enemy blocking the road. He’s always trying to hinder, just as the Philistines did to the Israelites- harassing, bullying, getting a stronghold, preventing the road to God’s will. He tries to block the way God’s called you to walk to. Most believers just accept it as the limitation of their life, never seeing what God has for them. When Messiah came to Gadara, He didn’t accept the blocked road. He stood His ground, opened up the way, and the harassment was over. Are you a disciple of Messiah? Don’t accept that the enemy can block the will of God in your life. Stand your ground, move forward, break through that obstacle, and w alk down the road of blessing and God’s will for you. The demoniac will be gone, and the way for victory will open for your life.

From Message #764 – Crazy In Gedara Scripture: 1 Cor.16:13

Today’s Mission – What is it that is hindering you in God? What is the roadblock, the obstacle, the enemy has set up? Don’t accept it anymore. By the power of God, break through

Moses On The Couch

Thursday, June 22, 2017

As end-time believers, we have to be careful because there are more distractions now than ever in human history- television, the internet, social media. It isn’t all bad, but much of it is, and that’s a good argument for staying away from it. We weren’t put on earth to become passive couch potatoes. Imagine if Moses sat and watched TV, or if the saints gathered in the upper room to watch movies- we wouldn’t have the Bible. You weren’t called to sit on the sidelines and watch the world turn, or watch Hollywood’s version of the world turning. You’re called to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world, to change the world, to dwell in God’s presence, to see from heaven and transform this world. I’m not giving you a rule, but a word of counsel and a principle. Don’t let your calling, your hours, days, weeks, months, and years be wasted away. Don’t miss God’s presence, His glory, the revelation, the power, and the victory that God has because you were too busy sitting on a couch trying to be entertained.

From Message #770 – The Flickering Blue God Scripture: Prov. 19:20

Today’s Mission – Get off the couch— unplug yourself, unchain yourself. Get into God’s presence and then out and fulfill your calling.

Your Pilgrimage Life

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I visited my cousin who lives in Israel and he took me on a tour of the Holy Land. Then he came to New Jersey to see me. I figured I owed him a tour in return, so I took him on a tour of New Jersey. He saw factories, traffic jams, overcrowding…I asked him if he wanted to continue and He said, “No, not really”. Giving him a Holy Land tour of New Jersey was ridiculous- and yet not so ridiculous. Israel is the Holy Land, but if you’re a holy person, your life and the ground you walk on is to be holy. You may not live in Israel, but Scripture says you’re a citizen if you’re born again. Live your life holy in the presence of God, as if you’re in Israel. It doesn’t matter if you’re in America, Asia, or Africa- live your life as if you’re in the Holy Land, walking on holy soil. Treat every moment as holy and it will become so, because in the grace and the Spirit of God your li fe will become a pilgrimage in the Holy Land – even in New Jersey.

From Message #759 – Baruch Ha Ba Scripture: Heb. 10:39

Today’s Mission – Live this day as if you were walking the ground of the Holy Land. Let every step be. Let your life become a sacred pilgrimage.

Living Kosher

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In the vision Peter had on the rooftop, God said, “What I have cleansed do not call unclean” or “what I have made kosher do not call unkosher anymore”. He’s speaking of the gentiles from beyond Israel, from all the nations. God didn’t just cleanse them, He cleansed you. Your past is filled with things you would rather not have had in it. Sin is always unclean, but God has cleansed you of that sin. He said your sins were as scarlet, but now they’re going to be as white as snow. He works your past out for good, in grace. What God calls clean do not call unclean. No matter what happened before, God has cleansed it and He’s used it to bless you and lead you to the good. He doesn’t want you to be defined by that sin anymore; not in your thoughts, actions, identity, or your life. He wants you to live kosher, think kosher, believe kosher, walk kosher, and be blessed kosher. What God has cleansed, do not call unclean. What God has made kosher, don’t call unkosher, and that includes you.

From Message #758 – What God Has Cleansed Scripture: Acts 26:20

Today’s Mission – Today, live kosher, think kosher thoughts, do kosher deeds. God has made you kosher- live accordingly.

Getting Into The Love Story

Monday, June 19, 2017

Have you ever noticed how many stories or movies are based on the same theme: boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, boy kisses girl? There are some variations, but it’s basically the same theme. God’s story is a love story, and all of creation is part of it. He’s the Bridegroom and we’re the bride, but we fell. Then God comes down to earth and gives His life for us that we would say yes, and like the end of a love story, the two come together. We shall behold Him at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The Greek word for worship means kiss. We’ll be worshiping Him forever, the two shall be one, and we’ll be joined together in holy matrimony, total marital bliss forever. Creation is a love story and your life is to be a love story between you and God. Your life can never be complete until you draw near to Him. So come into His chambers, into the se cret place, in prayer and worship until your life becomes a true love story sealed with a kiss of worship.

From Message #1434 – The Bride and Groom Renewal Scripture: John 4:23

Today’s Mission – Draw near to your Bridegroom

Your Calling In The Closet

Friday, June 16, 2017

What do we keep in closets- old things we aren’t using, clothes packed in mothballs that are never used? The Lord tells us not to hide our faith. We can’t keep our walk, the word, or salvation hidden. How can other people get saved if we hide the light? It doesn’t only hurt them, it hurts us. When you keep your faith in a closet, it paralyzes your faith so it can’t be used as it should be; it turns it from a victorious walk to a defensive hidden faith- a faith on mothballs. Faith on mothballs won’t do anyone any good. When you hide who you are, you’re putting your calling in the closet. It doesn’t do any good to have your calling, courage, or victory on mothballs. Get your faith, your witness, and your calling out of the closet. Dust them off, bring them into the light, and apply them to every area of your life. Your faith, your witness, and your calling are just too impo rtant to let them rot away in darkness, in the closet on mothballs.

From Message #755 – Out Of The Closet Scripture: Eph. 4:4

Today’s Mission – Get out of the closet today— dust off your calling and let your light shine.

The Lost Crusaders

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jerusalem was restored to the Jewish people fifty years ago in the Six Day War. For thousands of years, it was warred over by the nations. In the Middle Ages, the Crusaders fought over Jerusalem. The Crusades began when the king of Byzantium, concerned for their safety after the Muslims took Jerusalem, appealed to the Pope for help. The crusaders marched from Europe, destroying multitudes of people on their way to Jerusalem. On the last crusade, they actually pillaged Byzantium, leaving it vulnerable to the Muslim Turk invaders who later sealed its doom. The Crusades which began with a call to save Byzantium ended up destroying it. Therein lies a crucial lesson. Even in the Lord, you can lose sight of your original purpose and end up serving selfish ambition, forgetting your first love or the joy of your salvation. Have you forgotten your first love, or the fire you had to serve Him? Come back to Him today. Get alone with the Lord and let Him relight the fire that’s gone out. Renew your love and mission. God hasn’t revoked your calling— you just need to remember it.

From Message #717 – The Prime Directive Scripture: 2 Tim. 1:6

Today’s Mission – Have you gone off track in any way, or grown distant from God? Spend time alone with the Lord today, and rekindle your love.

Levanah: The Bridal Light

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Song of Solomon speaks of the bride, saying, “She… fair as the moon.” This is a spiritual picture of Messiah’s bride. Normally, the Hebrew word for moon is “yareakh”, but here it says “levanah”, referring to the pure white moon. That’s generally the white moon of dawn, when the sun starts coming out and the moon fades away. It’s the moon that loses itself; that’s the bride’s beauty. You’re called to be the bride, “fair as the moon”. You’re to shine with His light, like the moon shines with the sunlight, as the levanah moon, the pure white moon that shines as it fades away. The true beauty of the bride is when you let go of your ego, your reputation, and you lose yourself. Seek to decrease so He can increase. He gets the glory. For the one who loses his or her life will find it. The moon that loses itself will find its true beauty in the light of the sun. Los e yourself in the light of the Son of God and you, too, will be as beautiful as the levanah, the white moon.

From Message #749 – She Like The Moon
Scripture: Gal. 1:5

Today’s Mission – Lose yourself today in the light of His glory, and be the levanah to the darkness around you, and all who dwell in it.

The Seven Eyes Of Godrn

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some people picture cherubim as child-like creatures, but that’s not how the Bible them. Revelation 4:7-8 talks about cherubim as heavenly creatures full of eyes all around. Zechariah 3:9 speaks of seven eyes on a stone that represent the eyes of the Lord. Revelation 5:6 says, “I saw… a Lamb… having seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God”. Seven is the number of perfection or completion. Eyes are about seeing and sight. It’s saying there’s nothing hidden from God- no pretense or mask. He sees everything. Most of the time, we live as if that weren’t true. We still hide things and do things that we would never do in front of others, but we do it in front of God. Remember, no matter what you do, you have an audience. If you lie, gossip, or sin in secret, you’re being watched. Live your life transparent, pure in the light, with nothing to hide. If even the a ngelic creatures have eyes all around, how much more does God see? Live in a manner worthy of being seen by the eyes of God.

From Message #753 – The Eyes Of God
Scripture: Ps. 139:7

Today’s Mission – Live this day as if at every moment and in every place, God’s eyes were upon you- because they are!

Your Real Goal

Monday, June 12, 2017

Let’s say you come home from a hard day at work and all you want is peace and quiet, but your loved ones need something of you and you become irritated, upset. You end up causing conflict. They’re miserable and you’re miserable. The problem is that you had the wrong goal. The real goal should have been to be more like Messiah- to love, to become more beautiful as a person, to become a more holy person. Your goal isn’t to have a peaceful night, it’s to have a peaceful spirit, a heart of peace. You can apply this to any part of your life, any goal. Don’t let any goal cause you to lose sight of your true goal to become more like Him- to love God and others and glorify Him with your life on earth. When you do that, you will get the blessing on top of it. Not that your life will always be filled with beautiful circumstances, but that your life will be filled with a beautiful Messiah-like person, who happens to be you.

From Message #752 – To Become A Saint
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:15

Today’s Mission – Make it your one goal today, above and beyond all goals, to be more godly, righteous, and beautiful in the Lord.

The Face Of Messiah And You

Friday, June 9, 2017

My Uncle Oscar sent a photograph to a place in Japan that converted photos into paintings at a good price. It came back beautiful, except for one problem- My Uncle is a Jewish man from New York, but in the painting he had become Japanese. When you look at paintings of Messiah from different times and places the same thing happens. He looks like the people of that time and place. The Bible gives no physical description of Messiah, and there’s a reason for it. Your job is to make a picture of Messiah on earth with your life. It’s to be Messiah, but it’s you- Messiah with your features, in your life. How would Messiah be depicted in terms of you? How would He live your life- show His love to your family, respond to your problems, to your situation, overcome challenges, work on your job? The key is to take Messiah and portray Him, let Him show Himself through you with the c olors, material, features, and context of your life. You’ll end up with a masterpiece even better than the Japanese version of my Uncle Oscar.

From Message #751 – The Face Of Messiah
Scripture: Phil. 3:21

Today’s Mission – Let your being, your body, your soul, your life be the vessel and the portrait of Messiah to all who see you today.

The Way Of The Song

Thursday, June 8, 2017

As believers, we know that we’re to live our life for God-give Him our time, our best, our treasures, and our life. But how? In Song of Solomon, it says, “Do di li v’ani lo.” Do di li, means my “Beloved is mine,” and v’ani lo means “I am His.” They go together. The last part is what we have to do, what our whole walk is about- how to be totally His. Everything you’re called to do in God is “I am His”, but that can only happen knowing that “He is mine”. Our work is impossible without His work. You can’t produce love or anything without His love. Receive what it means. Believe and know how much God is all for you and that He is yours. Know what He’s given for you, His love for you. From that will come your love for Him. You’ll be totally committed. Do di li- ‘My beloved is mine’, V’ani lo- And I am His. That’s the flow of life and of miracles. Rejoice in it and you’ll be co mpletely His, that He’s completely yours.

From Message #750 – Ani Lo (I Am His)
Scripture: Eph.1:6

Today’s Mission – Learn today what it really means that Dodi Li- your Beloved is yours- and live in the reality of Ani Lo- I am His.

The Broken Vessel Of God

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

After 2000 years, on June 7, 1967, the Jewish people regained their holy city of Jerusalem. Compared to other cities, Jerusalem is hardly the most beautiful, sitting on the barren rocks of Judea. Yet, the Bible is filled with promises to rebuild it, to make it again the Holy City. Why rebuild Jerusalem? It’s like having a beautiful vase; one day, it falls and breaks and instead of buying a new one, you gather all the pieces, one by one and put them back together. When you love something and it breaks, you rebuild it. That goes for your marriage, your relationships, and all the other broken things in your life. It also goes for you- you are God’s Jerusalem, His broken vase. Because He loves you, He would rather put together the broken pieces of your life, piece by piece, than give up on you. He doesn’t give up on you. So don’t you give up on yourself, or on His love. Ke ep going until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth, for you are His Jerusalem.

From Message #701 – Yerushalayim: the Mystery
Scripture: Isa. 62:7

Today’s Mission – Do you have something, or someone, in your life that is broken? Don’t give up on what is of God. What can you do to bring healing and restoration?

The Chief Of Police And Psalm 91

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Before leaving on a dangerous mission trip to India, the Lord kept giving me Acts 18:9-10: “Don’t be afraid, but speak and don’t be silent! For I’m with you and no one shall attack you to harm you- many people in this city are for Me.” While in India, a woman from Holland gave me this same scripture. Then, in a major city with millions of people, the Chief of Police came to visit me. He begins quoting Psalm 91 to me, “No matter what happens, the arrows that fly by day will not touch you.” God had this man waiting all along, from the beginning, confirmed by scripture. Whether your life is in danger or not, if you’re with Him, He’s there- not just with you, but ahead of you, before you, taking care of your future before you get there. The Lord says, ‘Do not fear. Wherever you go-the most dangerous place, or just down the hall- I’ll be there ahead of you, waiting for you, t aking care of all of it- before you get there.’

From Message #747 – Fire On The Mountain
Scripture: Matt. 10:26

Today’s Mission – Step out in faith today and go against your fears to do the will of God – knowing that the Lord has made a way for you to become victorious.

The Heart Of The Soldier And The Fisherman

Monday, June 5, 2017

In Acts, the Roman soldier Cornelius is praying. God interrupts his prayer and tells him to send for a Jewish man named Shimon, or Simon Peter. Meanwhile, Simon’s seeing a vision of unkosher animals, and the same God who gave the Law of kosher and non-kosher tells him to rise, kill, and eat. The vision isn’t about food, it’s about gentile people who are called unkosher. God’s opening up the heart of this Jewish man to the gentile and the heart of the gentile to the Jewish man. Both need to be open to what God has, and then they’ll see something bigger than anything they can imagine. Their meeting together is going to change the course of human history. In fact, your being saved is probably part of it. God’s words to Abraham, “In your seed all nations are going to be blessed”, are fulfilled through this. What God has for you is bigger and greater than what you can imagine . Open your heart to believe and walk in faith for what God has. God will do a miracle, and who knows- it could change the world.

From Message #746 – The Pork Chop People
Scripture: Ps. 86:11

Today’s Mission – Be open today– open to hear the voice of God and be led in the footsteps He’s appointed for you– even if it leads you to where you’ve never been before.

The Torchbearer

Friday, June 2, 2017

Olympic runners are charged to carry the flame from the place the last Olympics occurred to the place of the next Olympics. What a task. You and I are the real torchbearers. We carry the torch of the gospel, the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and the great commission passed down from generation to generation, handed off like a relay race. You have an incredible responsibility and task to keep your light burning. Keep your torch burning at all times. Wherever you go, spread the gospel and keep your witness shining. Keep spreading the love of God and the word of God. When you go home, when you work, when you play, and at all times keep that torch lit and raised. Share the torch of God’s Spirit, the Word and Light at all times, wherever you go. Let your light so shine and men will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. The Olympic torchbearer is just for sho w; you are for real. Lift up that torch and let it shine, because you are the true torchbearer of God.

From Message #740 – To Light The Fire
Scripture: Daniel 12:3

Today’s Mission – Take the light of Messiah with you wherever you go today. Lift Him up that everyone might see.rn


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Before leaving office, President Obama did what many had feared he would do, and what the White House had implied he might one day do – He instructed America’s ambassador to the United Nations to abandon Israel. The context was a U.N. resolution condemning the Jewish state. U.N. resolutions condemning Israel are nothing new. In fact, of all the nations in the world, including dictator states, terrorist states, and states given to mass murder of its own citizens – it is the tiny democratic nation of Israel that has been condemned by the United Nations more than any other nation. What was unique about this particular resolution was its extremity. It began by claiming that Israel had no right to Jerusalem. But it went even further. It declared that Jerusalem was “Palestinian territory.” Beyond that it alleged that Israel was an “occupying power.”rnrnObama shocked the world b y refusing to veto it, but letting it go through. Beyond this, the evidence was manifold that he actually took part in engineering the bill and pushing it to approval. It all was seen as Obama’s parting shot at Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu whom Obama had often publicly attacked in the press.rnrnBeyond that is the matter of end-time prophecy. In Zechariah 12, it is written that in the last days, God will make Jerusalem a “cup of reeling,” and a “burdensome stone.” All nations that try to move it will be injured. That over two thousand years later Jerusalem still exists, is still in the news, and is the center of world controversy – is amazing and a powerful witness that we’re living in the last days and the Bible is the Word of God. But that America as directed by Obama took part in opposing Israel over Jerusalem is ominous. For it is written that those who try to “move” Jerusalem will be injured. At the same time, the incoming president, Donald Trump, promised to strongl y support Israel – and to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem. Such a move would be historic. Standing in the way of such a move was Obama’s last waiver which prevents any such action being taken until its expiration this month. It is also worthy of note that this month, June 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem in the Six Day War and its restoration to the Jewish people – and thus a Jubilee.rnrnLet us do as the Scriptures command us and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the salvation of His ancient people, and for the United States, and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And may God greatly bless you this month, as you do. Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan

See Message: The Cup of Reeling: Jerusalem
Scripture: Isa. 62:1-2

The Proof of Pentecost

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pentecost is the Greek name of the Hebrew Feast of Weeks – Shavuot. Shavuot was the holy day that launched the reaping of the summer harvest. It was also the feast during which the Holy Spirit fell, the disciples spoke in tongues, and three thousand came to the Lord. Acts 2:42 reveals what happened next: “They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Shavuot or Pentecost wasn’t just an experience, it was real. And something real has to become a part of daily life. Most of your walk is not made up of special experiences, events, or holidays. Most of your walk is made up of daily life. Too often believers are good at the holy days, but not at daily life. But if you want to have a victorious and joyful walk and life, you need to learn how to become good at daily life. Bring the power of God from the holy day of Shavuot/ Pentecost into your everyday life – and every day of your life will become a holy day.

From Message #379 – Koinonea
Scripture: Prov. 3:6

Today’s Mission – Bring the power of the Spirit into every part of your life today. Whatever you do, even if mundane, do in the anointing, the flowing, and the power of the Spirit.

Breaking The Law Of Cause And Effect

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every effect has a cause and every cause produces an effect. Two thousand years ago, Yeshua; Jesus was killed. Yet within weeks of His death, His disciples were proclaiming the Good News of salvation to their nation and then to the ends of the earth. In just a few weeks they had become the most joyful, confident, and powerful of peoples. The Law of Cause and Effect would dictate that the disciples would have ended up depressed, discouraged, and finished. But something changed the Law of Cause and Effect… the Resurrection and the outpouring of the Spirit of God. The world works according to the Law of Cause and Effect, but God’s kingdom works by the law of the new life and the Spirit. Maybe you’ve been rejected, abused, abandoned, or unloved. The Law of Cause and Effect says you’re stuck, but the Law of the Spirit says to forget th e past and walk in the newness of life in Messiah. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free from the law of sin and death… the law of cause and effect.

From Message #776
Scripture: Rom. 8:2

Today’s Mission – The Passover-Shavuot Resurrection Power Determine, by the power of God, to break out of every law of cause and effect that isn’t good, every cause and effect of sin, of habit, of temptation, and the past.

The Fuel Of Love

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Messiah told the Pharisees, “He who is forgiven much, loves much. He who has been forgiven little, loves little”. We’re all separated, infinitely distant from God and we infinitely need His infinite forgiveness. It’s not a matter of who’s sinned more or less. The one who loves more is the one who realizes how much they’ve been forgiven of – and who receives it. The Pharisee to whom Messiah spoke these words didn’t believe that he had much to be forgiven for. Most believers fall into this. And when one believes one has not been forgiven much, one will love little, rejoice little, and glorify God little. But those who know their sin and the price that was paid for their sins, know that without God, there is nothing. They’ll have joy and love throughout their lives and will live all-out for God. You have been forgiven much— an eternity of judgment. That’s enough for you to become a person who loves, forgives, rejoices, and lives much— all out, because Messiah’s done all that. That’s enough for you to live a life full of loving, rejoicing and glorifying the Lord.

From Message #730 – The Pharisee And The Prostitute
Scripture: Acts 3:19

Today’s Mission – Take time today to ponder how greatly you were forgiven in Messiah – and what that means for

The Power Of The Good Heart

Monday, May 22, 2017

Proverbs 15:15 says, “All the days of the downcast are bad. But a good heart has a never ending banquet.” In other words – it’s not the days that make your life or your heart – it’s your heart that makes your days. Your life is not made by what’s around you- your circumstances, situation, what you have or have not, money, success, marriage, or a big house. You can have all of that and be miserable. Your situation doesn’t make your heart, your heart makes your situation. You just need a good heart. It is that heart that will have a beautiful life. A loving heart is going to have grace and give thanks. You may not be able to change your surroundings, but you can change your heart. Change your heart from depressed to cheerful, to thankful, to peaceful, to giving. And your life will become a never-ending banquet with blessings and abundance. The secret of having a successfu l life isn’t success, money, fame, relationships, or anything else- It’s as simple as a good heart.

From Message #734 – The Never-Ending Banquet
Scripture: Luke 8:15

Today’s Mission – Today, focus not on your circumstances, but on your heart. Seek in all things, t

Kill The Vision

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

God showed Simon Peter a vision of unclean and unkosher food and said, “Arise and kill.” But it was a vision. How can you kill a vision? It’s profound. For God was killing a vision in Peter’s life, bringing an old vision to an end. The old vision isn’t big enough, the view is too small, and it has to be broken and die because something bigger is to be born. God ended Peter’s narrowness of vision and purpose that could only be contained in Israel so that he could have a new vision that would encompass the world. Change begins with a new vision— and the old vision has to die. Maybe God’s asking you to kill an old vision, an old attitude, dream, plan, or hope so that He can do a new thing in your life. Let the old ways die and embrace the new. Open your heart, enlarge your tent, lift up your eyes. God’s ways are greater than yours. His plans are better. God has something bigger— a vision as big as the world and bigger, but it all begins when you arise and kill the old and too small vision.

From Message #735 – Heavenly Pork Chops
Scripture: Is. 43:19

Today’s Mission – What hopes have died in your life. Seek God for a hope, a vision, a dream, that is from Him, and that is greater

The Missionaries Who Forgot Who They Were

Friday, May 19, 2017

Imagine missionaries going to New Guinea . They’re there to love the cannibals. Things are tough and the native peoples are against them, but they keep rejoicing. One day, two tribesmen hit them with rocks and the missionaries forget that they’re missionaries. It’s no longer a mission field- it’s home. That’s exactly how it is for most believers. They treat the world as home and forget that it’s really a mission field. Most believers live their lives as missionaries with amnesia. We forget that we’re here on a mission and think that we’re here to survive or get by, to get the most out of it, to fit in, be successful, or impress people. We care what people think of us. But we’re not here for that. We’re here to give and be a witness and to shine our lights into the darkness. Stop trying to fit in with the cannibals to become a successful cannibal. Wake up! You’re not at home and you’re not hanging out, you’re here to bless. This is your mission field! So get on with your mission. Everything else is just a bad case of amnesia. rnrnrnrn

From Message #733 – Mission World
Scripture: 1 Chron. 16:24

Today’s Mission – Live today as if everywhere you went was your mission field. Fulfill your mission.rn

Resurrection And The Hidden Scrolls

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Luke records Messiah reading from Isaiah 61, saying, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me.” He also speaks about raising the dead. But if you look in the Old Testament, at Isaiah 61, you won’t see anything in those verses about raising the dead. But then came the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. And in scroll 4Q521 is a quote from Isaiah 61. And it says this: “He will heal the sick, resurrect the dead, and announce good news to the poor.” It’s amazing. It speaks of the resurrection – with the same words as in the Gospel of Luke. The Dead Sea Scrolls are confirming the amazing accuracy of the New Testament – and also reminding us that Messiah truly has the power to heal us, not just our bodies, but our lives. He has the power to take what’s dead and make it come alive again. Hopeless dreams, broken promises, impossible situations, and messed up lives can become ble ssings in Messiah. It’s in the scriptures and the Dead Sea Scrolls; let it be part of your life. In that blessing is the power to raise the dead.

From Message #291 – The Mystery Of The Hidden Scrolls
Scripture: Mark 12:26

Today’s Mission – Turn over that impossible situation to Messiah today and trust Him to bring life from death.rn


Friday, May 26, 2017

One of the greatest lessons of faith is that of Joshua, Caleb, and the 10 spies. They went to the promised land to spy it out. Ten of the spies came back saying, “There were giants in the land… and we were like grasshoppers.” What do we know about grasshoppers? They’re dumb. They jump in almost any direction, even if it’s the worst or most illogical direction to jump in. They’ll even jump into their problem, into a wall. So when you don’t walk by faith, as the ten spies didn’t walk by faith, you end up thinking and acting like a grasshopper. Without faith, you just look at the giant, at the problem, and you beat your head against the wall. You might be stuck in the past, dealing with the same problem and acting the same way to solve it. Stop dwelling on that giant. Stop dwelling on your past and the darkness. Live by faith. Focus on the promises of God. If you live b y faith, the giants will stop being giants, the problems will stop being problems – and you will stop living like a grasshopper.

From Message #738 – The Grape Factor
Scripture: Matt. 17:20

Today’s Mission – Every time you start to feel discouraged, or inadequate, or unable – declare to yourself and the world that you can do anything with God.

The Treasures Of The Tent

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Israelites had to build a tabernacle so that God’s presence would dwell with them. They were to build it using their own costly possessions and materials – their treasures. We want to have a good relationship and walk with God, to know Him and be in His presence, but so often we’re careless. We give God leftovers of our time and wonder why we don’t have the kind of walk and life we should. Learn from the tabernacle. God would only dwell in a tabernacle made of costly things. Knowing God and dwelling with God will cost you, but it’s worth it. It’ll cost you to have a glorious life, but the treasure is without price. We must treasure our time with God, make Him the most precious thing in your day. Treasure God’s presence and the time you spend with Him- let it cost you. Give up things for it, your costly things. You’ll have a true tabernacle, and God’s glory and presenc e will dwell with you and your life. You give Him your best and God will do the same for you. For His best is what He’s done already.

From Message #737 – The Mishkan Kit II
Scripture: Matt. 6:6

Today’s Mission – What costly thing in your life can you give up in order to be with God – a television show? Time on the internet, an entertainment, and indulgence? Give that time instead to the Lord, to use to be in His presence.

The Menorah People

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Israel’s symbol is the menorah, a seven-branched lamp stand— the lamp that stood in the Holy Place, filled with oil and was kept burning by the priests. Israel was called to be a light to the nations, a holy vessel filled with God’s oil, shining with His light, the light of His presence and His salvation. The Word of God says that if you’re born again, you are a fellow citizen of Israel. God’s nation is called to be a light to the world, and every citizen is called to be a light to those around it. So the menorah, the lamp stand, is the symbol of your nation, your citizenship, and your life. But that lamp could not be a light on its own power. On its own, it was empty. It needed to be filled with the oil and the fire. In the same way, in order to be a light, you need to get filled and refilled every day. Get filled with the oil of His Spirit, joy of His presence, brea d of His Word, and fire of His will. Be the light you were called to be and shine at all times, in all things, and to all people. It’s your calling… and your heritage.

From Message #167 – The Automatic Menorah
Scripture: Matt. 5:14-16

Today’s Mission – Commit that today you will not be overcome

The God Of All Places

Monday, May 15, 2017

Israel has the Mediterranean seashore, the mountains that surround Jerusalem, and everything in between. This is amazing; small countries usually don’t have all this. They might be all desert like Yemen, or all mountains like Tibet. Israel is the ‘Every Land.’ People worshiped gods of the mountains, desert, sea, and farmland. But the God of Israel was, and is, different. He’s not just the God of the mountains, but also of the valleys. Not just of the fertile plains, but also of the wilderness, He’s the God of every land. And so it is in your life. God is not just the God of the good times. He’s not just there when your emotions are high, He’s the God of the low times as well. His love is just as present in the valley. He’s God of mountains and the valleys, the abundant and the poor, the fertile and the dry, the God of every land, every circumstance, and every moment. And He’ll be with you in every landscape of your life. He’s the every land God . . . You be His every land follower.

From Message #451 – The Waters Of Zion
Scripture: Neh. 9:6

Today’s Mission – Today, in every place you go, praise God. In every circumstance and situation, praise God. And in every challenge and problem, praise God.

The Tent Of The Moed

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Tabernacle was the place of God’s dwelling, where He met with His people and where Moses encountered God face to face. In Hebrew, it was called the Ohel – Tent of Moed, meaning The Meeting or The Fixed Time. If you want to meet with God, you have to have a Tent of Moed. You need to set an appointed time to be with God – where you stop everything else and just dwell in His presence. It can’t be something you throw in while you’re doing other things. If you don’t set an appointed time, the world and your busyness will push it aside. It can’t be a Tent of ‘Whenever I Feel Like’ or a Tent of ‘When I Have The Time For It.’ You need to give God your best, a fixed period of appointed time, every day, whether you feel like it or not. Just dwell in His presence until you do feel like it. Make Him first and give Him your best, give Him your appointed time. You won’t be disap pointed. For He will show up and indwell with His glory in your Tent of Moed, your Tent of the Appointed Time.

From Message #729 – The Mishkan K
Scripture: James 4:8

Today’s Mission – Set aside a portion of each day, away from worldly distractions, to spend entirely with God. And let that time be the center and the joy of your day.

Guides With No Eyes

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Messiah spoke about the blind spiritual guides of His day leading the blind into a pit. The principle goes further – you might be following a blind guide without realizing it, such as attitudes, spirits, forces, or principalities. For example, if you follow lust, bitterness, adultery, pornography, or perversity, you’re following a blind guide – they have no eyes. That’s why we have the phrases blind ambition, blind jealousy, and blind greed. If you follow selfish ambition, it has no spiritual eyes. If you follow self-pity, selfishness, addiction, the media, or whatever – it has no eyes, like the false gods and idols in biblical times. The Lord said, “They have eyes but they can’t see.” That’s why you have to follow Messiah Yeshua; Jesus. He has real eyes. In fact, He’s called the Good Shepherd. Shepherd in Hebrew is “ro-eh”, which means “one who sees”. Stop follow ing those other guides – they’re blind. If you end up following them, your walk through life will be as a blind person and you’ll fall into a pit. Follow Messiah – He’s not a blind guide. He’s your Good Shepherd and He has eyes.

Scripture: Ps. 23:1

Today’s Mission – What’s motivating you, moving you, leading you? What are you following? Today seek only to follow the leading of the Spirit.

The Unjewish Name Of Messiah

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The word Christ is one of the hardest words for Jewish people to hear. They’ve been called Christ killers for almost 2,000 years. And to the Jewish people, the word Christ was the most un-Jewish of names. The Jewish people were the first to call the Messiah, the Christ, or Christos. Christ is simply the Greek translation of the Hebrew word for Mashiach – Messiah. For 2000 years, Messiah’s own people didn’t recognize Him and didn’t realize what they were seeing. We too can miss the blessing even when it’s in our midst. We can miss realizing His hand and His love in our lives. But the Lord is with you even when you don’t realize it or you don’t recognize His calling. Your blessing may be right there, as with the Jewish people who’ve had the word Christ, but didn’t realize it was all about their Messiah and their hope. Look to see all the blessings in your life, the bles sings you’ve missed. For even as the Jewish people are yet to see that the Christ is really their longed Jewish Messiah, there are blessings in your life you have yet to unmask.

From Message #726 – The Forbidden Prophecy
Scripture: 2 Cor. 9:8

Today’s Mission – Are there blessings in your life that you’re not seeing, not appreciating, not realizing? Seek to see them today. Give thanks for them. And cherish them.


The Practice Of Weaning

Friday, April 21, 2017

Psalm 131:2 says, “I have quieted my soul as a weaned child.” A weaned child is finished with its mother’s milk and not crying for it anymore. So in order to receive from God, you have to wean your soul. When you first take a child away from its mother’s milk, it cries, but then becomes weaned and at peace. It’s the same way with us and the world; we tend to get attached to it and have to wean ourselves from it. You need to take time away from the noise— radio, internet, business, chores, and even from doing things for the Lord— just to be in His presence, to quiet your soul so you can rest and receive from Him. The more time you spend in God’s presence, the more weaned you’ll be from the temptations of this world— what people think of you, the lusts, the dependencies, the emotional ups and downs-– and you’ll be blessed. Turn off the distractions, stop dwelling on issue s, and draw near to the presence of the Lord. Be quiet, be at peace, and be blessed— just like a weaned child.

From Message #713 – Secrets of the Quiet
Scripture: Col. 3:1–2

Today’s Mission – Take time today to practice weaning your soul, your desires, your mind, your heart from distractions and attachments. Spend time in His presence and receive from Him.

The World Beyond The End

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Peter stands atop a house by the sea in Joppa praying, surrounded by the wind and smell of the ocean. This is where he has the vision saying that the Gentiles are to be saved too. If you’re not Jewish, then today you’re saved through that vision. God had to bring Peter to Joppa, to the end of Israel, to the shore – the end of everything he knew – so He could bring him something new. So too, God brings us to the end of things to bring us to the beginning of something new. We have to come to the end of ourselves to know the beginning of what God has for us. God’s child has to believe beyond the end. Do you have something ending in your life? Then believe beyond the barrier, beyond the limit, or the hopelessness. When it seems that it’s impossible, then believe beyond the end. Don’t fear coming to the end, because in God, every end is the beginning of something new, someth ing greater, and your life will be like that of Simon Peter. In God, every Joppa leads to the beginning of the world.

From Message #712 – A House by the Sea
Scripture: Isa. 43:18–19

Today’s Mission – Do you see an ending in your life, a barrier, a finishing? Believe beyond the end and look for the new beginning that God has for you.

The Anointing Of Your Tears

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A woman weeps at Messiah’s feet and wipes them with her hair. Where did those tears come from? She was a sinner – rejected and condemned by people all around who looked down upon her. She probably looked down upon herself, until all her wounds and pain became the tears coming out at Messiah’s feet, washing and anointing them. He tells her she did well, and her sins, which are many, are forgiven, but He rebukes the Pharisee who didn’t wash His feet. The wounds, rejections, pain, scars, and life of this sinful woman have turned into the anointing of Messiah’s feet. Everyone on this planet has pain and disappointments. Wherever you are, when you give it to Messiah; it changes and all those things become redeemed. Pour out your heart before the presence of God like water and your sins that are scarlet will become white as snow. God can redeem your past. Don’t keep it to you rself – let it touch His feet and anoint Him. Bring it all to Him and let it flow. Because it’s holy to wash the feet of Messiah with the tears of your heart.

From Message #711 – Kissing His Feet
Scripture: Luke 7:37–39

Today’s Mission – Pour out your heart to the Lord today and let your tears anoint His feet.

I Shall Not Want

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Psalm 23 says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” The blessing of God’s children is to live a life of ‘I shall not want.’ There are two ways to applying this: 1) you try to get everything you want so that you don’t want anything else, or 2) you learn how to not want. The first way makes you dependent on the ever-changing world and as soon as you get what you want, you want more. The other isn’t dependent on how much you have or don’t have. ‘I shall not want’, comes not by merely saying “The Lord is my Shepherd”, but really knowing what it means. Let your focus and joy be the Lord; direct your needs to Him. Be blessed by following Him. Let Him take care of you and you’ll be able to not want. A life of God being your Shepherd is a life of not wanting. Learn the secret of being content, having or not having. You’re not wanting when you’re filled by God. When y ou learn the secret of not wanting, your whole life will be wanting for nothing.

From Message #693 – The Shepherd King
Scripture: Phil. 4:11–13

Today’s Mission – Today, practice not focusing on your needs and desires, but focus on Him.

Friday Through Sunday’s Eyes

Monday, April 17, 2017

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? It’s the day of Messiah’s death. It is good because He was dying for our sins. But it didn’t seem good at the time. It seemed to be a horrible Friday. The disciples were crushed, broken, confused, in mourning, vanquished and hopeless. Everything was finished. But then came Sunday. Good Friday is good in view of Sunday morning. And in this is a secret of living. Don’t see things solely through today’s eyes, but through the eyes of tomorrow. Because God promises that for those who love Him, He’s going to work all things for good. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through now, Sunday morning is coming and it’s going to turn around. Before you see it, thank God for the solution. Learn the secret of seeing things in your life now through the eyes of heaven, through the finished work, when all that’s now- your good, your bad, your proble ms, your troubles- is going to be turned into perfect good. Thank God for your situation and it too will become a Good Friday. And it’s a Good Friday through the eyes of Sunday morning.

From Message #761 – The Sunday Morning Dawn
Scripture: Luke 24: 6–7

Today’s Mission – Look at all things today through heavenly eyes to the resurrection. Through every trial hold onto Sunday morning.

The Radical Anti-Tree

Friday, April 14, 2017

In the Garden of Eden there was a living tree- the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And from this tree came death. On the mountain of Jerusalem, there stood another tree with no roots, branches, leaves, or fruit – The Cross. It was a dead tree, yet, no tree has ever produced so much life or been so fruitful. From a living tree came death and from a dead tree comes life, salvation, redemption, and all the blessings of fruitfulness. Do not despise the way of the cross. Though it seems hard, sorrowful, and of death- more fruit comes out of living and walking in its way than any other way. The ways of this world may look alive, but they end up bearing the fruit of death. The way of the Cross- sacrifice, selflessness, living by faith and not sight, righteousness, and service to God- looks hard. But remember, it’s not just a cross, it’s a tree. Those who live under the s hadow of this tree will not regret it, but will find life- a life that is filled with fruitfulness, joy, and blessings.

From Message #1169 – The Tree
Scripture: 1 Tim. 2:3

Today’s Mission – Spend time today meditating on the way of the cross, and then take up your cross and follow Him.

The Centurion Of Israel

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Messiah blessed and brought a miracle into the life of a centurion. Out of the many centurions stationed in Israel, this one loved the Jewish people, not just with his heart but with his deeds. He blessed Israel and built them a synagogue. God promises to bless the people who bless Israel. This is one of the surest promises that you can ever read from 4000 years ago until now. The greatest way to bless them, aside from prayer, is to share Messiah with them. Most Jewish people don’t know Messiah. But as a centurion built them a house of worship, you can do the same by helping them come to worship God in Messiah, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, loving them, standing with Israel, and giving them the greatest gift. Give the gift of salvation to them by sharing the Gospel with your Jewish friends or by giving to ministries that do. Do you want to be blessed? Be like thi s centurion and bless Israel. Help them to come to God in worship by coming to Messiah. Give them the Gospel and you will be as blessed as the blessed centurion.

From Message #672 – The Cosmic Centurion
Scripture: Gen. 12:1–3

Today’s Mission – Today, in some way, bless the Jewish people. Pray for their salvation, give to ministries touching them, or however you can, bless a Jewish person.

The Full Moon Redemption

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hebrew months are lunar, beginning on the new moon. Messiah died on Passover, which is in the middle of the month, meaning that He died during the time of a full moon. The full moon wasn’t a scary thing to the Hebrews, but beautiful. Because it spoke of fullness and fulfillment- just as Messiah is the ultimate fulfillment. He fulfills all emptiness and makes all things full to those who have accepted Him. How did the moon become full at the time of His death? Not by trying to do anything, but simply by reflecting the light of the sun. How do we become full? It’s not by trying to become more than we are, but by reflecting the light of God. Just as the moon was made to reflect the sun, we’re made to reflect His glory. Let the light of God shine from you, touching every part of your life, emotions, secret things, talents, and dreams. As it’s written, “We, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of God, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as from the Lord.”

From Message #445 – The Gospel of the Moons
Scripture: Matt. 5:14-16

Today’s Mission – Let your light shine for all to see, that you reflect Messiah. Let God use you to the fullness of His glory as He touches your life.

The Yeshua Entrance

Monday, April 10, 2017

Jerusalem has seen many armies and generals enter through its gates – Nebuchadnezzar, Titus with the Romans, the Muslims and Crusaders in the Middle Ages, General Allenby in WWI, Moshe Dayan in the Six Day War – but the most famous entrance of all wasn’t made with great armies, but by a lone rabbi riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday. More significant, pivotal, and powerful than all the rest was the life and effect of this one Jewish man – Yeshua; Jesus. So the greatest thing that can happen in your life is not money, power, successes, or accomplishments – it’s the entrance of Messiah into your heart, not just once but every day of your life. The most important thing you can ever do is learn to receive Him. Get your eyes off the things that will mean nothing in the end and set your eyes and heart on doing something far more important. Learn to truly receive your Messiah – Hi s love, His joy, and His indwelling presence. Of all the things that will ever happen in your life, this will by far be the greatest.

From Message #604 – The Donkey And The Clouds
Scripture: Psalm 13:5

Today’s Mission – Make it your aim today to open your heart to truly let the presence of Messiah come in afresh, as for the first time.

Letting Go Of The Donkey

Friday, April 7, 2017

Imagine: You’re sitting in your house and you hear your car start. Looking outside, you see a bunch of men. They shout to you, “The Lord needs your car!” A similar thing happened two thousand years ago, but with a donkey, not a car. What if you were the owner of the donkey? It’s not just a possession; it’s your very livelihood. What would you do? The owner of the donkey just let it go, because it was for the Lord. You have a donkey in your life, something you consider very important, something you don’t want to let go of, give up or change- but a still small voice in your heart is saying, “Let it go, the Lord needs to take it away, and you need to let it go.” What is your donkey? It’s that thing in your life you have to let go of and give to the Lord. God blessed the donkey’s owner and that donkey was the one the Messiah rode into Jerusalem. Let go, and your life will be blessed in ways you can’t imagine. It all begins when you let the ‘donkey’ go.

From Message #212 – Messiah’s Jackass
Scripture: Luke 6:30

Today’s Mission – Identify your donkey, that thing in your life you need to let go of, and give it joyfully to the service of the Lord.

That Which Is About Him

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sometimes people will say, “That was a great sermon” or “That was a great service.” It’s nice encouragement, but it’s not the point. It’s not about the sermon or service. It’s what the sermon or service was about that matters. If the sermon was about Messiah, salvation, and lifting Him up- if He was the center and it was true- that’s the point. It’s about the reality of Him, even if the music bombs and the service was a disaster, it’s a success if it’s about Him. What’s true for sermons and services is also true for your life. What matters about your life is that your life is about God, that your efforts and words are all focused on Him. It doesn’t matter how successful you are in this world or how many problems or frustrations you have; it means nothing at the end. The only thing that matters is what makes your life a wonderful life- being focused and centered on Hi m to glorify Him. For the sermon, the walk, the heart, and the life that is all about Him… will be a wonderful one!

From Message #671 – Messiah in the Synagogue
Scripture: Matt. 5:16

Today’s Mission – Today be focused and centered on Him to glorify Him and have a wonderful life.

Your Pain, His Pain

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scripture says you are Messiah’s body. When your body hurts, you feel it; when it’s sad, you have tears. If you’re His body, then when you’re wounded or rejected, He is too. When you’re alone, He’s alone along with you (so you’re never really alone). When you feel unholy and far from God, He feels it too. You’re not alone, God isn’t distant, He’s right there feeling even more than you feel. You don’t have to convince Him- He knows your tears already. God is with you so close that He feels everything you do, as close as His body. So be at peace; when you feel far from God, He’s feeling it with you. He knows. Start partaking of His nature. As He weeps with your tears, start rejoicing in His joy. Start living holy in His holiness. Become strong in the power of His might, love in His love, and overcome in His victory. You are His body, and that’s about as close as you could e ver get to Him. rnrnrnrn

From Message #670 – The Passion
Scripture: 1 Cor. 13:4–7

Today’s Mission – Give whatever you’re going through today to your Messiah who is with you. Know that He truly feels your pain and all that you’re feeling, and strengthen your heart in that.

Dealing With Your Mother-In-Law

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You never hear about Peter’s home life until Messiah comes to his house— then you hear about his sick mother-in-law. Maybe Peter didn’t know how to deal with the situation. But Messiah’s coming caused it to be dealt with. Is there something in your life you’re not dealing with that you’ve grown comfortable with, even if it isn’t good? You may actually be blocking healing, or the salvation of the lost. You may be more comfortable with the past than with the change God wants to bring. Messiah’s presence means dealing with those things. He has the power to heal the sick and fix that which is broken. It might be something in your home life, your secret life, your past life- wounds, emotions, or scars- something that needs healing. Messiah is only there to bless you, so don’t fear Him dealing with that thing. Take it out of the darkness into the light of God where His l ove and truth will deal with all things. Let Him touch and heal it as you deal with it. He will, because God also heals mothers-in-law.

From Message #669 – The Mother-in-Law Principle
Scripture: Psalm 30:2

Today’s Mission – Deal with that issue in your life or in your past. Bring it into the light of God today. Let Him touch and heal it.

That You Might Know

Monday, April 3, 2017

Paul said, “My goal is that I might know Him.” He didn’t say that I have known Him, but that I might know Him. If Paul, who knew so much of Him, could say “that I might know Him,” how much more should we say that? Paul said, “that I might know Him” as if he didn’t. And it’s true. There was so much more that he didn’t know and really knowing God is never ending. Paul actually would be the one chosen to write much of the New Testament, and yet, he can still say that I have yet to know Him. Those who will truly know God are those who admit that they don’t know half of the story. Those who are open are those who don’t stop seeking. That was the goal of Paul’s life. Let it also be the goal of your life. Do you have another goal? Take it away to know God- His peace, His love, His presence, His heart, His holiness, His joy, and His glory. It’s a simple goal- the highest goa l. Make it your own, that you might know Him.

From Message #336 – Filled with the Fullness
Scripture: Jer. 9:23–24

Today’s Mission – Make your goal the same as Paul’s today, “that I might know Him”.

The Exposition Of Him

Friday, March 31, 2017

Synagogue centers on the reading of the Torah. The rabbi reads from the appointed section of the Torah – called the Parashah. Then he expounds on it. We have Yeshua; Jesus. He’s the Grand Rabbi of the universe. He expounds on the Torah, God’s word, better than any other rabbi. He’s the greatest expounder of God’s word. But it’s not just that He expounded on the Torah – it’s that the Torah expounded on Him. He didn’t just teach about the Torah, the Torah and the prophets taught about Him. The Word is about Him. It’s not just that He teaches about life – it’s that life teaches us about Him! He’s the center. If you want to live in the power of the blessing you were meant to live in, make Him the center of everything. Let everything you do be about Him. Let your heart, your life, and your purpose be to expound Messiah so that everyone can see. While many have rabbis who e xpound on the Word, you have a Rabbi so great that the very purpose of your life is to expound upon Him.

From Message #657 – The Grand Rabbi
Scripture: Luke 24:32

Today’s Mission – Make it your purpose to make your life expound Messiah to all those around you today.

Paul With No Training

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Soon after Saul, or Paul, comes to the Lord, we find him already teaching and preaching with no real training. He didn’t wait to know everything before preaching, he just started. How do you learn to encourage someone, to lead someone to the Lord, to meet someone’s needs, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or visit prisoners? You just do it. Don’t wait until you know everything, until you have all the degrees, diplomas and certificates – there’s no way you can know everything. Minister now anyway. Share the gospel now. You don’t have to know how, just do it. Touch the sick, visit the lonely, reach out to the unsaved, feed the hungry, and encourage your brother and sister now. Paul started doing it when he didn’t really know what he was doing and he didn’t do too badly. You don’t have to know what you’re doing in the Lord. You just have to know the One who does. You just have to do it, and God will take care of the rest.

From Message #656 – The “Out The Window” Principle
Scripture: James 1:27

Today’s Mission – Don’t keep waiting for the right time and ability to minister. Step out and minister now and it will be the right time, and God will give you the ability.

The Leper’s Solitude

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leviticus 13 says, “The one with leprosy shall wear torn clothes, uncover his head, cover his upper lip, and cry unclean…. He’s to dwell alone.” The leper in the bible is a picture of how we are spiritually, dwelling in this world as spiritual lepers. That’s how most of us start out in life, unclean, with guilt inside. When you’re guilty, you’re not clean; you dwell alone, out of fellowship with God. Maybe you’re saved now, but you still feel like you’re not worthy. We have this account of the leper who didn’t let his condition stop him from coming to Messiah. He comes to Messiah and says, “You can make me clean if you’re willing.” Messiah says, “I am willing.” Yeshua touches him and he’s cleansed and is at the end of his aloneness. Whatever the thing is in your life- no matter how bad or shameful- bring it to Messiah. Let Him touch it – your guilt, your shame, your infirmity – and He will remove it and your conscience will be cleansed. You won’t dwell alone anymore, but with Him as a beloved child of God.

From Message #655 – If You Are Willing
Scripture: 1 John 1:9

Today’s Mission – Bring your leprosy, your infirmity, your weakness, your shame, your wounds, your sin, and any unclean thing to Messiah today and let Him touch you and set you free.

Beit Ha Knesset

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The house of parliament in Israel is called the Knesset, which means the meeting place or the gathering. It’s also translated as the word synagogue. Messiah’s ministry is also connected to the word synagogue. It was there that Messiah’s ministry began, where He taught and healed, where the Gospel first spread, where Paul preached. That’s where the first Jewish and gentile believers came together. The church began in the Knesset or synagogue. There’s only one nation on earth whose house of government is called by the name by which Messiah’s ministry began. That’s another sign that there’s a special link between the Jewish people and Messiah. Messiah’s ministry will not be complete until it comes home to Israel. That’s where He’s going to set up His kingdom. As believers, we must be praying for the peace of Jerusalem, to prepare for it by working for the salvation of the Je wish people through our prayers, through our giving, through our sharing the Gospel. The kingdom is going to come when Messiah returns to the synagogue of Israel, to the Beit Ha Knesset.

From Message #654 – Messiah in the Pulpit
Scripture: Matt. 23:39

Today’s Mission – Take time today to pray for Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people.

Preparing For Your Marriage

Monday, March 27, 2017

Most congregations have premarital counseling. Marriage is sacred, thus, ministers counsel the couple on how to prepare for married life. Preparation makes a big difference. Premarital preparation has been shown to greatly increase the chances of having a successful marriage. So too, there’s a wedding coming for every true believer – the wedding of God and us. Heaven is married life, but you can’t prepare for heaven in heaven. The only time you have to prepare for heaven, as for a marriage is now. This whole life on earth is premarital, and the wise person spends their time preparing for the marriage to come. The only time you have to store up your treasures in heaven is now. Life’s joys, sorrows, victories, and losses are all to prepare you for the marriage so that you might become beautiful and spotless. Don’t lose sight of the reason you’re here. Remember, it’s th e only time you have to prepare for eternity. It will never happen again – so, use it wisely. Use everything in your earthly life to prepare for heavenly life, because heaven is the marriage and this entire life is your premarital course.

From Message #405 – Khatunah
Scripture: Eph. 5:32

Today’s Mission – Treat every situation today as a class in Heaven’s premarital course.

The Charootz Factor

Friday, March 24, 2017

You need hedges in your life. They’re meant to protect you. The word in Hebrew is charootz – which means a hedge or a trench, but it also means a decision or determination, as in digging in. It’s a decision, as if you’re digging a trench, of what will be in your life and what won’t be. Draw the line. This is the line for the hedge in your marriage, in your prayer life, your relationship with the opposite sex, for your time in the Word. You can’t have hedges without the determination. Make your decision, protect your life, build your trench and build it big. That means you stay far away from that sin, far away from the temptation, and you’ll have blessing, and lot of room for growth in God. You need to make your hedge, which will only be as strong as your commitment. Dig your trench, build your hedge, make your decision and make it strong, for as the Hebrew “charootz” re veals, your hedge is only going to be as strong and as real as the decision you make in the Lord.

From Message #397 – Hedges
Scripture: Eph. 4:27

Today’s Mission – Make the commitment today to put up strong hedges and stand firm on your commitment.

The Momentum For Your Breakthrough

Thursday, March 23, 2017

To win a race, ski downhill fast, launch a rocket into outer space, or operate a nuclear particle accelerator, you need momentum. Whether it’s a small thing or a great thing, you need momentum to excel. It’s the same way in the Lord; there’s a certain momentum needed for breakthrough. The problem is that when we start gaining momentum, we often fall into the same stupid sin. It’s not just that sin hurts your life, it also robs you of the momentum you need to be able to excel and get your breakthrough in the Lord. You don’t have to keep falling. You need to set your heart to be focused on God, single-minded, and believe you can rise in God. If you’re on the right track—good. Why put in a little backsliding or a little failure or a little indulgence? Keep going. Dare to go straight, rise higher, and not slow things down with unrighteousness. Go in the spirit of repenta nce, in holiness, and in victory. You’ll get your momentum. Break the gravity barrier, and your walk will be launched into heavenly places.

From Message #391 – The Devil And Utopia
Scripture: 1 Cor. 9:24

Today’s Mission – What breakthrough do you need today? Start working on gaining spiritual

The Waters Of Bitterness

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In the beginning, darkness was over the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. But after the fall of man, there’s darkness, confusion, void, fear, bitterness and lack of meaning. When God came again to bring light into the world, to bring His presence, the Spirit of God came not on the face of waters, but upon a human being named Miriam; or Mary, whose name means waters of bitterness or sorrow. God’s Spirit again moves upon the waters and upon Mary’s life. From Mary comes Yeshua, which means Salvation. From bitterness comes Yeshua – salvation. From the sorrows of our life, God brings joy. From your disappointments, His will is to bring hope. From darkness is born life. For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts. Whatever th at thing is in your life- the bitterness, the darkness, the sorrow – lift it up to Him like Mary and He’ll come upon it and from the waters of bitterness, will come Yeshua; Salvation.

From Message #381 – Miryam
Scripture: 2 Cor. 4:6

Today’s Mission – Examine your heart today and let Yeshua come into any bitter area.

The Jonah Principle

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

There’s a ship at sea. It’s stormy and it’s going to be destroyed. They’re out of God’s will and there is only one answer: throw Jonah overboard into the raging sea. They could have prayed all they wanted but without doing that act, without repentance, there’s no calming of the storm. When the storm in your life, in your soul, in your heart comes, when you don’t have peace, you can have peace but you have to ask yourself what needs to turn. The answer comes when you do what God is calling you to do. Take that step of repentance. The storm is going to stop when you repent. You’ll only have peace in your heart when you do it. Don’t waste your life beating around a bush – do what you have to do. Make that change – that decision – and get that ungodly thing out of your life. Get the holy thing into your life that God is calling you to do. Just do God’s will. With repentan ce will come peace and victory through the storm and it all begins when you throw Jonah overboard.

From Message #375 – Going Overboard
Scripture: Acts 26:20

Today’s Mission – Throw that sin overboard today and do what God is calling you to do.

The Kaddish Revelation

Monday, March 20, 2017

When a Jewish person dies, we recite the Kaddish. It’s known as the prayer for the dead, or the mourner’s prayer. It says this: Magnify and sanctify His great name. Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, honored, magnified, extolled and lauded be the Holy One, blessed be He. There’s nothing about death in it, it’s all a hymn of praise. We need to praise God always, even when we’re hurt or sorrowful. When you’re down, lost or everything is going against you, magnify Him anyway, and you’ll be blessed. In times of death, there’s no mention of death in the prayer, only praise for God. This means that no matter what your problem is, don’t get wrapped up in it. The answer to the problem isn’t in the problem, it’s in praising God. The more time you spend dwelling on your problems, the more time you’re going to be in your problems. Praise God and your life will be filled with blessing. Bless God at all times. Praise Him in the valley and you’ll end up praising Him on the mountain tops, too. That’s the lesson of the Kaddish.

From Message #653 – A Guide to the Baruchas
Scripture: Ps. 21:8

Today’s Mission – When problems arise today, don’t get caught up in them; start praising God.


Friday, March 17, 2017

We often speak of people wearing masks, putting on a mask of smiles. When I was growing up, in our house was a box of masks of monsters and ghosts for Halloween. The truth is, in life, people wear masks that are nicer than the way they are inside – it’s a facade. But in God, it is the opposite. You think the real you is an unholy, wretched failure. If you’re born again, it’s the ugly part of you that’s the monster mask. In the Lord, the inner man is beautiful. In the Lord, your old self isn’t your true self; your past self and all those habits are not your real self anymore. That’s just a mask of old ways. Take off the mask of failure, rebellion, and all those things. Take off the old self, put on the new, and live in the beauty of the new and whose image you have been created. Live as the beloved, holy, pure child of God that you are now and see the rest of it for w hat it is – just an old monster mask.

From Message #652 – Little Monsters
Scripture: Col. 3:10

Today’s Mission – Live this day without maskless – transparent, truthful, and in the light

The Salmon People

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The ways of salmon amazes me. They swim upstream against the current, choosing to go against the flow and take on the adversity. They don’t just persevere through the adversity; they embrace it. As believers, we’re to be like the salmon of this world. The way to deal with adversity isn’t just to deal with it, but do it as the salmon does, taking life head on. It chooses to go against the flow and against the current. As a believer, you’re not supposed to go through life on the defensive, surprised by problems, trying to get away from the fight. Instead, take on sin, flesh, and the ways of this world head on. Take the kingdom of the enemy head on. Choose to fight the good fight, choose to freely go against the flow. Every day is a choice for a good fight, a good challenge, and a good conquest. Go for it! That’s what David did. That’s what Paul did. That’s what the firs t believers did. Live like that, and you’ll be blessed and victorious. You’ll go uphill or upstream, just like the salmon.

From Message #651 – The Gospel Of The Salmon
Scripture: 2 Cor. 10:4

Today’s Mission – Commit today to go against the way of the world, the way of the flesh, and the way of the problem

Heaven Above The Ceiling

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On the Feast of Tabernacles, God commanded His people to dwell in a sukkah, a temporary hut. The sukkah roof had gaps in it, so when you looked up, you would see right through it to the stars. Believers meet in houses of worship and over every house of worship is the heavens. This tells us Heaven is above religion, above theology and our ideas of God and what we’re familiar with. If we just live in what we’re familiar with, we’ll never live a heavenly life. Heaven is bigger and God is always greater than what you think. He’s above the roof. That’s why on Tabernacles you had to learn how to look through the roof, above your ideas, your theology, above yourself. Peter even had to get on top of the roof to get blown away by God’s purpose. Get out of your rut, get out of your familiar thoughts, your routine, your notions of God, get above it and see God for Himself; see God afresh and new and seek a new encounter, because God is waiting to meet you there above the roof.

From Message #650 – Above
Scripture: Isa. 55:9

Today’s Mission – Go above the roof today; look above your life, your routines, and your thoughts and get a new revelation of God.

Egypt’s Miserable Heaven

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Egyptians thought paradise was an underworld, a terrifying place. If you were good, you would be put in charge of keeping dams and canals in good repair. The Egyptian version of paradise was road work! They took the present miserable life that they had and projected it onto paradise. With God, it’s the opposite. In God, it’s not just about waiting for paradise. Heaven is so awesome that it spills over and affects earthly life. It’s so great that it touches here and now. It’s on earth as it is in heaven. For the pagan world, the present life spills over into the future. For the believer, the future life spills over to here and now. It transforms our present life. Live in the heavenly now. Dwell now in the heavenly. Rejoice and learn to get the joy of heaven now, because heaven is too big to be kept only for then. Heaven is so great, that it will change your life. If you will seek it, receive it and walk in it, then it’s here and now that the heavenly life begins for you.

From Message #649 – The Other Paradise
Scripture: Matt. 16:19

Today’s Mission – Keep the right focus and look at your life and every situation of your life today from a heavenly perspective.

God’s Invisible Hand

Monday, March 13, 2017

In the Book of Esther, even though the name of God isn’t mentioned even once the presence of God is evident in every event; though seeming at times to be out of control, exactly on track, guided by the hand of God. There are times when we don’t feel assured of His presence in the events of our lives. The fact is, even when you can’t see or feel Him, He’s there.When it seems as if He’s abandoned you, He’s always faithful. Even when Messiah cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me,” God wasn’t absent; it was God crying out. When you cry out, “Where are you God?” God cries out with you. We know the God of Exodus, of Judgments, Miracles, Passovers, Red Seas, and thundering Mountains, but we also need to know the God of the Book of Esther. He’s the One who may seem absent in our moments of crisis but is there in every event, speaking in the invisible burning bushes ; moving in the quiet Passovers and bringing His people the Promised Land through hidden Red Seas.

From Message #533: The Book of the Unmentioned God
Scripture: Rom. 1:20

Today’s Mission – When you don’t feel His presence, speak the Word over yourself, “my God will never leave me or forsake me.”

Hadas The Evergreen

Friday, March 10, 2017

Esther’s real name was Hadassah. Hadassah comes from the Hebrew word “Hadas” which means myrtle; a thick green bush which grows on the high places of Israel, with fragrant leaves and flowers used for perfume. No matter what the season or circumstance, it’s always green. What a beautiful name for the woman we know as Esther. She also was planted on a high place – the throne of Persia. She entered the king’s presence perfumed. In the end, she didn’t let circumstance determine her life, but proved faithful to who she was in Israel and in God. You too are to be a myrtle in the Lord; bear sweet fragrance all the days of your life, not determined by circumstances, but by who you are in God and who He is in you. Bear God’s fruits in season and out of season. Dwell in the high places of God, filled with His presence and you’ll overcome the world and every problem and circumstance . Don’t let a day go by without dwelling in His presence and your life will be like the myrtle and your walk evergreen.

From Message #366 – Lessons from Esther
Scripture: 1 John 4:4

Today’s Mission – Take time today to be in His presence – be evergreen.

There’s Nobody Home

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some people have answering machines that say, “I’m sorry, I’m not home right now,” when in truth, they’re sitting next to the machine listening and judging the callers, deciding whether or not to answer. The problem is that we do the same thing with God. God’s calling us and we don’t answer, pretending that we’re not home. What does ‘I have a calling’ mean? You can’t have a calling unless someone is calling you. If God is calling you, then you need to answer Him and step out. Repent; do whatever you must do to obey. Take the first step of your journey- He’s calling you. You’ve heard His voice in your heart, in the tugging of your spirit. It’s His Spirit on your spirit. Don’t just sit there, letting it pass you by- answer the call of God and say, “I’m sorry, I’m home, I’m here, I do hear you, and the answer is yes. I repent.” The call of God is too important to let it pass you by and end up on a spiritual answering machine.

From Message #644 – Hineni
Scripture: Rev. 3:20

Today’s Mission – Listen today for His voice, His whispers, and His calling and answer it right away.

He Makes You Kosher

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rabbis oversee the certifying of kosher food and making sure that it’s clean. Yeshua, Jesus was a rabbi. But He is not just a rabbi, He’s the greatest Rabbi – He’s the Rabbi of the universe, the cosmic Rabbi. He’s so great, He takes what’s not kosher and makes it kosher. We’re all un-kosher, even the best of us are unclean and unholy, but the amazing thing is that Messiah takes us and declares us kosher. He takes the depressed and he declares them joyful. He takes the failures and declares them victorious, the guilty He declares innocent, the messed up He declares perfect. Messiah declares you kosher. Believe it even before you see it, because you may not look like it. Your life may still look messed up, but believe Him. You may not look holy, but through Messiah’s blood you are made holy. It’s about Him, the Rabbi of rabbis. Before you see it, it will be. He ha s declared you kosher. Live like it, think like it, act like it, live a kosher life because you have now become rabbinically approved.

From Message #643 – The Cosmic Rabbi
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:15

Today’s Mission – Look at yourself in the mirror today and tell yourself who you are in Messiah.

The Newtonian Gospel

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Newton’s Law of Motion states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. A falling rock will keep falling until it’s stopped by something else; an object sent into outer space will keep going until it’s stopped by another object. This law can be applied to the spiritual realm. If you’ve been doing something for years – gossiping, lusting, losing your temper and try to stop, you tend to keep doing it. To stop the sins of this world, there must be something or someone from outside this world- God, the Messiah, the cross. You can’t change your life by your life; you change your life by His life. The more you get into the life of Messiah, the more you get into His love, His holiness, His presence, the more you’ll change your life. The life of Messiah, the motion of Messiah, is the only One who can really change your life, and He will when you let Him become everything t o you – for an object in motion will stay in motion unless it encounters Him.

From Message #642 – The World Behind Me
Scripture: Col. 2:9

Today’s Mission – Invite Messiah into everything you do today and let His presence, His Spirit, and His motion, move you and change your path.

The Mission Of The Body

Monday, March 6, 2017

There’s a lot of focus spent on ‘body life’ in the Lord- seminars, support ministries, Christian services, music, books, and culture that are all aimed to nourish and meet the needs of the body. That can be good and some of its necessary. But if we’re His body on earth, then how did the body of Messiah dwell on earth? Despite what some people believe, He wasn’t rich. He didn’t have a place to lay His head. He existed on earth to meet the needs of others. If we ‘as His body’ are existing to bless ourselves, if our Christian culture is only to bless Christians and not to bless those outside the body, judging smugly the rest of the world while retreating into our own little body-life world, then we’re becoming a self-indulgent body; arrogant and focused on our own needs. That’s not the body of Messiah. If we’re His body, we must reach out beyond ourselves – heal the sick , preach to the poor, help the needy, and set the captives free. Yes, we’re the body, but the body of the Messiah came in bodily form to bless the world.

From Message #641 – We His Body

Scripture On Scripture

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hebrews 2:1 says, “For this reason, we must pay much closer attention.” It’s scripture telling us to pay closer attention to scripture. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much attention you’re paying to scripture – you need to pay more close attention. No matter how great you think salvation is, there’s always more. No matter how great you think God is, He’s greater. No matter how amazing you think He is, He’s even more amazing. No matter how much attention you’re paying to God, you need to pay more, to seek Him more. You need to spend more time with Him, to be growing more in Him. You need to love Him more, praise Him more, know Him more, believe Him more, trust Him more, thank Him more, rejoice in Him more and serve Him more. Obey, worship and glorify Him more. Are you paying close attention? Pay closer attention. Because even the scripture that tells you to pay atte ntion, is telling you to pay even closer attention. God is more, salvation is greater, and Messiah is more awesome. Also, ‘more’ is what God has in store for you.

From Message #640 – Better Than Angels
Scripture: Psalms 71:14

Today’s Mission – Pay close attention as you read the word today, and then pay closer attention.

Lessons From The Lemon Tree

Thursday, March 2, 2017

If you put a lemon tree on a hill, in a valley, city, countryside, or next to an apple tree, it still produces lemons. It’s our nature to focus on our circumstances, personal life, work life, or financial life, but Messiah doesn’t focus on those things. Your circumstance has little to do with the walk God called you to. Salvation is unconditional. Messiah won’t ask you about your circumstances on the Day of Judgment. He came that you might bear fruit. If you abide in Him, you’ll bear fruit, and that’s God’s will for your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the mountain or in the valley, if people love you or hate you. You bear fruit not because of what’s around you, but because of what’s inside of you. This world, with all its circumstances – good and bad – can’t stop you from bearing fruit. Learn from the lemon tree: bear your fruit no matter what, because He loves you. His love is unconditional, so your fruit should be unconditional. Fruit doesn’t come because of circumstance, it comes because of the tree.

From Message #639 – Bananas, Pineapples, & Nuts
Scripture: Matt. 3:8

Today’s Mission – Today, practice bearing the fruit of the Spirit in every place, time, situation, and circumstance unconditionally


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2016 was a year in politics unlike any other in living memory, and likely in American history. The stakes in the 2016 presidential election could not have been any higher. The Democratic campaign for the presidency was, in effect, a crusade to seal the changes enacted in the past eight years into permanency. This includes anti-biblical laws, decisions, and executive orders- all changes sealing the nation’s fall from God. Among other things at stake was the appointment of Supreme Court Justices to seal America’s future with regard to the issues of life, morality, and religious freedom for at least a generation or permanently. The election was a watershed as well as touching on the issues of life and death. The 2016 Democratic Convention was the most brazen in memory in its seeking to expand the killing of the unborn. For the first time in history, the Democratic platform c alled for the striking down of the Hyde Amendment, so that taxes paid by all Americans could now go unhindered to the funding of the murder of unborn children.rnrnFor the first time in American history, a major presidential candidate spoke these words: “Deep seated religious beliefs… must be changed…” The war against God had now attained such proportions that a major candidate for the American presidency could actually call for the altering of people’s faith in God’s Word. Why? So that abortion could expand.rnrnAnd then there was Donald Trump. If a book had been written listing the top one hundred things never to do when one is running for presidency, he had to have done them all. The odds against stopping the election of the Democratic candidate and the enacting of its platform appeared hopeless. Poll after poll after poll showed a decisive Democratic victory if not a landslide. The media celebrated the upcoming Democratic victory while predicting years of Republican devastation. B elievers hoped for the best, but prepared for a new future where they would be increasingly driven to the margins of culture and live under the shadow of persecution. Then something happened – and nobody was sure exactly what. To this day, no one is exactly sure how it happened. What everyone was sure could never happen – happened. And everyone was shocked. Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump- and there are many things one can think- his election was against all odds, and with it, everything has changed. The future that many were heralding as the end of Christian America, or fearing as the end of religious liberty, has suddenly been turned upside down. There is great risk, but also hope. In the last days of ancient Israel, as the people headed to judgment, God gave the nation reprieves – windows of time in which to turn back in repentance. Is that what just happened? I will answer that in the next issue. Until then, no matter what, make the most of your time. Use every moment to adv ance His kingdom and glorify the Lord. May God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan

See Message: The Anti-Marginal
Scripture: Psalm 51:13

The Prince Of Another Kind

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Most of us grew up with fairy tales. Many people are disappointed with life, living in heartbreak, sorrow, mourning, and bitterness, because their life didn’t turn out “happily ever after.” But life isn’t a fairy tale and Messiah isn’t prince charming. He’s the Sar Hayim, the Prince of Life. You aren’t saved by this life; you’re saved by Him, the true Prince. He turned out to save you. He overcame death, sin, evil and the grave, and if you’ll stop living according to how life turns out and start living like He turned out, you’ll be blessed. His loving kindness is better than life and that is the victory. I have good news for you. Your life isn’t a fairy tale. You don’t have to be miserable; you can be blessed. Scripture doesn’t speak about living happily ever after, it speaks about rejoicing always. That’s unconditional. So stop looking for prince charming, he doesn’t exi st. Start learning to be a disciple of the Prince of Life and you won’t live happily ever after, but you can live rejoicing always and that’s even better– a life of unstoppable joy.

From Message #638 – Beggars, Princes, & Fairy Tales
Scripture: Ps. 31:7

Maker Of The Ages

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “God created the world” but it can also be translated, “the ages.” It’s a mystery. All past, present and future is created in Him in the beginning. It’s all in Him who’s the same yesterday, today, and forever to whom a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day. He stretched out the heavens and when He died, He died for the world; the ages past, present and future, and every sin you’ll ever commit. He died also to prepare a whole new life for you. The future is in Him. Your life filled with righteousness and good works that haven’t happened yet are all in Him already. He died not only for your past, but for your future. So don’t fear the future. Walk boldly into the good works that are prepared for you and fulfill His will that He gave His life for. Because He’s not only the God who created the world. He’s Lord over the universe and t he ages of your life. The maker of the ages.

From Message #637 – The Radiance Of His Glory
Scripture: 1 Cor. 2:6-7

Today’s Mission – Let go of any fear, regret, or anger, and thank Him for covering your past, present and future.

Hitler And The Spear Of Messiah

Friday, February 24, 2017

In the Hapsburg Library in Vienna there was a spear believed to be the one used to pierce Messiah’s side. The young Adolf Hitler became fascinated by it and would stare at it for hours. When he marched into Vienna he took that spear. The greatest enemy of God, the world knew in the 20th century possessed the spear that was said to have drawn the blood of Messiah. The real spear though a vessel of evil, actually fulfilled prophecy; God’s purposes and became used for good. Messiah was pierced through and we received healing. We’re saved by His blood. So God used one of the most evil men who ever lived to bring about the rebirth of Israel. Through the Holocaust, Israel came back to the world and the world accepted it. The spear of the Roman soldier, every evil no matter what it is, whatever is against you, whatever problem, it’s not stronger than God’s love and God’s will. D on’t fear evil, don’t fear the enemy, because God will turn it all for good. And that problem that came against you was only the spear of the Roman soldier.

From Message #636 – The Reich and the Kingdom
Scripture: Gen. 50:20

Today’s Mission – Believe the good today over every evil. Believe His love over every sin, and His power over every problem.

The Gospel Has No Fade Out

Thursday, February 23, 2017

When a movie ends, usually it fades to black or it says, “The End,” music starts and credits roll. It would be nice if that happened in life when a bad relationship ends, or you’re going through a hard time, trials and testing, and it fades with music and credits. The Gospel ends with Messiah giving the Great Commission. There’s no fade out in Jerusalem, no credits rolling over the book of Acts, no copyright notice. The Gospel has no fade out, no ending because there’s no end to the work of Messiah. There’s no end to His love, His grace, the flowing of His Spirit, His forgiveness, His redemption, His mercy, no end to Him. He’s infinite and unending. We like endings. Everything in life ends– months, weeks, years, but the Gospel has no end because there’s no end to the good news. Everything ends but Him. Sorrow, hate, pain, and sin end, but the things of God don’t. So over come the world of endings with the unending power of the Gospel of love and joy. For the Gospel isn’t a movie, it has no end.

From Message #634 – The Unended
Scripture: Psalm 9:7

Today’s Mission – Today, let the goodness, the blessings, the love, and presence of God flow through your life and don’t let anything stop it.

Your Charge To Keep His Presence

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In ancient times, the Jewish people would caravan up to Jerusalem with relatives. Undoubtedly, Messiah was left with His relatives. His parents were relying on their relatives to watch over Him. But then they lost Him. You can lose the Lord the same way. By relying on other things to keep His presence. When you first come to the Lord, His presence means everything and you just guard that presence. But often as we go on in the Lord, we start relying on other things that are going to keep God’s presence alive in our life. Joseph and Mary did it, they relied on relatives, but they lost Him. You have to keep the presence of God yourself in your heart, because people fall, congregations fail, people mess up. But if you kept Him close, you’ve cherished Him, your love for Him, your zeal; you’ll never lose sight. Remember, if even Joseph and Mary could lose His presence for a t ime, then you watch it. Don’t ever give that job over to relatives. Keep Him close.

From Message #633 – Losing the Messiah
Scripture: Heb. 12:2

Today’s Mission – Keep your eyes on Messiah and spend time in His presence today.

Get Your Directions First

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Have you ever stopped and asked for directions and it didn’t help. You were still lost. When you’re on a long journey, you want to get your directions right from the start. You don’t want to waste any time going the wrong way. You don’t want to make a wrong turn because ultimately you’ll pay for it by losing time and energy. One wrong turn and you’re off track. So in the Lord, you don’t want to make wrong turns. You don’t want to proceed down a wrong course because you’ll have to pay for that sin, that mistake, that jumping ahead. It will take you off track and away from your destination, and you’ll have to get back on. So save yourself the problem. Wait until you know it’s God’s will. If you’re feeling uneasy, don’t do it. If there’s a question, don’t go there. Stop, get the direction right. Go in righteousness and don’t mess up your journey with sin, because it takes a lot longer to get back on track than to not go off in the first place.

From Message #632 – The Fork In The Road
Scripture: John 10:27

Today’s Mission – Get out your spiritual “road map” the “Bible” and study your route for today. Seek God’s will in every decision. Then go in it.

Appearing Beautiful Or Being Beautiful

Monday, February 20, 2017

1 Peter 3:4 says, “Women are to have a quiet spirit.” The Greek word there means, undisturbed. Are you disturbed? It’s not beautiful. What does God find beautiful or ugly? When you’re disturbed, upset, or angry, it’s not a beautiful thing. When you’re a bitter person, filled with fear, discontent, frustrated, and never satisfied, that’s not beautiful. A person who’s in conflict with others, jealous, full of self-pity, always worrying, that’s not beautiful either. All these things are different ways of being disturbed. God calls us to have an undisturbed spirit. Start becoming truly beautiful by adorning yourself with an undisturbed spirit of peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, contentment and blessing. We’re all called to be part of the bride. Cultivate a spirit that doesn’t get upset so easily, doesn’t get anxious, or bent out of shape, full of crisi s, and fearful. Keep yourself in Messiah’s shalom by resting in His love. You’ll not only have peace, blessings, and contentment, but it’ll be something else. You’ll be beautiful to God.

From Message #631 – Beautiful Women
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:3-4

Today’s Mission – Today seek not to look beautiful – but to be truly beautiful in God’s Spirit.

The Antichrist Book

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friedrich Nietzsche, the son of a Lutheran pastor, wrote a book called Antichrist. In it he called Christianity the one great curse, the one enormous, innermost perversion, the moral blemish of mankind. He said, “I regard Christianity as the most seductive lie that ever existed. I condemn it.” A young Austrian named Adolf Hitler, read Nietzsche’s books and was fascinated by them. He became a disciple of Nietzsche and his philosophy becoming the epitome of the title Antichrist and a foreshadow of the Antichrist to come. The result was The Third Reich, the Second World War, the Holocaust, and millions of people dying. Behind world history and the news are spiritual things; good and evil. What you do in the spiritual realm, what you believe and what you receive makes a difference. Hitler is evidence of that, going back to Nietzsche. So turn away from the ways of the enemy. Live as a child of light and you’ll prevail and crush the serpent under your feet. The enemy is real. But God is even more real!

From Message #630 – The Kingdom Of Broken Crosses
Scripture: Eph. 5:8-9

Today’s Mission – Today take the war you’re in more seriously. Reject and turn down anything of the evil one.

The All-Encompassing Son

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hebrews says that God who in past times spoke to us in many ways has now spoken to us by His Son. But in the Greek it doesn’t say “by His Son” it says, “by Son” without anything before the noun. We do that when we say, “I’m going home.” We don’t say I’m going to the home. The reason is “home” is all encompassing, so you don’t put something in front of it. In the same way, the Son of God is so all in all, so incredible, so everything, that you don’t put anything in front of Him. He doesn’t need a modifier. He doesn’t need anything in front of Him. He’s everything. He’s not just a son, not just a light, not just the life. We can’t separate ourselves from Him because we’re in Him. There’s no need to qualify Him. There’s no end to Him. He’s our life and we’re in Him. So live your life in Him as if He’s everything. There’s no limiting Him. He’s not just the Light, the Life , and the Son; He’s light and life itself! He’s all in all, SON!

From Message #629 – Latter Days And Sundry Times
Scripture: Eph. 1:22-23

Today’s Mission – Don’t put anything in front of Him today. Make Him your all in all.

Out From The Funeral Procession

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In funeral processions, people follow the body to the grave. Today we drive cars instead of walking. Once I was driving onto a main road in a van looking in my rear view mirror and I wondered why everyone had their lights on. I was in the middle of a funeral procession by accident. I was right behind the hearse in a large van blocking off the rest of the procession. My friend started panicking, so I turned on my lights out of respect and we drove as part of the procession. You might be in a funeral procession without realizing it. Scripture says the way of the flesh is death. If you’re living by the flesh, selfishness, worldliness, your appetites, your eyes, you’re in a funeral procession and you’re heading for death. But God has called you to walk a walk of life. So get out of that path, break away from that sin, that habit, that negativity or those people if you hav e to, and get on with life. God’s called you to walk in the way of life and not in a funeral procession.

From Message #628 – How to Ruin a Funeral
Scripture: 1 Tim. 6:17-19

Today’s Mission – Get out of any procession, or path, or way that doesn’t lead to life – and follow life.

The Breath of Saul

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Acts 9:1 records the persecution of believers. It says “Saul was breathing threats.” It’s an interesting way of putting it. Saul may have been making threats, but he did it while he was breathing. That’s important. Even though Saul was an enemy of faith, a persecutor, as long as he was breathing, there was hope. He could still use his breath to confess Yeshua, Jesus as Lord. So he would say, “Who are you Lord?” You look at people who seem so far from God, but as long as they’re breathing they can change and there’s hope. Breathing is not forever. Remember our breaths are numbered. If you think you’ll never live the life God has for you or tell yourself that you might as well give up, you’ll never change. In order to say those things you have to be breathing. There’s still hope for you. Saul was breathing threats, but he was breathing, and he became the greatest apostle who ever lived. So be encouraged. You might be telling yourself there’s no hope, but when you do that you’re bearing witness that there’s hope because you’re still breathing.

From Message #627 – The Road To Damascus
Scripture: Isa. 40:31

Today’s Mission – Today pray for, and reach out to that one who is still breathing.

Vegetables And Potato Chips

Monday, February 13, 2017

When your parents wanted you to do something unpleasant, they said it’s good for you – going to bed early, doing homework, eating vegetables. Other things in life felt good, like milkshakes, cheesecake, or potato chips, but they weren’t good for you. Often, things that feel good aren’t good for you and things that are good for you don’t feel good. It’s the same way in the spiritual realm. Sin may feel good, but it’s not. Then, there are things that don’t feel good like going through trials, dying to self, or taking up your cross, but they’re good for you. We have to choose to turn down what seems or feels good and choose what may not feel good, but is. But scripture also tells us to rejoice in the Lord. It’s good for you and it feels good, too. That’s why it says the joy of the Lord is your strength and rejoice in the Lord always. Start rejoicing in the Lord, in all of H is blessings and you’ll love it and be blessed for it. So get into and rejoice in His good joy. It’s good and it’s good for you.

From Message #626 – Good And Good For You
Scripture: Prov. 17:22

Today’s Mission – Turn down that which feels good but isn’t – and embrace that which is good and right – regardless of how it feels.

Stricken Or Advanced

Friday, February 10, 2017

Luke 2 speaks of Anna or Hannah, the prophetess. It says in some versions, “she was well-stricken in age.” In our modern youth culture, “well stricken” is usually seen as a curse, like you’re getting beat up. But other versions render it “advanced in age” or “of a great age.” In Greek, polus, means abundant, plentiful. This tells us a secret. We can go through life in two ways – being well-stricken in age or advancing in age; being abundant of great age. Live by the flesh and you’ll be well-stricken, because the flesh goes downhill. It gets beaten up. But if you live in Messiah, you’re not called to go through life dreading age, you’re called to advance, to move forward, to press on, to be promoted, not to fear the future, but embrace it. We’re to be advancing in grace, in love, in hope, and in faith in God. Don’t live in the flesh fearing age, but press forward. Le t the years follow you. Advance in the Spirit of God and you won’t end up being well-stricken in years, but rather advancing and being of great age.

From Message #625 – The Lady In The Temple
Scripture: Prov. 3:16

Joy In The Desert

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

On a pilgrimage tour to Israel, our accommodations varied. We were in a luxury hotel with waters flowing in from the Dead Sea. Then we stayed in a kibbutz, an Israeli farm community. It was in the middle of the desert. It was so bare and yet, it was one of the most special experiences on that pilgrimage. Your pilgrimage on earth is the same way. Often what you think is the most meaningful: gaining money, riches, comfort, big houses, reputation or status turns out to be nothing in the end. But those things you didn’t expect – the times of prayer, of love with your family, giving, helping, those times that maybe weren’t comfortable, but were God’s will, growing closer to Him, worshiping Him, persevering in righteousness, being faithful in Him are the things at the end of the journey that have the most glory. Because it’s not the luxury hotels that are going to mean anyth ing, but the places you spend being faithful, doing His will, loving, rejoicing, blessing, close in His arms, your kibbutz in the desert – that’s what will mean everything in the world.

From Message #622 – A Guide For The Pilgrim
Scripture: Matt. 6:20

Your Mantle Of Glory

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The word mantle often refers to one’s calling. Scripture speaks about the mantle of Elijah that he threw over Elisha calling him to rise to the mantle of the prophet. You too have a mantle or calling in your life. The word mantle in Hebrew is Adderet. It holds a secret. It comes from the word adir meaning powerful. God has called you with a powerful calling. He’ll equip you with the power to fulfill your calling. It also means excellent. He’s given you an excellent calling. You’re called to excellence. The word also means glorious. God has given you a glorious calling. Live accordingly. It also means worthy. You’re never worthy; any more than Elisha was worthy of that mantle, but the Lord makes you worthy. The mantle is always bigger than you are right now, so that you can grow into it. You become worthy of the mantle, as you live it and walk it, you become it. God has g iven you a mantle; it’s glorious. Live excellently, mightily, gloriously and worthy – for that, and nothing less, is the calling of your mantle.

From Message #621 – The Mantle
Scripture: Rom. 11:29

Today’s Mission – Seek today to walk in the fullness of your calling – and start growing into your mantle.

The Holy Grail Of Proverbs

Monday, February 6, 2017

The movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ was about searching for the ‘Holy Grail,’ the cup Messiah drank from at the Last Supper and whoever drank from it received eternal life. That’s all fantasy. But there is a way of immortality that doesn’t take a global crusade to get it. Proverbs 12:28 says, “In the way of righteousness is life and in its pathway there is no death.” The way of immortality is the way of righteousness. The more you dwell in the Spirit, in righteousness, and in what you know is right in Messiah, the more you’ll be revived; the more the power of life and refreshing comes into your life. The way of Messiah is life. He’s called “Sar Hayim”- the Prince of Life. So the more you turn from sin, the more you’re turning from death, the more you’re refreshed and renewed. In fact, the Gospel means fresh. Do you want the real Holy Grail, the real way of et ernal life, righteousness, and immortality? You’ll find it in the righteousness of Messiah. It’s better than the Holy Grail.

From Message #415 – The Prince Of Life
Scripture: Ps. 145:17

The Holy Grail Of Proverbs

Monday, February 6, 2017

The movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ was about searching for the ‘Holy Grail,’ the cup Messiah drank from at the Last Supper and whoever drank from it received eternal life. That’s all fantasy. But there is a way of immortality that doesn’t take a global crusade to get it. Proverbs 12:28 says, “In the way of righteousness is life and in its pathway there is no death.” The way of immortality is the way of righteousness. The more you dwell in the Spirit, in righteousness, and in what you know is right in Messiah, the more you’ll be revived; the more the power of life and refreshing comes into your life. The way of Messiah is life. He’s called “Sar Hayim”- the Prince of Life. So the more you turn from sin, the more you’re turning from death, the more you’re refreshed and renewed. In fact, the Gospel means fresh. Do you want the real Holy Grail, the real way of et ernal life, righteousness, and immortality? You’ll find it in the righteousness of Messiah. It’s better than the Holy Grail.

From Message #415 – The Prince Of Life
Scripture: Ps. 145:17

The Holy Street People

Friday, February 3, 2017

Messiah walked down what’s now called the Villa Dolorosa. The disciples walked down Emmaus Road, Phillip the road to Gaza, Paul the Damascus Road and then Straight Street. The first believers were called the Derech-The Way. In Hebrew, Derech not only means the way, but the street, the path or the road. God’s people aren’t so much about places, they’re about ways. The difference between a place and a way is, a place has set dimensions but a way is open ended. If you’re born again, you’re no longer simply someone dwelling on earth; you’re a pilgrim, traveling. You’re not about a place anymore, you’re about the way. Your ups and downs, valleys and mountains are what you go through. Don’t get caught up in the place, the circumstance, or situation. You’re a person of The Way and that means someone who’s always moving forward, pressing through, growing, going farther. So keep pressing on. As Paul said, “This I do, I press on.” Get moving down the Derech, the road of Messiah on which you’ve been called to walk. You’re of The Way.

From Message #1409 – Ha Derech: The Way
Scripture: Phil. 3:14


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Word for the Month, Feb. 1 You may have missed it. It seemed to be something out of a science fiction movie rather than from a news event. It was revealed that the Obama administration, through the National Institute of Health, proposed a new policy to allow scientists to use federal funding to create part-human, part-animal embryos – known as chimeras. The name ‘chimera’ comes from Greek mythology and describes fire-breathing creatures with the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and the tail of a serpent. The idea is to combine human stem cells with animal embryos to create, in effect, a new life form that is part human, part animal. “We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature,” said Pablo Ross, a reproductive biologist at the University of California, Davis. But many are concerned. Some scientists, ethicists, and c ritics have raised concern that the chimera research could end up producing animals with human brains, or animals able to father human children. The National Institute of Health does plan on doing experiments involving the brain as well as giving animals human sperm and eggs. “One of the concerns that a lot of people have,” says Jason Robert, a biotethicist at Arizona State University, “is …that this could be a kind of violation — a kind of, maybe, even a playing God.” Indeed it would appear to be just that – man playing God. In the Book of Revelation the mark of the ‘beast’ is described as being 666. In Scripture, the number 6 is linked to man, as man was created on the 6th day. The number 3 is obviously linked to God. 666 is 6 in the form of 3, or man as God. So it is revealed that the Antichrist will declare himself God – again, man as God. As we move closer to that day, to the time of the end, we would expect there to be more and more signs of man trying to be God. In on e realm, it manifests as a nation or a nation’s high court appointing itself as the judge of God’s Word, to overrule it, or as the creator of new morality. To alter what is right and wrong is to play God. It also manifests in a culture that seeks to alter God’s creation. When we redefine man and woman, we are seeking to alter the creation. So now as man tinkers with the genetic code, to combine man and animals, it’s just another manifestation of the end-times – man playing God. There is a way that even as believers you can end up playing God and not even realize it. Whenever you live as if you were the center of the world, whenever you act to glorify yourself, and whenever you bend what is right and wrong to fit your will – you’re playing God. This month center your life, not on yourself, but on God. Glorify Him, not yourself, and don’t conform His Word and will to fit your life, but conform your life to fit His Word and will. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your br other and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan

See Message: The Stasis
Scripture: Scripture: I John 2:18

Today’s Mission –

The World’s Most Famous Prostitute

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Many think Mary Magdalene was a prostitute who came to the Lord. Pope Gregory the Great was the first to link her to the prostitute who wept at his feet. All we really know is that Mary Magdalene had demons and was delivered by Messiah. We don’t know whether she was a prostitute or sexually immoral. But no one questions it. She’s become the world’s most famous prostitute. Imagine that you come to the Lord and for generations you’re known as the world’s most famous prostitute. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. Most of the time they’re wrong anyway. It only matters what Messiah thinks of you and that you’re with Him now. Start rejoicing with what God thinks. Get away from caring about what people have in their minds. It doesn’t matter. It means nothing. Get close to God like Mary Magdalene. It’s all that’s going to matter in the end; getting close to Him. Because when all is said and done, Messiah is enough.

From Message #616 – Magdalene
Scripture: Gal. 1:10

Today’s Mission – Don’t be concerned today with what others think about you, but rejoice in His thoughts toward you

Breaking Your Jim Crow Laws

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Civil War was won, slavery was abolished. But in the South there were, “The Jim Crow laws,” by which Black Americans were still degraded and deprived of their rights. It wasn’t until the Civil Rights movement, that these laws were challenged and changed. In the same way, Messiah has won the war against sin, the flesh, the devil and bondage. He did it on Calvary. But many believers are still living in the same old laws of sin and death, even though they’re free. You have to challenge that old law, just like the Jim Crow law. Defy that old law in your life. When the enemy says you have to fall, backslide, fail or mess up, you say, “No, I won’t! I’m not subject to this anymore! Messiah set me free and I’m free indeed. I will not obey, submit or give in anymore, because greater is He that’s in me than you in the world.” Break the law today. I’m not speaking of the law s of the state but the laws of the enemy that have no place in your life. It’s time to be free!

From Message #615 – All the Commandments Not in the Bible
Scripture: Gal. 5:13-14

Today’s Mission – Break the laws of the enemy today and walk in the freedom of Messiah.

Be Ye First Fruitful

Thursday, January 26, 2017

We’re called to be fruitful. But did you know we’re called to be first fruitful? In Hebrew, bikkurim means “first fruits.” The day of bikkurim is when the first fruits would be lifted up from the earth. Messiah rose on “first fruits” because His resurrection is the first fruits from the dead. It had never been done before. Messiah gives you the power not just to be fruitful, but to be first fruitful. That means you can bear fruit when you have never born fruit before. When nobody loves you, you can bear the first fruit of love. When no one’s reaching out to you, be first fruitful and reach out to them. When everyone’s negative, where there’s no reason to rejoice, you be first fruitful and rejoice. Have peace and praise anyway. Our new life begins in the tomb, when there was no reason for Messiah to come alive. So you have the same power to bear fruit when there’s no reas on. You’ve heard, “be fruitful;” but now I give you a new commandment. Don’t just be fruitful; learn the secret of becoming first fruitful. Bear that fruit anyway.

From Message #613 – The Bikoreem
Scripture: Col. 1:10

Today’s Mission – Look for opportunities today to be first fruitful for the Lord. Don’t react but act upon. Don’t wait for the good, shine the good.

Saved For Joy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

According to Exodus 5:1, God brought the Hebrews out of Egypt to hold a feast for Him. In Hebrew “chag”, “feast” means to be giddy or joyful. If you’re saved by Messiah, it’s a Passover salvation through the Lamb as well. The reason we’re saved is to glorify God and have joy. God brought you out of the old life so you could bless Him and be joyous. It never says be miserable in the Lord. It says “rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice!” God didn’t go through coming to earth, suffering, dying and overcoming death so that you would be miserable, depressed, live in compromise or failure and be down. God saved you with a Passover salvation so you would be celebrating His presence, rejoicing, praising, glorifying Him and being exceedingly glad in Him. That’s the power of the Passover Lamb, of Messiah in your life, to live joyously. You can overcome all gloom, all sorrow, all despair, all depression to rejoice in Him. He’s given you the power. So rejoice, be exceedingly glad, for God has done it. You have been saved for joy.

From Message #611 & 612 – The Passover Kid
Scripture: Ps. 28:7

Today’s Mission – Celebrate His presence today. Rejoice in the Lord today at all times and in all things.

Seeing With The Eyes Of Hebrews

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In the book of Hebrews, the author quotes from the Scripture, but doesn’t say who it’s from; Moses, Jeremiah or whoever wrote it. He just attributes it all to God. Because it wasn’t from those people. It was through them from God. Everything is from God. We need to learn this secret that can change our life. Stop looking at circumstances, people, problems or blessings. Start looking at God and realize that He’s behind it all. If you love the Lord and are in His will, then all things are being worked out by God for good. God’s not using our problem with evil intent, but for good. So if a problem is from God’s will, then it’s not really a problem. All blessings also come from God. Did someone encourage you, reach out to you or love you in the Lord? Take it as God encouraging, reaching out, loving you and working all things for your good. In the end, that’s exactly what it’s going to turn out to be. So receive all things and do all things in love and in blessing back to God, for His glory.

From Message #610 – The Book of Hebrews
Scripture: Rom. 8:28

Today’s Mission – Look at all the circumstances in your life today as God working it out for your good.

The City And The Dead

Monday, January 23, 2017

In Israel, you’ll notice that graves are outside the city. The dead were placed outside the camp in the wilderness and outside the cities in the promised land. In Mark 5, you read about the demoniac; the man who was possessed. He hung out by the graves, the dead and the unclean. But when God delivered him, he moved away from the graves to the living. Before you knew the Lord, you hung out with the dead, lived in dead places, handled dead things, talked and thought about dead things. But once you’re saved, you have to leave the dead things and get into life. One of the signs of being saved is that you can distinguish between the living and the dead. When you get saved, you leave dead things. So if you’re saved, stop handling dead things. Gossip, old sin, old indulgences, old lust, envy, addiction, idolatry, selfishness are all dead. You’re not dead. You’re a child of God and alive. So put away that dead habit, whatever it is. Because God has called you out of the tomb and into the land of the living, into life.

From Message #609 – Moses is Dead
Scripture: 1 John 2:15-17

Today’s Mission – Put away any dead habit today and declare that you are alive in Messiah.

Caterpillar Lipstick

Friday, January 20, 2017

Imagine a caterpillar that spends its life trying to be the prettiest most popular caterpillar around, or trying to be the most successful by gaining money and caterpillar riches? The point of the caterpillar’s existence isn’t to become beautiful, popular or successful as a caterpillar. It’s to die as a caterpillar and be born as a butterfly. So with us. You’re not on this planet to look the prettiest, become the most popular, successful or wealthy. This whole life is a caterpillar life. You’re here to exchange it for a butterfly’s life; to die to the old life, so that you can live the greater life. That means letting go of this caterpillar life, dying to self, the flesh, to ego, dying to the caterpillar life, giving instead of taking, letting go, decreasing. Don’t lose sight of why you’re here. This is what it’s all about. Don’t get caught up in caterpillar stuff. Look b eyond, press beyond, let go of that caterpillar life. Enter the realm of the butterfly so that you can become that beautiful, heavenly creature that God calls you to become in Messiah.

From Message #608 – The Butterfly’s Child
Scripture: Col. 3:2

Today’s Mission – Ask the Lord to show you an area of your life that you need to die to. Let Him transform you

The Wise Old Ant Leaders

Thursday, January 19, 2017

In an ant colony, the work is initiated by servant leaders who lead by example so the younger ants imitate them. By the time a worker reaches the age of five or six, it’s considered to be a wise servant leader. The greatest of them is the servant of all. Proverbs 6 says “go to the ant and learn.” This can change your life. Do you want your spouse, your children, your employees, your congregation, your pastors, or your other brothers and sisters in the Lord to change? Well, go to the ants. They want the younger ones to do a lot. So they are examples, that’s the secret. How about you? Do you want others to change, to be more loving, more spiritual? Then you be more loving and spiritual. Parents, do you want your children to be godly? Set your heart on being godly. Ministers, do you want your congregants to be more like apostles? You be more like Messiah. Be more like wh atever you want from others. Become that person first. Because it all starts when we start learning how to be as wise as an ant.

From Message #535 – Go to the Ant
Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

Today’s Mission – Set today to be an example of Messiah to all those around you.

Life In The Sun

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The sun is far out in space; yet its rays of light touch us. Energy that comes from the sun goes into our skin and becomes vitamins. We get energy from our food, the plants and animals that grow from the sun. It’s all stored sunlight. We move, think, eat, worship, and repent by sunlight. It’s amazing. We live on sunlight in one way or another. Messiah is the light of the world. Malachi 4:2 refers to Messiah as a sunrise rising. Messiah is the sunrise. Even though He’s in heaven, He actually touches us. His light touches you and so from Messiah’s light we’re to find energy. His radiance is to change us and transform us. We’re to move, walk and be filled by His light. It’s not just something nice to look at and see. He’s the awesome one who is to transform every part of your life. Get your whole life into His light, every part of it. Not only will it be lit up, but it wi ll be energized. Because He is the giver of sunlight that moves and changes our life.

From Message #606 – The Divine Good Morning
Scripture: James 1:17

Today’s Mission – Dwell in the presence of the Lord today, in the Sunlight. Let His radiance touch your heart – and in the energy of His love, move forward to victory.

Night, Day, The Universe And You

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Hebrew holy days hold a mystery that has to do with your life. Passover, Yom Kippur, The Feast of Trumpets, Sabbath, and every holy day begins at night, at sundown. Every Hebrew day begins at sundown. When you look at the creation, notice what comes first; not day, but night. In our lives, night comes first; then Messiah comes as the rising sun, as the dawn, and we’re born again. A mystery that goes all the way back to the beginning that we need to move away from the darkness of night, let go of the old life and move to the light of His Word, of His presence. It’s the story of the entire universe. Messiah died as the sun was going down. He’s the light of the world that went down that we might say goodbye to the old and rise to the new. So learn from the creation itself. You were from the night, but you’re not any longer. Let go of the darkness and move to the dawn in Messiah. Because in Messiah, the sun has risen and it’s a new day.

From Message #605 – The Divine Good Night
Scripture: John 8:12

Today’s Mission – Move away from any darkness in your life today and press forward. Step into His light.

To Go Before Kings

Friday, January 13, 2017

Scripture often shows God’s people appearing before kings and rulers; Moses before Pharaoh, David before Goliath, Esther before King Ahasuerus, Peter before the Sanhedrin and Paul going to Caesar. God’s people are called to walk into throne rooms, approach kings, generals and powerful mighty men. Ephesians says, “We war not against flesh and blood but against rulers and against principalities.” Rulers in the Greek is arche which means high ranking. Messiah said that all authority was given Him; therefore, we’re to go in the authority of the great commission. Authority in the Greek is exousia which means all ability, force, capacity, competency, mastery, jurisdiction, liberty, power and strength has been given to you. You can go before kings because now you have greater authority than that of kings. If you’re in Him and His will, you can do anything according to His will. So live strong, confidently, powerfully, and authoritatively. Overcome that sin, bondage and hindrance, whatever it is. In Messiah you have the power to stand before kings.

From Message #603 – Approaching Ahasuerus
Scripture: Rom. 8:31

Today’s Mission – Today take authority over that hindrance, that obstacle, or that ungodly thing in your life, and overcome in Messiah’s power.

Lots For The Promised Land

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Joshua 14:1-2 says the promised land was apportioned to each one by the lot of their inheritance. Joshua 18 describes Joshua casting the lots. Lots were used on the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur. The Feast of Purim means the feast of lots. Lots are a picture of something happening by chance, as with the rolling of dice. Sometimes the way things happen in the world and in your life seems like it’s just happening by chance and you don’t see God’s purpose moving ahead. Remember the lots of the promised land. It was through the casting of lots they received their inheritance. If you’re following God, everything in your life, even things that look like they don’t make any sense, will be moving and working together in God to bring about God’s promises in your life. You don’t have to understand everything. Just keep moving forward, loving God, being faithful and know tha t everything in your life, even like the casting of lots, in God’s love, as you follow, He will lead you to your inheritance as a child of God in the land of milk and honey.

From Message #602 – The Purim
Scripture: Thess. 5:18

Today’s Mission – Move forward today and give thanks for all the events, circumstances, and things in your life being orchestrated by God.

You Can’t Go Overboard Enough

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Peter saw the Lord from the boat and went overboard, literally. He was perfectly in God’s will, stepping out in faith with his eyes on the Lord. Often, when you’re about to step out in faith for God, friends and family say, “you’re going overboard.” But are you? You can go overboard for what you think is God’s will but it isn’t, for a doctrinal bandwagon, an idea, a movement, or a cause; but you can never go overboard enough for God. Rather, it’s when we put things or idols above God and our passion isn’t on Him first that we’re overboard. God by definition is the One you go all out for. People go crazy at rock concerts, jump up and down at sporting events, and the world thinks it’s fine, but start going crazy for God and they think you’re going overboard. Scripture says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.” In other words, go crazy f or God. Step out of the boat and go all out. Because in God, the only way to go overboard, is to not go overboard enough.

From Message #601 – The Balance of Balance
Scripture: 1 Thess. 2:4

Today’s Mission – Step out in faith today, step out of your routine – into the new – and follow the Lord’s leading. Go all out for Him.

The Well-Insulated Heart

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Have you ever experienced heat loss in your home through an opening, a crack around a doorway or window? You can feel heat escaping and cold coming in. A house that has openings, or doesn’t have enough insulation will always be subject to whatever’s outside. Luke 2:19 and 2:51 say, “Miriam (Mary) treasured these things in her heart.” She was a deep person, keeping the things of the Lord as treasures in her heart. We must do the same to have a strong inner life. Like a well insulated house, cultivate a strong sense of the Word in your life and heart, as treasures inside you. With no devotional or inner life, you’ll be like a house with no insulation. When it’s bad, cold, or tough outside, you’ll be depressed, sorrowful, and up and down with the world. But if you keep a strong inner life, an insulated heart, inner treasures, inner relationship with God, when the storms o f life come and the cold winds of life blow in your direction, it’s not going to touch your heart, your peace, your faith or your joy. Because you have a well insulated heart.

From Message #600 – A Heart of Miracles
Scripture: Ps. 62:1

Today’s Mission – Hide His treasure in your heart today by memorizing a verse from the Bible – and treasuring it there.

The Pantheism Of Rice Krispies

Monday, January 9, 2017

Pantheism is the belief that god is in everything; the trees, the clouds, the animals, the wind, everything. Truly God’s Spirit is real today and still moves. But we need to be grounded in His Word. There are believers that get into looking for God’s revelation in anything and everything; a license plate, a cloud formation, the letters of their alphabet soup or the snap crackle pop of their Rice Krispies. Don’t get me wrong, God can speak through anything, even a sign on the wall. But be careful, because when you start seeing God’s will and hearing God’s voice in everything and anything, you run the risk of falling into pantheism. God primarily speaks through His eternal Word, the Bible. He’ll use His Word to talk to you. God can and will speak to you in different ways. But first and foremost be grounded in the Word. And through that, you will know and hear the voice of G od. Messiah said, “My sheep hear My voice.” In other words, be led first and foremost by His direct leading from the Word, and not from a bowl of Rice Krispies.

From Message #599 – That’s the Spirit
Scripture: Heb. 13:9

Today’s Mission – Search the Scriptures today for the answers to your questions.

Talking To God’s Answering Machine

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Have you ever talked to someone’s answering machine and in the middle of your conversation with their machine, they suddenly pick up and say, “hello?” Sometimes leaving a message feels easier than actually engaging in a conversation because it doesn’t require much of your heart. It’s the same with God. Some people would rather talk to God’s voicemail than to God. To a lot of people, prayer is kind of a routine, a ritual; you just say the words and it counts. What if you’re leaving your prayer message and God actually interrupted and started speaking with you? Many believers would be shocked because it’s easier to leave your message than actually engage with God. But God doesn’t want you to leave messages in heaven; He wants you to have Him live. He wants you to be open to hear from Him at any moment, relate to Him, answer Him, and engage with Him. Stop leaving messages on His heavenly voicemail. Start relating to Him live. God is alive and He doesn’t want to deal with recordings.

From Message #594 – The Lion’s Trail
Scripture: Jer. 33:3

Today’s Mission – Set aside time today not only to talk to God in prayer…. but to listen to Him.

The Passover Lamb New Year’s Connection

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Here in the West, the New Year begins in January. But the Biblical New Year came in the spring Hebrew month of Nisan. Nisan means “the beginning.” Nisan was the month of Passover; redemption from Egyptian slavery and bondage, and the rebirth of the nation to God, all by the blood of the Lamb. Nisan is also the month of Messiah’s redemption. It’s the month of His death and Resurrection; of His Passover, when the Lamb of God died to make all things new. That’s the New Year – that’s Nisan – the Beginning. The power of new years and new beginnings doesn’t come from a calendar. It comes from the Lamb. Do you want a new beginning and the power of newness to fill your life? Then come back to the cleansing mercy of the Nisan Lamb; your first Love. Come as you did when you first came to the Lord and be made new. For renewal, new days, new walks, new lives, new hearts, and even new years only come by the power of the Lamb.

From Message #1098 – The Lamb of New Beginnings
Scripture: Col. 3:9-10

Today’s Mission – Spend special

The Only True New Year

Monday, January 2, 2017

We come to the beginning of a New Year. But what’s new about a New Year? It’s just another day and the date of January 1 is arbitrary. So what makes it new? Nothing. The only thing that makes New Years new, or for that matter any month, week, or day new is the power of God. For God is the one who, in revelation says: “I am making all things new…” Only God has the power of newness and new beginnings. It’s not the morning that makes things new but His mercies which are new every morning. Do you want this to be a truly new year? Then don’t expect it to be new simply because it’s called a new year. If you want it to be a new year then resolve to walk in the power of the Lord’s newness. For those who are led by the Spirit, are given the power to walk in the newness of life. Commit yourself to walk in the Spirit and power of His newness, and you’ll have a truly new year and a year of newness.

From Message #1079 – The Secret of New Beginnings
Scripture: Eph. 4:22-24

Today’s Mission – Make a commitment to walk this year in the newness of God’s Spirit.

Choosing Your Shannah

Friday, December 30, 2016

In Hebrew, Shannah means year. It’s also the root of the word second – as in second time or a repeat of the year before. We often live our lives just this way, continuing to repeat the same mistakes, the same habits, doing the things we know we shouldn’t, not making the changes we know we should. We don’t go anywhere. It’s just a Shannah – a repetition of what went before. The word Shannah can also mean, ‘new’ or ‘second chance.’ Each year is given to us as an opportunity for a new beginning, to not make the same mistakes, continue the same habits and make the changes we know we should. It’s up to you to choose which one it will be, a repeat or a second chance for something new. In the power of God he wants this coming Shannah to be something new and different. It’s given to you as something brand-new for overcoming and for victory. In the new birth, all things will becom e new for you, but you need courage to break out of the repetition and into the newness of life.

From Message #433 – The Shannah
Scripture: Rom. 6:4

Today’s Mission – Be courageous today and choose newness of life. Leave behind old habits and walk in the power of God.

First Words Of The New Covenant

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The first words of the New Covenant that Messiah gave His disciples after His resurrection was, “Peace be unto you.” But Messiah didn’t speak English, so what He said in Hebrew is “Shalom aleichem.” Shalom doesn’t just mean peace. It means fullness, well being, completion, wholeness, perfection, blessing, prosperity, and healing. The Old Covenant was based on trying to get there, trying to live up to the Law, trying to measure up, trying to get to the place God wants you to be, longing for the day of Messiah’s coming. But the New Covenant is based on Shalom. In other words, it’s here. It’s come. It’s finished. You’ve arrived. You can stop striving. You can rest, be well, whole, healed, fulfilled and blessed. Messiah began by saying, “Shalom be to you.” The first thing in the New Covenant is “Shalom.” Not just Shalom, but Shalom to you. But you have to receive it and come into the blessings of the new. Receive and experience all Messiah has for you, peace and blessing in Him. It’s as simple as two words. Shalom Aleichem.

From Message #439 – Children Of The Prophets
Scripture: John 20:19

Today’s Mission – Today, receive the Peace from Messiah that He has promised you and blessed you with.

The Age Of Epiphanes

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Chanukah story tells of Antiochus Epiphanes, a shadow of the antichrist, who defiled God’s Temple. Epiphanes means, “God manifest.” 2 Thes. 4 speaks of the antichrist who will exalt himself over everything, setting himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming to be God. When man seeks to get rid of God, he makes himself god. When any government denies God, it becomes its own god. This same spirit fills New Age teachings. Even as believers, we can fall into the Epiphanes Syndrome. When our concern above everything is ourselves, as if we’re the most important thing, more concerned about our reputation than God’s, seeking praise instead of giving it, we’re falling into the Epiphanes Syndrome. But if you empty yourself of the Epiphanes Syndrome, in true humility and selflessness, then the true God will manifest Himself in your life. Those who empty themselves of self, their li fe will become a Holy of Holies filled with the presence of God. Stop trying to be God Manifest and your life will be filled with the Manifestation of God.

From Message #806 – The Chanukah End Time Revelation
Scripture: Phil. 2:3

Today’s Mission – Empty yourself of selfish thoughts today. Make your focus on serving God and others.

Collaborating With Your Enemy

Monday, December 26, 2016

The story of Chanukah is about the takeover of Israel and the Temple by a foreign power. But that’s not the whole story. Long before the nation was taken over and the Temple defiled, there were those of Israel who began imitating the ways of the gentiles, brought in the foreigners, and collaborated with the enemy. The enemy wouldn’t have gotten into the Temple if it weren’t for those who opened the doors and led them in. The desecration of the Temple happened because the high priest guided the enemy into the Holy Place. The real enemy of our souls cannot have a victory over God’s people unless we let him. The enemy cannot stop you, defile you, plunder you, or oppress you unless you let him. Don’t let him. Every time you give into sin, you’re collaborating with and aiding the enemy of your soul to wage war against your soul. In God, you’re on the winning side and you can’t help but win unless you allow the enemy to win. Stop giving into sin. Why should you aid your enemy? Instead, aid your Friend and you’ll win.

From Message #1007 – The Collaborators: Aiding The Enemy
Scripture: Psalm. 139:23-24

Today’s Mission – Search your heart and see if there’s anywhere you’ve been agreeing with the enemy. Choose to agree with God today and throw the enemy out.

The Bethlehem Goel

Friday, December 23, 2016

The ancient law of the goel said, ‘If a man died without having an heir, his nearest relative would marry his widow and have a child who would carry on his line, redeeming the barren house. Scripture shows this in the line of Judah with Tamar and centuries later with Boaz and Ruth who had Obed, who fathered Jesse, who fathered David. Later, we come to Miryam; Mary who was born of the line of the Goel intervention. She gives birth in Bethlehem – the same place the Goel redemption happened to Ruth. The birth of Messiah is the ultimate Goel redemption. Adam’s line had fallen because of sin. We were barren and couldn’t produce life; we were headed to death. So God Himself intervened that we might be redeemed and bear fruit. That’s what God does for you. He sees your barrenness, comes and puts His life within your heart and your life miraculously bears His fruit. Receive His life, love, and His Spirit and bear His fruit. Your life will be redeemed and fruitful for God Himself is your Goel.

From Message #1010 – The Goel Redemption
Scripture: Job 19:25

Today’s Mission – Share your fruitfulness with others today by being kind and compassionately sharing your Redeemer.

The Other Side of the Gift

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Isaiah 9:6-7 is a Messianic prophecy, “Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given.” First, “a child is born” in the natural. But second, “a Son is given”. Given means existed before; came from somewhere else, given by someone else. Messiah didn’t become a son. He always was and was given. His life was a gift given to us. First for the Jewish people and second to everyone else. The life of Messiah, ‘a gift’ can’t just be known about, but must be received or rejected. This is the issue of salvation. As many as received him, they became children of God. The key aspect of Messiah’s life on earth is summed up in these words, ‘Gift’ and ‘Given.’ So the key characteristic of your life must be that you have received that gift. Signs of a life that has received a gift, is a life of gratitude; a life of thankfulness; a joyful and blessed life. Is that you? Live a life of grate fulness and grace. For unto you a Son is given that you might live a life of blessing, thanksgiving and joy unto Him.

From Message #940 – Power of the Gift
Scripture: Col. 3:15

Today’s Mission – The gift of Messiah grows when you share Him with others. Show your gratitude by sharing Messiah today.

The Cheesemaker

Friday, December 16, 2016

Years ago a young man started a small cheese business. He was failing and deep in debt. A friend counseled him, “You need to give God your business.” The young man thought… well if God wants to run a cheese business He can do it. He’ll be the senior partner and I’ll work for Him. From that moment on, the business grew and prospered and became the largest cheese business in the world. The man was J.L. Kraft, President of the Kraft cheese company. So it is in all things in life. You need a senior partner to shoulder all your burdens, to relieve you of your worries and anxieties, to guide and bless you and lighten your load. God’s got the whole world in His hands so give Him your life in every part. Make Him the senior partner of your ministry, career, business, family, and everything you have and own. Then everything you have and own will be blessed. In the business of l ife, the only way to really profit is to make God your senior partner.

From Message #524 – Trust in the Lord
Scripture: Col. 1:18

Today’s Mission – Seek God’s counsel on every decision you make today, making Him the senior partner of your day and the rest of your life.

Messiah And Buddha

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Buddhism is named after its founder. But Buddha’s real name was Siddhartha, a wealthy Indian nobleman, who found himself dissatisfied with life. He sought fulfillment in sensuality, and then self-denial. One day he claimed to discover that neither was the real answer but something in the middle; the middle path, thus Buddhism. Buddha means the enlightened one. His followers refer to most religious leaders and founders as enlightened ones, Buddha’s people who have seen the light. But Messiah Yeshua did not come as a Buddha. He’s not an enlightened one. He’s the Light and that’s a big difference. He doesn’t seek for light; He gives us light. His whole life is light. That means that Buddha is not a real Buddhist. Because only those who truly know the Light of Messiah can be truly enlightened. It’s a high honor knowing Messiah, the Light. You can never know him enough. Spend time in His presence, because He’s the True Light. The more you know Him, the more truly enlightened you become. And that’s better than Buddha.

From Message #1146 – Secrets of the Light
Scripture: Eph. 1:18

Today’s Mission – Spend time in the light of Messiah’s presence today. Let His light dispel all darkness and enlighten you.

The Experiences Of Israel

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When leaving Israel after our tours, people are often sad because there are so many experiences that spoke to them coming to an end. In life, most people live for experiences, even believers. They talk about experiences in the Lord, experiences in His Spirit, and that’s great, but the difference between experiences in the Lord Himself is, it’s not the end. The experience is not the destination. Don’t make the experiences of the Lord your aim, but the Lord of the experiences. It’s not about how great the service was, because the services aren’t the point, the Lord is the point. Pilgrimages to Israel end, so do services and songs. But the Lord of the pilgrimage, the Lord of the song, He doesn’t. Take His beauty from Galilee, His love from Gethsemane and the price of His love from Calvary. It’s great that you have experiences of the Lord, but go deeper. Get beyond the experi ence of the Lord… to the Lord of the experience… Because when every experience has faded away – the Lord will still be there,

From Message #454 – A Tour Of The Promised Land
Scripture: 1 Peter 2: 24-25

Today’s Mission – Walk with Him, talk with Him and share with Him all of your experiences today.

The Jordan And The Galilee

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Jordan, Israel’s greatest river begins in the northern mountains. The Jordan – Ha Yarden in Hebrew means: The descender, because it continually flows down. It flows from the mountain heights, into the Sea of Galilee and then continues out the other side. It’s a profound picture of divine heavenly life. Messiah is The Descender; Ha Yarden. He’s the One who comes down from the heights to give His life for us. We, like the Sea of Galilee, have to receive Him in order to become alive. You have to receive His life, not just once, but continuously, the living waters flowing into you everyday. But it’s only completed when the Galilee gives of the water that it receives from the Jordan. So in the same way, when you receive God’s love and forgiveness, then give love and forgiveness. You’ve been blessed and touched, so bless and touch. That’s true life, Messiah flowing into us and out from us. It’s amazing. Let “The Descender” – the Jordan flow through you and you will be as blessed as the Sea of Galilee.

From Message #451 – The Waters Of Zion
Scripture: John 7:38

Today’s Mission – Allow the love of Messiah to flow through you by blessing or helping someone in need today.

Eleazar The Beggar

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lazarus is the only biblical parable character that’s given a name. Lazarus in Hebrew is Eleazar, from two Hebrew words; El meaning God and azar meaning helps. God helps, that’s His nature. As God’s people, we have to be compassionate and help others as well. There’s a hidden mystery in this parable. Another way you can look at it. Messiah said “When you help the poor, feed, clothe and bless them, you’re helping Me.” You’re “helping God” = Eleazar. The rich man doesn’t have a name because God wants us to put our name there, to identify with the one who doesn’t feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or bless others. For us who live in the West, we’re very much the rich man. We have far more than most of the world. Lazarus went to heaven and the rich man went to hell. God wants you to put yourself in the shoes of the rich man, to teach you to open the gates of your life and hea rt, and help the poor who are lying right outside your gates, the poor of this world. Because their name is Lazarus.

From Message #438 – The Rich Man and Lazarus
Scripture: Matt. 25:35-40

Today’s Mission – Ask the Lord to show you how you can help others and be the hands and feet of Messiah today. Then follow through with what He shows you.

The Reality Of Beautiful

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ephesians 5:26-27 says, “That He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word, that He might present to Himself the church in all of her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.” The ancient Jewish marriage and even today in the orthodox marriage, the bride before coming to the bridegroom has to go into the waters of a mikvah; a ceremonial bath to become clean and beautiful for the groom. The bride of Messiah is to be presented cleansed, without stain, without blemish. She has to prepare herself to become holy. We’re here to become beautiful for Him. To have the beauty, love, goodness, and holiness that God wants to see us with. It starts with cleansing and washing of our sins. Make the focus of your remaining time on earth not to be rich, powerful or comfortable, but to become truly spi ritually beautiful, cleansed, washed, spotless, and adorned in the eyes of the Bridegroom. Because God wants you to become gorgeous.

From Message #521 – The Days of Beautification
Scripture: Isa. 62:5

Today’s Mission – Use every situation you encounter today as an opportunity to become more beautiful for the Lord.


The Miserableness Of Evil

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hitler, one of the most powerful men in the world; had no peace or joy. He was a miserable, wretched man. Stalin had everything and was paranoid and angry. Proverbs 12:21 says, “No evil shall befall the righteous, but the wicked will be filled with evil.” That word evil can also mean adversity, affliction, calamity, distress, grief, misery, sorrow and trouble. That’s the nature of evil. Sin might have its moment, but it will always end up making you miserable and wretched. Movies sometimes show evil people laughing maniacally. But evil and joy ultimately don’t go together. In Hebrew, one of the words for blessing and joyfulness is a way of saying righteous. Righteousness and joy ultimately go together. God’s people are to rejoice always. Why? Because only God’s people can rejoice. Turn away from evil and temptation. See it for what it is, a rip-off that takes away your joy. Pursue righteousness and godliness. The way of evil is for the miserable. But the way of righteousness is the way of joy.

From Message #593 – The Way Of The Fool
Scripture: Isa. 61:10

Today’s Mission – Walk in His righteousness today – turn away from all evil, temptation and sin, and do so in joy, because of joy, and for joy.

The Miracle Of Multiplication

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving holds the secret of performing miracles, particularly that of multiplying bread. Look at how Messiah multiplied bread. He took a meager, inadequate amount, gave thanks to God and then it miraculously multiplied. When you need more, stop complaining and focusing on the need and being miserable. Give thanks for the little inadequate things. When you give thanks, you receive the power of the miracle of multiplication. Giving thanks multiplies the blessings of life and performs the miracle of taking away hunger and bringing fulfillment. It transforms that which is not enough into that which is more than enough. Do you want to be happy and full, to have a life of abundance? Stop looking at what isn’t there; lift up what is and give thanks. Give thanks for all the things you haven’t thanked God for. You’ll find yourself performing miracles. A life of unhappiness wi ll be transformed into a life of joy. And the little things you thank God for, will be miraculously multiplied into blessing upon blessing. So learn how to become a miracle worker and start multiplying that bread.

From Message #1422 – Messiah’s Course in Miracles
Scripture: Ps. 97:12

Today’s Mission – Make a list of things that you haven’t been thankful for and give the Lord thanks today…. for all your many blessings.

Following Your Own Command

Monday, November 21, 2016

Some husbands quote “Wives be subject to your husbands.” While some wives quote to their husbands “Husbands love your wives.” Both are true and right. But notice that the scripture to wives begins with the wife, and the scripture to husbands begins with the husband. When you focus on what the other person should do, it doesn’t work. But when you focus on what you should do, it fosters an atmosphere of giving and not getting. Spouses are far more likely to love and respect spouses who love and respect them. This is true with everything. When you focus on your needs or what people owe you, you’ll be miserable. But when you focus on what you can give, an atmosphere of giving, blessing, freedom and love is fostered. Forget about what you want and what you think you need from others, and bless. Be free and bless, and see what happens. Because God never commanded you to be lov ed, served or blessed by others. He commanded you to love, serve and bless others. Do this, and all these other things will be added to you.

From Message #590 – Gentle Men
Scripture: Matt. 6:33

Today’s Mission – Take your expectations off of others meeting your needs today. Focus on serving and loving others and trust God to take care of the rest.

The Book Of God’s Oracles

Thursday, November 17, 2016

In the ancient world, people would travel across lands, oceans and seas to get oracles from those who were supposed to speak for the gods. Even kings were awed by them, wanting counsel from the divine. Romans 3 says, “What advantage has the Jew? … to them were committed the oracles of God.” They were entrusted with the true oracles of God, the Word of God, the Bible. You too have been entrusted with the oracles of God if you have a Bible. The Word of God isn’t just a book. It’s supernatural, from heaven, and it’s yours. People spend fortunes on psychics to get some supernatural counseling, getting nothing that’s going to help their lives. But you have supernatural counsel for your life, direct from heaven. Counsel for everything in your life from the God of the universe, worth more than money can buy. What are you doing with it? Don’t let it sit there unopened, wasting such a treasure. Open the Bible today and receive a word from the Living God. Don’t lose the treasure entrusted to you. It’s for real. You’ve got the oracles!

From Message #588 – Prophets of Lies
Scripture: John 14:6

Today’s Mission – You have the very words of God at your fingertips. Ask Him to make His Word come alive to you and live in its power.

Messiah Doesn’t Follow

Friday, July 8, 2016

In John 3, Nicodemus says, “Rabbi, we know you are from God.” Messiah responds, “I tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he can’t see the kingdom of God.” His answer didn’t follow, as if He wasn’t listening. Messiah didn’t always respond to every question, demand, compliment or curse. His interest was in Nicodemus, not Himself. He told him what he needed to hear. Messiah had a mission and that’s what He was responding to. He didn’t react to the world, He acted upon it. He knew His purpose and He did it. You can’t live your life reacting to everything, rushing to every demand, answering every question, defending yourself against every charge or taking seriously all the compliments or rejections. You aren’t called to mirror the world, you’re called to be a light to the world, to be like Messiah. Light doesn’t react, it acts upon. So stop reacting and start actin g upon. Know your calling, your mission and fulfill it. Don’t follow the world, lead it. Remember, what Messiah does. He doesn’t follow, neither do you. You follow Him, but you don’t follow the world.

From Message #461 – Be Ye Imperfect I
Scripture: 3 John 1:11

Today’s Mission – No matter what the world tries to throw at you today, don’t react to it. But act upon it with the light and love of Messiah.

The Sleeping Husband

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ruth goes down to the threshing floor and waits for Boaz to fall asleep. She then lays down at his feet. Boaz wakes up to “behold a woman!” The same thing happened when Adam was sleeping, “Behold the woman!” With Boaz and Adam, this happened before they got married. But with most men, it’s after they’re married. Boaz was sleeping and didn’t notice her. Husbands often fall asleep to their wives, getting used to them, taking them for granted, forgetting to behold the wonder of the other person, getting wrapped up in media or careers or a million other things. Learn from Boaz, it’s time to wake up. This isn’t just for husbands. We all tend to take for granted the people who are closest and most precious to us. You only have a limited time to love them. Wake up to the treasures God has given you, behold them. Husbands, it’s time for you to see the gift you were given to love and cherish. It’s time for you to wake up, look at that person who’s been with you all this time and say, Behold, a woman!

From Message #460 – Uncovering His Feet Scripture: Ruth 3:1-9

Today’s Mission – Take time today to show your appreciation for those around you and those closest in your life. Do something special to bless them

The Blossoms Of Your Valley

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Song of Solomon 6:11 says, “I went down into the garden… to see the blossoms of the valley.” Believers often tell you they’re in a valley and they’re unhappy about it. The valley is a low place. It can be hard times, times of sorrow, loss, weakness and not feeling God. But in Song of Solomon, it’s not a sad thing, it’s a beautiful thing. The valley can be a place of fruitfulness, one of the most fertile places, where the rain and waters flow. So in your life, the low times are often the most potentially fertile, the most potentially fruitful, and the most beautiful. Generally hard times produces the greatest change, repentance or decisions for God. Most believers came to the Lord in the valley. So why do we despise it, if so much more growth, repentance and joy will come from the valley? Don’t despise your valley. Go down, see the blossoms, the vine and the pomegranate. Look for the good fruit God wants to bring forth. In every hard time, you will find what God has being waiting for you, blossoms of the valley.

From Message #457 – Song of the Resurrection
Scripture: Ps. 31:14-15

Today’s Mission – Remember that all your times are in His hands. Ask the Lord to show you the blossoms in your valley. And thank Him for them.

When Harvard Was Christian

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Harvard College was founded in 1638 by Puritans for training missionaries for the Gospel. Up to the 1700’s, over half its graduates went into ministry. But by the mid-19th century, the last embers of spirituality were quickly disappearing. Yale University was founded in 1701 and from its beginning, taught students, “The Bible is the Word of God.” A group from the university travelled the country preaching salvation. But like Harvard, Yale’s evangelical stand soon disappeared. These universities were founded for the glory of God and yet, they ended up completely lost in all sorts of other purposes, except the one they came into existence for. It happens all the time, not just to universities, but also to believers. Maybe you started out pure, focused and full of zeal for the Lord, but got distracted, sidetracked, caught up in money, success, ministry or a thousand other th ings and forgot the very purpose for which you exist. Reconsecrate your heart, mind, soul, and strength to knowing and serving the Lord. Come back to your first call and don’t end up like Harvard.

From Message #981 – The City On The Hill
Scripture: Zech. 1:3

Today’s Mission – If you’ve gotten distracted from fulfilling your purpose in life, get back on track. Reconsecrate your purpose and your path to God.


The Gettysburg Confession

Monday, July 4, 2016

Gettysburg, an event in American history, occurred at about the same time as the fourth of July. It was the turning point of the Civil War. General Lee’s orders to charge across a large open field of grain as Union soldiers rained down bullets and canon fire upon them was perhaps the greatest disaster of the war. Thousands of men were killed or wounded. As the Confederate soldiers retreated, they heard General Lee saying, “It’s all my fault boys, it’s all my fault.” A poignant moment in history, but also a display of a kind of greatness. Greatness is, when you’ve made a mistake, being able to confess and repent. As God’s saints we still make mistakes, but we must confess and repent. You can’t grow if you don’t repent. You can’t repent if you won’t confess your sin. You can’t confess your sin without taking responsibility for your actions. You can’t change until you can say, “It was my fault. I was wrong.” That’s the beginning of repentance, change, growth and blessing. Learn from Robert E. Lee. Greatness in God begins with the words, “I was wrong.”

From Message #646 – The Power of Being Wrong Scripture: James 5:16

Today’s Mission – Is there something in your life that you need to take responsibility for, or admit wrongdoing? Today is the day to confess, repent and move on to greatnessTHE WITNESS FROM ARAD

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission, There are many who have charged that the Bible was written much later than the events of Scripture. They argue that in the days of the First Temple, the Jewish people were by and large not illiterate. The writing of the Bible, they argue, had to be supported by some degree of cultural literacy. Computers and Potsherds. Just recently, a series of new discoveries throw such arguments in doubt and support the early writing of the Bible. A team of investigators at the University of Tel Av studied several ancient pottery shards excavated from a seventh century B.C. fortress in Arad, a city in the Israeli desert. On the pottery shards is Hebrew text. They used spectral analysis to reveal letters that had faded away. Using computer algorithms linked to handwriting analysis and employed by intelligence agencies, th e first time such algorithmns were used on ancient Hebrew inscriptions, they were able to determine that the writing represented the work of at least six different people. The Results: The actual text concerned military issues, troop movements and expenses for provisions. The tone of the inscriptions indicated that the writers were not professional scribes. Further, the fortress was situated in a remote desert location. All of these things point to the fact that literacy at the time of the First Temple, was widespread among the Jewish people. This would all point to what believers have always maintained, that the Scriptures were overwhelmingly written in close proximity to the events they chronicle. The Stones Cry Out. This follows a long pattern in which critics argue against the authenticity of Scripture only to find their arguments disproved by the evidence of archaeology. Since the nineteenth century, archaeological finds have been continually holding the words of Scripture. For years critics have argued against the existence of King David and against his dynasty. That was until archaeology uncovered from the writings of foreign nations references to ‘the House of David.’ In only recent years, archaeologists have discovered what appears to be the very palace of King David. The New Testament records the actions of Caiaphas, the high priest at the time of Messiah. Only in relatively recent times did an ossuary, a burial box turn up engraved with the name ‘Joseph Caiaphas,’ the high priest. The Book of Jeremiah speaks of Baruch, son of Nereiah, Jeremiah’s scribe. Other than this mention in Scripture, there was no evidence that Baruch existed. Unlike ancient kings, he was otherwise an unknown person. Critics would argue that he never existed. That was until recently when a seal was discovered in Jerusalem, an ancient seal bearing the name “Baruch son of Nereiah.” And just in the last few months, the royal seal of King Hezekiah was revealed in Jerusalem. Conclu sion… The Word of God. The next time a report comes out in which a critic or so called ‘expert’ is attacking the Bible, it doesn’t mean anything. They’ve been doing it for years until proven otherwise. And they will keep doing so until the Lord comes. That’s part of the course. But as for you, it’s always good to hear; but we don’t need archaeology to tell us what our hearts already knows – the Bible is true, and “though the grass withers and the flowers fade,” the Word of our God abides forever. Get deeper into the Word this month. Apply it even more to your life and walk in its path. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-labore in His love and service, Jonathan

See Message: The Mystery of the Hidden Scrolls
Scripture: Isa. 40:8

The Messiah Sunset

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Messiah is called the sunrise in Luke. His rising makes all things new. But you can’t have a sunrise without a sunset. Sunrises are beautiful, but sunsets are equally beautiful and holy. When the light of the world goes down, it’s sunset and the old day is finished. You can’t go back to it, it’s done. So Messiah came as the light of the world. He went down to the earth as the sunset to give you not only a new beginning, but to make an end of everything that’s old. You can’t have one without the other. He’s the sunset. He gives you the power to say goodbye to the old life, the old world, the old sin and the old habits. Just as we rise in Messiah, we also have the power of the sunset, to die to the old life. So let the sun rise, but first let it set. Say goodbye to it, make an end of it, because you can only enter the new as much as you exit the old. Messiah can only be y our sunrise if He’s first your sunset.

From Message #456 – The Messiah’s Sabbath Scripture: Rev. 21:5

Today’s Mission – Let the sun of Messiah set on all that is old, your old life, your old hurts, your old regrets, and failures, everything. Then walk in the dawn of the newness of life.

The One Who Must Change

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We often have a hard time with change. We want other people to change their ways and attitude. We want our spouses, children, parents, ministers, and our friends to change. We want our situation, finances, job to change. The more things we want to change, the more frustrated we get when they don’t. The fact is that nothing has to change, but us. We think of ourselves as unchangeable. Only God’s unchangeable. He says, “I change not.” If we don’t change – we can’t grow, we die. Our salvation starts with change. Repentance, growing in maturity, putting away the old self, putting on the new – that’s change. Becoming a new creation, being born again is the only thing you have to make positive changes – not that your situation changes, but that you do. We have no control over anyone else’s change, just our own. Open your heart and mind today so you can change and become mo re like Him. Be a change for God, for God is the only one who changes not. That’s His job, to change not, and He shouldn’t. But your job is to change.

From Message #732 – More On The Other God
Scripture: Mal. 3:6

Today’s Mission – Today, make it your aim not to change your circumstances, but to change yourself. What change does God want? Start changing today.


The Two Seas

 Thursday, June 23, 2016

 In Israel there’s the sea of life and the sea of death. The Galilee is

alive. The Dead Sea is dead. The Galilee is always giving water. The Dead

Sea only receives water, but it doesn’t give anything. The one who gives is

alive but the one who only gets is dead. The sea of life is always flowing

into the Sea of Death; it never stops flowing. So is the heart of life. At

the heart of life you’re not limited by people who don’t give you love or

who are selfish, because you’re a person of life. The more you give, the

more alive you become and it doesn’t matter whether the people give back to

you or not. Love those who don’t love you. Bless those who don’t bless you.

Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you. Don’t let their

lack of love stop you from flowing in God’s blessings. Don’t be overcome by

evil. Overcome evil with good. Keep blessing, loving and givin g. Because

God called you to be like the ever flowing sea of life and not like the sea

of death. 

From Message #451 – The Waters Of Zion

Scripture: John 7:38

 Today’s Mission – Ask the Lord to be your source of living water today so

you can continually overflow to everyone around you.

Perishing The Old Man

Monday, June 27, 2016

In Psalm 83:17 David says, “Let the wicked perish.” It seems very harsh,

“let the wicked perish.” What about love your enemies? Where’s forgiveness

and compassion? The Bible says that the old self is corrupt, evil, wicked

and it should perish. The sooner it perishes, the better. So it’s a holy

thing to want the wicked to perish as long as we’re talking about ourselves.

We should all pray let the wicked perish, let the wicked old man perish, let

my old self perish as quickly as possible. Our old self was crucified with

Messiah, but it is still up to us to reckon it dead, perished. It starts

when we hate it with a holy hatred, not against people ever, but against sin

and the old self. Some sins never die until we get so fed up with them that

we actually hate them. The old self won’t either until we get so tired of it

that we actually hate it. David was right. We can say it about our own old

self, our old life; let the wicked perish starting with me.

From Message #453 – The Power Of Perishing

Scripture: Gal. 2:20

Today’s Mission – Pray and ask the Lord to show you an old behavior that

needs to be crucified today; then declare, “Let the wicked perish!”

 It’s Only This Darkness

Friday, June 24, 2016

Ephesians 6 speaks of our warfare against “this” present darkness. It would be much more natural if it said “the” darkness or against darkness. The key word is not darkness, but “this” darkness. “This” is a modifier. It means it’s a particular kind of darkness. It’s not everything, it’s not all, it’s just “this” darkness, a particular darkness. When you’re going through something, and it seems to engulf you, overwhelm you, like everything is dark, it’s not darkness, it’s “this” darkness, it’s only for now, it’s not the end of the story; it’s going to pass away. You’re going to pass through it. No matter what you’re going through, put a “this” in front of it. It’s not the end of the world, it’s “this” world. It means there’s a better one. It’s not the whole story, it’s just “this” story, which means there’s a better story. It’s not the whole situation, it’s “this” situa tion. What you’re going through isn’t the whole thing, it’s only “this,” and “this” will surely pass. Be strong and you’ll pass through it and always remember even the darkness is just only “this.”

From Message #452 – The Armor Of The Hero Scripture: Jn. 16:33

Today’s Mission – Today, ask the Lord to adjust your thoughts and actions to the fact that the darkness in your life is temporary.

Living In The Verb

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

In English, the noun usually comes first, but in Hebrew the verb comes first. In Genesis 22:3, the English reads, “Abraham rose early in the morning,” but in Hebrew “Early rose Abraham.” In English, “He took two of his youths and Isaac his son,” in Hebrew, “Took he two of his youths.” In English, “He split the wood for a burnt offering.” In Hebrew, “Split he the wood;” the action first, then the noun. Why? In America we tend to think our lives consist of things. But in Hebrew, life isn’t so much about nouns, it’s about the verb. It’s not about earthly things, it’s about moving in the Spirit. It’s not so much about what you own, but where you’re going. It’s not about your label or your status, but about what you’re doing with God. Don’t live after things. Don’t get wrapped up in or weighed down by things. Start moving in the divine verbs of God: loving, giving, hoping, b elieving, praising, worshiping, and overcoming. In English, split he the wood doesn’t make a good sentence, but in Hebrew it makes all the sense in the world.

From Message #449 – The Divine Sentence
Scripture: Rom. 8:12

Today’s Mission – Make it your aim to focus not on things today or anything you possess. Go through the day as someone who possesses nothing but God and is here on earth just to do the will of God.

The Cosmic Therapist

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some people go to therapy to solve their problems. In Acts 4 ,the apostles are put on trial for a man being healed. The Greek word used for healing is therapeuo. We get the word therapy from that word. The power of Messiah that healed that man has the power of therapy. In Messiah, we’re all in therapy. We have a Jewish doctor who doesn’t charge for sessions. Your whole life should be a life of healing, becoming whole and sound, more functional as the child of God that you’re meant to be. For that to happen, you need to spend time with your therapist, opening up your heart, your soul, your life, opening up your wounds, fears and need. Let your heavenly therapist have His way with you and make you whole. That’s His desire. Prayer time is therapy time. Do you want to become truly whole? Then spend more time with Him, because in Him is your healing. His name is Adonai Rapha – the Lord our Healer, Sar Shalom – the Prince of Peace. Messiah is your heavenly therapist and you just happen to be in therapy.

From Message #448 – Healed and in the Judgement Hall
Scripture: Ps. 16:11

Today’s Mission – Spend time with your therapist, the Lord your Healer, today. Share with Him, your secrets, your hurts, your burdens.

The Bridal Nightlight

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Song of Solomon says that the bride’s face is as fair as the moon. The beauty of the moon is that it reflects the radiance of the sun. It’s the first sign that the sun is still out there and it’s coming. It’s the light of the rising sun. As the bride, you need to have the beauty of the moon about you. Look beyond this world, beyond the darkness of this night. Look to the light of Messiah, particularly to the light of His rising. Live your life in the power of His rising, of the resurrection. Set your face beyond your situation and into the direction of His light, into the hope, the glory, the victory and the power of His rising. Live your life in the transforming power of the resurrection. That’s the moon reflecting the light of the sun. As you do that, you’re going to glow and be radiant with His light in any circumstance. Shine with His light and your life will beco me as beautiful as the light of the rising sun, radiating in the face of the moon.

From Message #445 – The Gospel Of The Moons
Scripture: Matt. 5:14

Today’s Mission – Let all who see you, see the Love of Christ within you.

The Redeemer In Disguise

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ruth is gleaning food in the fields as a foreigner and she stumbles onto the field of Boaz. They meet, but she has no idea that he’s going to be the redemption of her life. She doesn’t see her story as beautiful. Her redeemer is right there, but hidden from her heart. God already had the answer before she saw it. As for you, in your hardest and lowest times, the most beautiful things are happening. When you look back, you see that God already had the answer waiting for you. You didn’t see it, but it was right there. People are blessed with great testimonies. What makes these testimonies so beautiful is that when it seemed hopeless, God was right there. God’s beautiful flowers germinate in darkness; when you don’t feel anything. Bless Him anyway, because He’s there. Learn to start thanking God now before you see the answer. Rejoice that it’s there, and you’ll see it. In yo ur darkest times, the redeemer is waiting, Messiah in disguise, right there in your midst. He’s waiting for you to rejoice and give God the glory before you see it.

From Message #442 – Boaz
Scripture: Is. 41:14

Today’s Mission – Do you have a problem, a need, a want, an issue? Thank Him for the answer today before your answer appears.

The Equation Of Love

Thursday, June 16, 2016

In mathematics, one plus one equals two. But when Scripture speaks about love, one plus one equals one. In Genesis, the two become one flesh. Messiah said, “A man shall leave father and mother…and the two shall be one flesh.” Messiah and the Church, the two shall be one. It doesn’t make sense; it’s not logical that one plus one equals one. But love isn’t logical. Saying that someone gave you no reason to love them, they’re unloving. That doesn’t matter. Stop looking for a reason to love. Love is not rational, or reasonable, according to our laws and understanding. Love doesn’t need a reason. Love gives a reason because God is love and He loved us when we gave Him no reason. So those people who give you no reason to love, love them anyway. That’s how God loves you. One plus one is supposed to equal two, but the nature of God’s love defies our laws. One plus one equals one. Love is not logical. It involves the miracle of transcending yourself. Just love and bless them anyway. It’s as logical as one plus one equals one.

From Message #441 – The Two Shall Be One
Scripture: Matt. 22:37-39

Today’s Mission – Make it your aim to love everyone in your life today, unconditionally, just as Messiah did.


The Beggar At The Door

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Messiah tells the story of the rich man partying in his mansion, and poor Lazarus on his doorstep. The rich man who doesn’t help, ends up being judged. We listen to this and think we’re Lazarus the righteous man, but we’re not. In this world, we’re the rich man and the rest of the world is Lazarus. They’re right there outside our doorstep starving to death. We’re feasting and Lazarus is shivering in the cold. We’re praising the Lord, and that’s good. But Lazarus is outside perishing without the Gospel. Messiah said,“When you do it to the least of these, you do it to me.” So essentially it’s Messiah who’s cold, hungry, naked, and perishing. There are orphans, lepers, the starving, the persecuted, the oppressed in darkened huts without the Gospel. Messiah is at our doorstep and our door is closed. Open the door. Open the door of your heart, your life, your involvement, your abundance. Give to the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the stranger because there’s a stranger on your doorstep that needs your help, waiting for your help, and it is Messiah.

From Message #438 – The Rich Man And Lazarus Scripture: Mark 16:15

Today’s Mission – Open your eyes to see those around you. Bless someone in need today


Monday, June 13, 2016

On the Feast of Shavuot– Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came with the sound of a mighty rushing wind. In Hebrew, the way you say Holy Spirit is “Ruach Ha Kodesh.” Ruach means wind, and Ha Kodesh means “the Holy.” The Holy Spirit is the Holy Wind. What does that tell us? The Ruach is Wind, and wind is power. Wind can level a house or a city. God’s Spirit came to give you power to do His will. But you don’t have to do it in your own strength. God has given you the Spirit; the power of the Wind. It wasn’t a gentle wind. It was a mighty rushing wind. Because you don’t just need power, you need the power of God. He didn’t just give you power, He gave you the Power of His Wind! The power to break down all obstacles to do His will. To sweep away resistance and move forward to victory. So go for it. You can do all things as God has called you. Because you’ve got His Spirit and that’ s the Power of the Wind – a Mighty Rushing Wind.

From Message #971 – Blowing in the Wind
Scripture: Acts1:5

Today’s Mission – Ask the Lord to blow His Holy Wind on your life today to tear down any obstacles that have hindered you from serving Him with your whole heart – and then move ahead in His will.

The Tablets And The Wind

Friday, June 10, 2016

The outpouring of God’s Spirit on Pentecost, Shavuot, was the empowering of the New Covenant. On that same feast, Moses went up to Mount Sinai and received the Law. The Law was given to Israel – the Old Covenant; the Spirit was given to the apostles – the New Covenant. The fact that the Spirit came on the same day that Jewish people were celebrating the Old Covenant is the sign that Jeremiah 31:31 has been fulfilled, “ The time is coming when I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah…” “… I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts.” As believers, we have to move from the realm of stone and letters to the realm of Spirit and a heart of righteousness. The only way to fulfill the righteousness of God is by the Spirit of God, from the inside out. Get the Spirit and Heart of God into your life and you’ll live in His righteous ness. The New Covenant is the Spirit Covenant. Live in the Spirit, and your Covenant will always be New.

From Message #133 – Stone and Spirit
Scripture: Ps. 119:11

Today’s Mission – Ask the Lord to fill you with His Spirit and write His Word on your heart today, and move in the moving of His Spirit.

The World Beyond

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When you were in the womb, you had eyes with nothing to see, feet with nowhere to walk and hands with nothing to hold. The womb didn’t make sense in itself, because it wasn’t for itself; it was to prepare you for life beyond it. It only makes sense when you move on from it. There are things in your life that don’t make sense, it’s not complete. You don’t have all the answers and you wonder why. Things seem to have no purpose – the way life is going or the problems that happen. Here’s the point: Life is the womb of heaven, preparing you for eternity. It doesn’t always make sense in itself. It’s not the whole story, it’s the beginning. Like the eyes of the unborn child, it’ll make sense when you see heaven. Everything in your life has purpose. You’re being prepared to walk on streets of gold and see heavenly things. So praise God anyway when it makes no sense, because it’s a sign that you’re not home yet. Be blessed, for right now you’re living in heaven’s womb.

From Message #1892 – Outside the Womb
Scripture: Rom. 8:28

Today’s Mission – Take a break today from trying to figure it all out. Rest in the fact that God has it all under control, and give thanks that every unexplained detail in your life will have an explanation in Heaven.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ephesians 5:2 says, “Walk in love.” The original Greek says “peripateo” – “walk around” in love. To “walk” is just to go somewhere, but to walk around means out of a straight line, to be willing to go out of your way, out of your course, out of your schedule, to love, to live your life willing to be interrupted to love, to break out of your routine or regular course, to bless, to help, to encourage, to touch, to share the gospel. So go outside of your way to the poor, the foreigner, the one you wouldn’t normally talk to, the one who’s different from you and not in your regular way. Go over and above to love when it’s not easy or convenient. That’s what Messiah did. He went out of His way. He left heaven and came to earth; walked around where the need was, to reach you. You do the same. Walk around in love. Go out of your way because that’s the kind of love that saved you. God loved you with a love that was definitely out of the way.

From Message #413 -Walking Around In Love
Scripture: Matt. 5:39-41

Today’s Mission – Today, share a smile with those you encounter, and seek an opportunity to share Gods’ love. You have the ability to transform someone’s day, and their life.

Walls And Angels

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If you’re born again and spreading God’s love, you’re an angel. The word in Hebrew for angel is “malach;” in Greek it’s “angelos.” Both words mean “a messenger who bears a message.” You’re a messenger of the gospel and that makes you an angel. Scripture speaks of flesh and blood angels in the Hebrew and the Greek. So what does that mean? Angels work miracles and have power to open and close doors and gates, to walk through walls. As a flesh and blood angel, when you walk in the will of God and bear His message, you have power to walk unhindered. Nothing can stop you. When you walk on your own, forget it, you’ll be frustrated and blocked up. But when you walk in God’s will, you’re free. There may be physical obstacles, but angels move in the spiritual. Paul learned the secret of being content. He was in chains, but he wasn’t bound. Carry the gospel and you won’t be either. Do God’s will and spread His word. You are free. Nothing can stop you when you’re in God’s will. You can even walk through walls.

From Message #416 – Earth Angels
Scripture: Ps. 103:20

Today’s Mission – Stop letting obstacles hinder you from sharing the good news with someone today. Walk through walls and be an angel!

Holy Worms

Monday, June 6, 2016

Growing up, I would look out after a rain storm and see the worms. It was worm heaven. Worms can be heavenly. Jonah was a prophet who resisted his call, who was miserable at the end. He was under the shade of a plant and God “prepared” a worm to eat the plant. In Hebrew, manah means appoint or ordain. God ordained a worm. Jonah served the Lord begrudgingly. But the worm served God with all his heart and happily ate the plant. The worm just did what it was born to do. It served God, and it was blessed and full. That’s what ministry is. God is calling you to serve Him. So stop avoiding Him, stop complaining, and stop serving Him begrudgingly. Just do it, because it’s your calling to do what you were made for. Serve Him with all your heart. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart. Serve Him. Repent and minister; you were born for it. You wi ll end up blessed and filled with joy. You will be as happy as a worm.

From Message #411 The Prophet, The Worm, and The Answer
Scripture: Josh. 22:5

Today’s Mission – Today rejoice that you were made for such a time as this. Do what He’s called you to do; do the will of God, but with your whole heart.

The Apocalyptic Bride

Friday, June 3, 2016

What do you think of when you hear the word “apocalyptic?” Most people think of the end of the world, calamity and doom. There’s truth to that picture. But if you’re born again, it’s a whole different issue. In the Hebrew marriage, during the supper, the bride and groom would slip away to the marriage chamber where the bride would “unveil.” In Greek apokalupsis means: an unveiling, uncovering, revealing or revelation. So for us, the bride, the apocalypse is very different. It’s when the bride removes her veil and the two become one. The future for you in the Lord is to be looked forward to, not feared. Apocalyptic means; meeting Him, removing our veil, shining as the bride. There are two outcomes, the apocalypse of judgment and the apocalypse of an unveiling wedding celebration. As His Bride, look at the future with joy, preparing yourself to become beautiful. As it’s wri tten, “We with unveiled face, beholding Him.” It’s apocalyptically good, so rejoice over what’s to come and live your life with hope and expectation for the apocalypse of the bride and the bridegroom.

From Message #405 – The Sound of the Bridegroom
Scripture: 1 Cor. 2:9

Today’s Mission – Take time today to slip away to be alone with your Beloved. Just you and Him. Spend time in His presence with no veils. Don’t be afraid of what’s to come.

The Dome Of The Mountain

Thursday, June 2, 2016

On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem sits a mosque. On its walls are written the words, “Allah has no son.” This central statement in Islam, is really an anti-statement talking about Messiah. It’s actually affirming what it denies because Psalm 2 says, “They rage against the Lord’s anointed,” His Son, “but I have set my King on my holy mountain.” It’s on this mountain that Islam rages against God’s Son. Even Islam cannot help but focus on Yeshua. It’s the same with Rabbinic Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Satanism. Those who are against Him still end up focusing on Him. How much should we, His followers, focus everything on Him? Make Him the focus of your day-to- day, of your thoughts, your heart, your plans, your every word, your actions, everything you do, because that’s the way existence works. It’s all focused on Him anyway. The more you focus on Him, the more blesse d your life will be. He’s the Lamb; He’s the center of the throne. He’s the focus of everything. Make Him your focus and from that will come all blessings.

From Message #402 -Islam And The Messiah Scripture: Ps. 97: 9

Today’s Mission – Today make a conscious effort to exalt Messiah in everything you do, and everywhere you go; be conscious of His presence.



Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ancient Israel underwent a metamorphosis. At its beginning, the nation was worshiping God. The worship of the pagan god Baal was illegal, underground, taboo, done only in secret. Then there came the argument of toleration, that the people had to be tolerant of other ideas, other gods. The worship of Baal began to creep in. And then the worship of Baal began to ascend to the point where the majority were accepting of it. That’s when the days of toleration ended. From Toleration to Subjugation The priests of Baal, those who once dwelt in the underground and the shadows of ancient Israel, were now raised up to high positions. They no longer demanded toleration, but the conversion, the silencing, the subjugation, the humiliation, and the elimination of all who didn’t agree or go along with them – which, in this case, meant the followers of God, the saints, the prophets, the E lijahs. Now, every knee had to bow down to Baal. And those who wouldn’t were now to be punished by the state. The American Parallel America is following the same trajectory, the same pattern, and the same metamorphosis undergone by ancient Israel. The anti-biblical ideologies and practices which were once espoused in the shadows of American society – from atheism to sexual immorality – are now ascendant. First there were the calls for tolerance. It was evident in the 1960s, the 1970s, onward. But as an anti-biblical and anti-Christian morality came into the open and then ascended to the point where the majority of Americans in some way embrace it, the days of toleration are ending. The priests of Baal are now in power. And they require no longer merely toleration, but the conversion, the silencing, the subjugation, the humiliation, and the elimination of those who don’t agree with them or go along with them – meaning, in this case, those who hold to the Word of God or a morality bas ed on biblical principles. The Punishments Witness news stories that would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago: An executive is fired from his job for the crime of having, a few years earlier, supported the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman. A pair of reality show stars are punished, removed from the air because they advocated for the biblical view of marriage. Another reality show star is ‘disciplined’ and put on leave for saying in an interview that he was not in favor of homosexuality. A Christian woman is actually imprisoned because she could not see her name being put on what the Bible identifies as an abomination – And the White House voices support for her imprisonment. We are clearly living in the days of Baal. When toleration yields to political correctness and political correctness yields to persecution. Elijah lived in these same days. Thus we must all now put on the mantle of Elijah, and be not weaker, but stronger, not more silent, but bolder, and stand for God, come what may, not for the approval man, but for the praise God, and despite the wrath of Baal. Be strong this month. Be an Elijah of the day. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan


The Passover Gospel

Monday, April 25, 2016

Passover is the first and central celebration of the Jewish faith. It’s when they remember they were once slaves in Egypt. God saved them by sending a Redeemer, and by the blood of the Lamb. It’s no accident that Jesus, the Messiah, is called the LAMB of God and He died on Passover. Every time you have the Lord’s Supper, you’re eating the bread and drinking the wine of Passover. He arose during Passover week, for Passover was the celebration of new beginnings and new life. There’s no other Messiah but Jesus; only He could do all this. We believers have a truly Jewish faith – a Passover Faith. Remember once you were a slave far from God, but God in His mercy sent you His Redeemer. By the Blood of the Lamb, He broke your chains, and set you free. He set you on a journey home to a land flowing with milk and honey, the Promised Land. Keep your eyes on the Lamb, and celebrate your salvation. You are a spiritual child of Israel and you’re saved in a Passover faith.

From: Gal. 5:1  Today's Mission

The Lamb of New Beginnings Rejoice and apply the blood of the Passover Lamb to every part of your life.

The Millennial Man

Friday, April 22, 2016

Do you know how long the Jewish people have been waiting for Messiah? Since the time of the prophets. They waited through the first century, the second century, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the Twentieth Century. That’s a long wait, and they haven’t given up. The religious among them are still waiting. Imagine waiting for someone for 2,000 years. That person must be so important. And yet, you have the One for whom the Jewish people have been waiting thousands of years. How much more should you live gloriously in light of that. How great is your Messiah and your salvation. If they waited and longed for Him so long, how much more must you live for Him with all faith, confidence, joy, and perseverance. You have the One worth waiting for, for more than a millennium. You don’t have to wait to know Him, love Him, follow Him, sit at His feet and dwell in His kingdom. Go all out for Mess iah, because He is the One worth waiting for.

Mashiach/Messiah From: John 8:42

Today's Mission

Take time to sit at His feet today. Let Him know How grateful you are for your salvation.

That Which Cannot Separate You

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Romans 8 says, “What shall separate us from the love of God? Shall famine, sword, tribulation…” Some believe that this means that God is going to keep His people from such things – trouble, tribulation, famine. But those who believe that, when they go through trouble and tribulation, their faith will fail them. The Scripture does not say God’s love will keep you from these things. In fact it says, “You will have troubles and tribulation.” But here’s the key – none of these things will be able to separate you from the love of God – they can’t. The victory of our faith isn’t to escape this world – it’s to overcome this world. Stop living in fear of problems; that’s not your faith. Rather pray, “Lord don’t let me run away, let me overcome and have faith that Your love is greater than all these things and the world itself.” You haven’t come into the world so that you could avoid the world; you came into the world so that you could overcome the world.

In the Wilderness From: John 16:33

Today's Mission

Meditate on the fact: Messiah has overcome the world and you are in Him. So be courageous and bold today; move forward, knowing that this same power is now in you.

The Most Peculiar Book

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If God were to reveal to a people His revelation or give a book, you would expect that people to become the most peculiar, most touched and affected, the most controversial, focused upon, opposed and influential people. They would become the most unique of peoples. There is one people who actually fits all that– the Jewish people, with absolutely the most intense and peculiar history of any people. So if God were to reveal His revelation to a people on earth to give His book, then He already has. The most peculiar people just happen to have written the world’s most peculiar book, the Bible. The Bible isn’t just a book, it’s the Word of God. It’s living, miraculous and powerful! Treasure the Word. Read it, soak in it, and take it as the treasure it is, brought to you over thousands of years by a people unlike any other. It is THE BOOK. It is the Word, the revelation, the treasure given to you from God, unlike any ot her.

hat You Might Know From: Ps. 119:11

Today's Mission

Find a Bible verse that speaks to you; meditate on it, memorize it, write it down and post where you will see it. Let it inspire and minister to you.


The Angelo Visitation

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sometimes, God sends angels to strengthen and encourage His ministers when they are weak, as with Elijah, Messiah and Paul. On a mission to Nicaragua, a number of us got sick. I was supposed to minister the next night, but I felt like I was going to die. I had no strength to move, much less preach. A doctor came and took my blood pressure, it had plunged 40 points. I was dehydrated and in danger. I didn’t want to go to the hospital so he gave me a special formula to drink. The next sunset people gathered throughout the town square and the Lord moved. My strength returned just in time. I was completely healed. The doctor turned out to be a Christian. His name was, Angelo, which means angel. I have no doubt that God sent a flesh and blood angel to strengthen me. God wants to strengthen you. He’s the God of all encouragement. He wants to bless you and make you strong. So be strong and do His will. The more you do, the more you may even find yourself visited and given strength – by His angels.

The Vision and the Power From: Ps. 91:11

Today's Mission

Do what God has called you to do. Step out. Don’t fear. Ask God to strengthen and anoint you for all you’ve been called to do.

 The Lesson Of The Scuds

Monday, April 18, 2016

In the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein threatened to destroy Israel with all the arms in his possession, including chemical. Israel was told not to fight back. Iraq sent 39 Scud missiles into Israel. Miraculously, only two people died as a result of direct hits. Equally amazing is that not one missile had chemical weapons. The seasonal rains suddenly began the first day of the war and continued for the next 4-6 weeks, together with high winds. The U.S. military credited the weather as helping to convince the Iraqis that chemical weapons would not be smart, because the winds were blowing against Iraq. The same phenomena was observed in Kuwait. The wind patterns shifted during the war. God is amazing, even using something like the wind! The Bible says, “He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” He is the same One who happens to keep you. He who kept the flaming missiles of Saddam Hussein out will protect you f rom the flaming missiles of the evil one. He who keeps Israel will keep you. He who keeps you will neither slumber nor sleep. Why? So you can.

The Mystery of the Berah  From: Amos 4:13

Today's Mission

Encourage yourself today in the knowledge that God is your protector and your shield. He is your ever-present help in time of trouble. And be at peace.

The Blessed Earring

Friday, April 15, 2016

It says in Proverbs 25:12, “Like an earring of gold, an ornament of fine gold, is a wise reproof to a listening ear.” A wise correction is like an earring of gold? What a concept. Someone says, “Hey, you are a total hypocrite.” And you say, “I’m going to engrave that on jewelry and wear that around my neck. Look, it says, I am a total hypocrite. Do you like it? It’s beautiful.” The point is this. A wise rebuke or a true one is more beautiful than an earring of gold. The one that receives God’s correction is going to be blessed. To the wise man or woman, it’s going to be as precious as gold. When God corrects you or convicts you, receive it and it will make you more beautiful, more adorned. He is going to make your life more precious, more of a treasure to the Lord. Take the correction, the conviction of God’s word to you, even when it means making real change in your life. It will become to you as a precious jewel, like a diamond, even as an earring of gold.

Apples Of Gold  From: Prov. 3: 11

Today's Mission

Is there something the Lord has been convicting you of? Choose today to submit to His correction.

Haman’s Bluff

Thursday, April 14, 2016

In the book of Esther, Haman is the enemy. He has to get the king’s authority in order to act. This reveals a critical truth. As revealed in the book of Job, the enemy has no real authority of his own. How could he? Messiah said ALL authority, not 99.9%, goes to Messiah, in God. None is left for the enemy. So what does he do? He bluffs. He offers Eve the fruit as if he owned it. He offers Messiah the world. He’s not the Lord of the world, only God is. He’s like the guy selling the Brooklyn Bridge. He doesn’t own it. He comes like a roaring lion, but he flees when you resist. Evil, sin and temptation have no real authority; they’re bluffs. Don’t believe the bluff of the bad report, the threat or the intimidation. Take authority over it. When the enemy speaks, when temptation comes, take authority. You can! Sin shall not be master over you. All authority is the Lord’s. You are of the Lord, therefore walk in authori ty, for the gates of hell will not prevail against you. It’s all a bluff.

The Cosmic Haman  From: Luke 1:9

Today's Mission

Today, submit yourself fully to God’s authority. Realize that in His authority you have victory over the enemy. Cast out everything that is not of the Lord: depression, anxiety, bondage. Cast them out in Messiah’s name.

Living In An Advanced Grade

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Does being in the Lord for a while count for anything? The Bible says that if you have been in the Lord a lot, a lot has been given to you. When much is given, much is required. Have you been given more knowledge, more grace, more time of growing in the Lord and the Word? More is required of you. If you aren’t feeling as blessed as you once felt, maybe that’s why. You can’t expect the same blessing when you are to be at a higher level. If a twelfth grader is only doing a first graders work, it might be an A+ for a first grader, but as a twelfth grader they will fail. A mature saint, living as an infant in the Lord, is not going to be blessed. If you have been given much, much is expected: in service, love, patience, peace, goodness, faith, joy, perseverance, wisdom, maturity, the Spirit-filled life. More blessings will happen when you live in a manner of the high calling you have been given, and in keeping with th e much that has been given to you.

From: John 15:5

Today's Mission

The Hebrew National Hot Dog Principle. Ask the Lord to help you fulfill your calling. Make a commitment today to go deeper in your relationship with Him. Seek to graduate to the next level, higher ground.

To Nullify What Is

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1 Corinthians 1:28 says, “God has chosen that which is not, that he might nullify the things that are.” How can you choose things that are not? If they aren’t they don’t exist. But God does, and that’s where salvation is – a contrary reality. That which isn’t nullifies that which is. The things that are not yet, at least not yet on earth, are more powerful than that which is. We have to learn to use the things that are not to nullify what is. Faith is the channel by which we connect to the realm that isn’t yet. Don’t be limited simply by what is. If that’s the case, then you’re stuck with your problems, your sins, your failings, your shortcomings, your limitations. Forget that. Learn to live in the realm of that which isn’t. Just like Abraham, who by faith in God’s Word, had Isaac. Stop living by what is. Believe the reality of what isn’t yet. What is seen is temporary. What is unseen is forever. Be free, don’t live by sight, but by the power of faith that transforms what is, into what is not.

The Perfect Bowler  From: Rom. 4:17-18

Today's Mission

Exercise your faith in areas where you feel stuck today. See those areas subject to change according to what God’s Word says. Speak that which is not and nullify that which is.

God’s Eternity Tent

Monday, April 11, 2016

“Thus says the High and Lofty One that inhabits eternity.” Who inhabits eternity? The word ‘inhabits’ in Hebrew is shakan – to lodge, stay, or dwell, to camp out in a tent – God sets up His tent in eternity. God inhabits eternity. When we set up a tent we do it all at once, but God’s tent spans eternity. In God all eternity, past present and future are as one. All our time is covered by God’s presence. Are you haunted by your past or chained by it? Do you have a shadow over your life? God is there to set you free. He is greater than your past. He is part of your past. God is also in your present situations. He is greater than your present; greater than your future. You don’t have to fear the future; He is already there. His grace is there. What an awesome God we serve. He holds all eternity in His tent. Rest in Him my friend, the One who inhabits time, past, present and future. He will set up His tent over your eternity

The Infinity Solution From: Heb. 9:21-22

Today's Mission

Today, take shelter with your Father, knowing that He is part of your entire life…past, present and future. Dwell with Him, in His presence, covered by His tent, and rest in His grace, love and provision.

Turning To The Golden Calf

Friday, April 8, 2016

There’s been a movement to remove the Ten Commandments, the basic cornerstone of morality, from school, government, courts and the public square. It’s amazing that we live in a culture where the Ten Commandments could become controversial. When the Ten Commandments were given, the Hebrews turned away and turned toward worshipping an idol. When Moses saw the golden calf, he smashed the Commandments. So too, the removal of the Ten Commandments in our day reveals that we’re in a culture that’s turning to the worship of other gods. It’s a culture that wants to remove the biblical standard concerning adultery, because it’s moving to an adulterous culture. Whether it’s removed or not from the public square doesn’t matter. In the New Covenant, He writes the Law on our hearts. If it’s removed from the public square, we’re left as the markers of this civilization, the testimony. So live all the more holy, righteous, pure to Go d. They might be able to take out God’s standard of righteousness from the public square, but they can never remove it from your heart or your life.

The Golden Calf Prophetic Revelation From: Ps. 40:8

Today's Mission

Today, ask the Lord if there is any area of your life contrary to His Word, any idol or golden calf. Repent and ask Him to write His Truth on your heart.

What Exactly You’ll Find

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Luke 11:10 says, “He who seeks finds.” Many believers take that as meaning whatever we seek for, we are going to get. The problem is we may seek for something and then not find the exact thing we sought. Notice what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t say, “Whatever you seek you are going to find.” It says, “If you seek, you will find.” But seek what? Find what? It doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same thing you think you wanted or needed to have, but it is going to be what you need from God. It will be better. It’s going to meet the real need. He’ll give you His best. It may not be the “it” that you sought to find, but you’re going to find something good, because it’s from God. Be open to what God has for your life–not necessarily what you think you require, but something better, because He will give you His best in all things. You will find, but do one thing – seek.

From: Matt. 6:33

Today's Mission

Scorpions and FishToday, give all your needs and desires to God. Seek His best. Trust that God hears your prayers and will provide for you according to His good plan.

The Rosh Pinah Of Change

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When the Hebrews built the temple, they started with one stone. In Hebrew it was called the Rosh Pinah – the cornerstone – the head of the corner. The cornerstone was the first stone. Once laid down, the rest of the temple would go up. In scripture, Messiah is called the Rosh Pinah. Why? He gives you the power to begin something new in your life. You can’t change your entire life overnight, but you can begin the change of your entire life right now. New life begins with the first step, laying down the cornerstone of a new beginning. He’ll give you the power to do that, because He’s the cornerstone and He gives the power of new beginnings. You don’t have to build a whole new life overnight, but you need to take the first step. Without it, the rest won’t happen. Lay down that cornerstone to a new work, a new habit, a new action, a new life. God will bless you, because everything new begins with the cornerstone. Messiah is the Rosh Pinah. He’s the cornerstone and that’s the secret for you to have a new life.

The Cornerstone From: Rom. 6:4

Today's Mission

Today make any decisions you have to make, with Messiah as the Cornerstone; the beginning of new thoughts, new actions, and a new course.

Following Your Joshua

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Do you know where the name Jesus came from? Moses, by the power of the Spirit, changed the name of his apprentice to Yehoshua. Yehoshua became Yeshua. In English it became Joshua, and in Greek, Iesus. In Greek/English, Jesus. So who was Joshua? He was the one appointed to take the children of Israel across the Jordan into the promised land. Then the Messiah was born. The angel told his parents to name Him Yeshua, Jesus because He will save His people from their sins. Yeshua means salvation. He’s the one who will lead His people into the promised land. If Jesus is your Lord, He’s your Joshua, your Yeshua. He is your Salvation. He will lead you. You will be following Him where you’ve never been before, crossing from an old life into a new life. He takes you into the land of promises, the promised land. That’s His ministry. He knows how to get you there. Follow Him. Leave the old behind and move forward with Him into the newness of His promises. Move forward because He is your Joshua, and He’s only going to take you into the promised-land.

Y’Shua-The Name From: John 12:26

Today's Mission

Follow the leading of Yeshua, completely trust that His path is perfect. Leave the old behind and walk into a new place with Him today.


The Tabernacle Secret Of Heavenly Life

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Feast of Sukkot-Tabernacles is a unique feast. During the festival, according to Scripture, Jewish people build a Sukkah, tent or tabernacle. They leave their houses and camp out. The Hebrews camped out in the wilderness. But why do it again when they’re already in the promised land? God was saying, join the two realms together – the wilderness and the promised land, the journey and the destination. Right now we’re in a type of wilderness and we’re heading home. Heaven is the promised land, but the two realms are joined together. That’s what Tabernacles says. We are to live our lives now as if seated in heavenly places. We’re to live now in the finished work as if we were walking on the streets of gold. As if He were here all the time, because He is! That’s the secret of heavenly life. Our journey here is joined to heaven. Rejoice, celebrate – live the heavenly life on earth now because heaven is too good to be c ontained by the hereafter. In Messiah it overflows into the here and now.

Camping In Heaven From: Matt. 4:17

Today's Mission

Today, ask the Lord to make you more aware of His constant presence. See yourself raised up and seated with Him in the heavenlies. Join your heaven to earthly life right now!



Friday, April 1, 2016

Shalom to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission, I’ve always sought to give strong cautions against date-setting or the idea that anything had to happen at any day, season, year, time. Yet many still believed something had to happen this past fall – and thus missed the very colossal, critical, and world-changing events brought about in this Shemitah and which are still shaking our world. The Ancient Mystery That Wiped Away Trillions The overwhelming and predominant manifestation of the Shemitah, as laid out in The Mystery of the Shemitah, is not that of a September day crash, but of a long term collapse in the financial or economic realm. That phenomenon has manifested in all seven of the last Shemitahs. In 2015, this is exactly what took place. The stock market that had been rising for years suddenly began to collapse. The collapse took place all over the world. From China to America, trillions of dollars were wiped out. And it turned out that 2015 was the worst year for the stock market… in seven years… since 2008 – the last Shemitah! The Shemitah’s Decimation of Global Trade, Commodities, Oil, Retail, Production, Earnings, & Just About Everything Else But the impact of the Shemitah went much farther than even the wiping out of trillions of dollars. In The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, I share how the Shemitah’s impact extends beyond the financial realm to the realm of trade, commerce, economics, production, revenue, and much more. In the little space I have here, here’s just a little sample of the devastation: rnrnThe Shemitah of 2015, according to the ancient mystery … Decimated global trade, bringing the Baltic Dry Index to its lowest levels in history. Decimated the Commodity Index, bringing it to its lowest levels in the 21st century, Decimated the commodity of oil. Caused a massive collapse in the realm of retail. Caused production to collaps e in China, America, and the world. Was the worst year for earnings, for making money of any kind….. in 78 YEARS! In other words since 1937 – the last Shemitah of the Great Depression! There is much more to say, but for now it is enough to say that the ancient biblical phenomenon did indeed and dramatically manifest yet again. And its impact was so great that it continued to shake the world’s financial and economic realms into the year 2016. Could this perhaps be because in a year of Jubilee, the Shemitah’s impact is double in length? We shall see. But what all this tells us, is that God is in control, of every nation, of every bank account, of every hair on our head. And if you are in God and in His will, you have nothing to fear. Be confident, my friend, in God’s faithfulness and be strong this month in the power of His might. And may God greatly bless you as you do! Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan

The Mystery of the Shemitah… From: Haggai 2:6

Stop Dwelling On The Saints

Thursday, March 31, 2016

There are denominations that focus on saints: praying to saints, looking to saints, dwelling on the saints. We tend to take pride in the fact that we don’t get caught up in the saints. Are you looking at your brothers and sisters in the Lord? The Bible says they’re saints. Sometimes believers lose sight of God because of the saints. Do you have your eyes on the saints, what they’ve done or haven’t done? Expecting from them what you should be expecting from God? It’s no better than the people who bow down to statues. It’s time to get your eyes off of the saints, time to release and forgive. It is time to stop obsessing about other saints, trying to get your needs met from anyone other than God. Start looking to God and receive from Him. He will provide what you need. Let the saints be saints, and let God be God. You too, are a saint. Make your focus the Lord of the saints. Trust in Him with all your heart. He will never let you down.rnrnrn

Gods on Vatican Hill From: Heb. 10: 22-25

Today's Mission

Ask the Lord to show you if there is a brother or sister you need to forgive or release. Then confess it to Him, let it go and pray for them to be blessed. rn

God Almost Killed Moses

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Moses, in the wilderness, comes to the burning bush. The voice of God tells him, “Take off your shoes, Moses.” God is talking to him and he is receiving a revelation and His high calling. The God of his fathers is choosing him to know God and be the instrument of God, to redeem the entire nation of Israel. The deliverer, liberator, Moses the law-giver. But something strange happens. As he is heading out to Egypt, God is waiting on the way and is about to kill him. His wife quickly grabs a rock and circumcises his children. Why was God about to kill Moses? He was to be the law-giver, but now he was a breaker of the law, by not circumcising his children. Greater entrustment means a greater responsibility. You have great entrustment, but you have to live with a great responsibility, greater sacrifice, greater accountability, greater purity, greater holiness. Do you want to do greater things in God? Live a greater life with greater obedience before God. For to whom much is given, much is required.

The Entrustment From: John 14:15

Today's Mission

God has entrusted you with a high calling and with the responsibility to obey His Word. Is there anything in your life that is not in God’s will, out of His perfect calling? Get it out. Then fulfill your calling.

The Crown On The Priest

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In the Old Covenant, according to the law, a king could not be priest and a priest could not be king. Then God tells Zechariah in 6:11, “Take silver and gold, make a crown, and set it on the head of Joshua the high priest.” Although this seemed to be breaking the law, in reality it was a prophetic act. The Lord said, “this is a sign of the man who will be called the Branch.” That’s Messiah! He is going to be Priest and King at the same time. He is going to build the temple of the Lord forever. So that means, when Messiah comes, there has to be a New Covenant, because it would be against the law in the Old Covenant. Messiah is of the royal house of Judah and is the High Priest of the New Covenant. A crown on the head of a high priest. A sign that in God all things are new in Messiah. You are a new creation, not bound by the past. You are free in the power of Messiah, who is both your King and High Priest.

– The Melchizedek Mystery From: 2 Cor. 5:17-19

Today's Mission

Today, take new steps of action in the power of newness in Messiah. Make newness, new actions, and new steps a part of your everyday life.

Talking To Ghosts

Monday, March 28, 2016

I went to Gettysburg one time with a friend. They had some people dressed up as the soldiers who fought in the Civil War. One was dressed as the Confederate soldier, Jeb Stuart, who was responsible for contributing to the defeat at Gettysburg. My friend starts arguing with him, saying you messed up everything. Then the actor starts arguing back. My friend is arguing with a guy who doesn’t exist. Many believers do the same thing. Maybe you. Are you still reacting to things from the past? Doing things that are dead, gone? Are you living your life in the shadow of them? Maybe about your childhood? Things that happened years ago? Stop arguing with it. God says, don’t commune with the dead. It’s dead. Stop trying to prove it. God is not there, the tomb is empty. Get out of the dead thing. Get out of the tomb, and get on with your life. God has great things ahead for you, but you have to get out of the past; stop ar guing with the dead, and start moving on with the living.

The Unconditional Messiah From: Isa. 43:18-19

Today's Mission

Today give thanks that you are a new creation. Stop dwelling on issues from your past, things long gone. Close the door on it, and move forward with God’s plan for your life.

The Synagogue And The Church

Friday, March 25, 2016

Acts 18 says “He departed from there and went to the house of a certain man named Justus, a worshiper of God, whose house was next to the synagogue.” Right there, by the synagogue, were the God-fearing gentiles. Those who would begin the church of Corinth. Where did the church start? Right next to the synagogue. This faith we call Christianity is the Messianic faith, which was started right outside the synagogue. It was clearly a Jewish faith branching out. Paul ministered there, right next to the synagogue. Christianity’s roots have always been inherently Jewish; a daughter of Israel. In Ephesians it says, “You are now of Messiah, citizens of Israel.” The fact is, you are now a child of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You have been grafted in by His Spirit. Rejoice in the fact that, in Messiah, you are now one of the children of Israel in Spirit. You don’t replace Israel. You are a part of Israel. You are of the house that is right next door to the synagogue.

 kkat Daveed  From: Acts 18: 7-8

Today's Mission

Today spend time in prayer for the people of Israel, that they will recognize Messiah. Give thanks that you are a part of the whole house of Israel.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

In Proverbs 25:2 it says, “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter; it’s the glory of kings to search a matter” or to seek. The Hebrew word for seek is the word chaqar. Similarly, in the New Testament, Messiah says “Seek and you shall find.” Do you remember being a child and waking up on your birthday and you couldn’t wait to get up? That’s what the word chaqar really means. It also means early; to get up early. What is the Bible saying? Not just seek the Lord, but chaqar the Lord. It means you should be so fervent for the Lord, you wake up early to seek Him. Your heart is zealous. It’s not so much about the time of day, but your heart just can’t wait. You look forward to being with Him. You can’t wait to seek Him, to be with Him, to find Him eagerly with all your heart. That’s what it’s all about. That’s when you are going to be blessed. He said, chaqar, “Seek Me and you will find Me, when you search for Me with all your hear.”

The Glory of God and Kings  From: Ps. 5:3

Today's Mission

Today ask the Lord to give you a renewed zeal for Him. Actually seek the Lord today, go after Him with all your heart!

The Sleeping Guard

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When I was in college, I was working as a security guard. One of my coworkers was a ministerial student, who every night would go into the president’s office at night and sleep. One day the president came in early and this ministerial student was found sleeping on the job. That was the end of his job. Messiah gave us a parable in Luke 12. The master goes away, the servants grow complacent, doing whatever they want, beating other servants. He returns, finds them unfaithful and punishes them. The parable is about Him. He left the world. He is the master and you don’t see Him, so it’s easy to grow complacent. What are you doing with your life? What are you doing with your time that He gave you? Are you doing His will? Are you letting your light shine? The Master is coming back. There is no time to live a complacent life. Prepare for eternity. You want Him to say, “Well done good and faithful servant. “”Enter the joy of your Master.”

The Days of Return From: Luke 12: 37-40

Today's Mission

Look for an opportunity today to be a good servant, to do His will. Share the love of God and let your light shine!

 You As A Messianic Prophecy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It says in the scripture, “in the fullness of time, God sent His Son into the world..” Now the word fullness in Greek is “pleroma.” The picture is of a glass filling up, the filling up of time. The Jewish understanding of time is that it is something with a purpose set by God. So your life is like a cup. It’s the cup of God’s purposes, written over your life, waiting to be fulfilled. It’s a cup of holiness; of righteousness; of a victorious life; of peace; of joy and blessing. You can’t fill your life. He is the one who fills everything, the pleroma who is the fulfillment of us. He came into the world in the fullness, the pleroma, of time. He comes into our lives to also give us fullness. Messiah is the fullness specifically of your life. In the same way there are a lot of different Messianic prophecies but He fulfills all of them. So your life is like a Messianic prophecy waiting to be fulfilled. He is the pleroma, not only of the Hebrew Scriptures and of the universe, but of your life.

Filled with the Fullness From: Eph. 3:9

Today's Mission

Spend time alone with Him in your secret place. Come into His presence, so He can fill up everything you are, your heart, your soul, your emotions, your life.

Break The Law!

Monday, March 21, 2016

God’s word tells us that we were once under the law of sin and death. We were bound by it. What does that mean? The law is something that you are supposed to obey, something that rules you. It means our lives were ruled by this. But a law also can be broken. We are now free to disobey the law of sin and death, the law of the world, the flesh and the devil. So as much as we are to be obedient to God, we have to be disobedient to sin. It’s holy to be disobedient to sin. When the enemy tempts you, you can say, “No! I am breaking this law. I am not obeying it.” When that law of fear comes up, you can say “No! I don’t have to fear now, because I am not under this law”. Say no to the devil. No to the world. No to the law of bitterness and selfishness. No to the law of gloom, despair, anger, addiction and bondage. Start being a lawbreaker of the laws of sin and death. You are free to obey God.

The Illegal Miracles From: Rom. 8:1-2

Today's Mission

Break the laws of the enemy that have kept you in bondage today. Say no to his false commands. Say yes to your freedom to obey God and walk in His liberty.


Demons Of The Modern World

Friday, March 18, 2016

In the New Testament the Greek word, daimonia, refers to the gods of the world. It’s not surprising that this Greek word for gods in the New Testament is actually the same word translated as “demons.” There’s a very important revelation here and one to be taken very seriously. The gods of the world are embodiments and representatives of demonic beings. That doesn’t just go for ancient religions; the modern world has its gods, too. They come in the form of materialism, alcoholism, sensuality, lust, pornography, love of money, greed. These are all demonic. When you indulge in these things, you are actually worshipping and serving demons. That’s a horrible thing! You should have nothing to do with it. Any idol is a god, and any god except for the God of the Bible is a demon. The very thought that you are serving the demonic should be enough to make you get any unclean, unholy thing out of your life once and for all! There is only One True and Living God. Everything else is just demonic.

– Showdown on Mars Hill From: Luke 4: 7-8

Set your mind and heart today to worship the Lord and nothing else. Ask Him to show you anything that holds too much importance in your life and to remove that dark thing from your life.

 The Oil Of Ministry

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Aaron, Moses’ brother, began his ministry with an anointing, with oil poured on his head. How did David’s ministry begin? The prophet Samuel poured oil on David’s head. What is oil a symbol of? Oil is the symbol of the Spirit of God. Ministry must always begin with the Spirit. Messiah’s ministry began with the Spirit coming upon Him at the Jordan. The Apostles’ ministry began with the Spirit coming down on Pentecost. From the oil on Aaron’s head to the Apostles at Pentecost, ministry began with the Spirit. Every ministry, every calling must begin with God and His power. You too must be empowered by the Spirit, for without the Spirit there is no real ministry or power. There is an anointing given for your ministry also so that you may have the power, the gifts and whatever else is needed. But you must receive it and be led by the Spirit. So receive the anointing to fulfill your calling, because every ministry begins with the oil of the Spirit.

The Sacred Undergarments From: Acts 1:8

Today's Mission

Today, ask God to fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit and to empower you to live for Him as you fulfill the calling He has for your life.

The After The Fall Redemption

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In the Lord we often feel the worst thing that can happen to us is that we fall. We should try to do everything possible to avoid falling. But we need to realize something else. When did redemption begin? Redemption only begins after the fall. That’s when it all counts. We think we can relate to God as together people. We can’t. We can only come to God in need of being saved through grace. We never come because we’ve got it together. We come through mercy and grace. Salvation and grace only happens after the fall. In light of that, we only stand by grace and mercy. Sometimes we get so far away from grace; we think we are doing great, we are independent and self-sufficient. That’s actually fallen right there. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is when we trip up on our face. Then we go back to the foot of Messiah at the cross. Because there is no salvation without it, and all salvation is only within it. The grace of God can only be known now, after the fall.

Rising in Grace From: Joel 2:13

Today's Mission

Be grateful today for the Lord’s grace and mercy. Thank Him for not leaving you where He found you, for picking you up from your fall. And if you fall… Rise up – That’s what it’s all about.

The Cosmic Huppah

Monday, March 14, 2016

In every Hebrew marriage, there is a Huppah, a canopy that’s spread over the bride and groom. In a sense, the bridegroom spreads it over the bride as a symbol of his covering. Isaiah 4:5 says, “The Lord will create over Mount Zion a cloud of smoke by day, a glow of flaming fire by night, and over everything the glory will be a canopy.” Only in Hebrew it doesn’t say “canopy;” it says over everything the glory will be a Huppah! Amazing! Why? Because God will marry us in that day. Everything will be under His Huppah, under His covering. If you are in the Lord today, you are already in His Kingdom and, in a sense, married. That means everything you have is His and everything He has is yours. You are now under His covering. So learn to live and rest under His covering of love… protected and provided for. And live in the blessings of His joy and His peace, because your life is now under His Huppah.

– Under The Huppah  From: Ps. 91:4

Today's Mission

Spend time today resting in the reality that you are God’s beloved and He is yours. Come under His Huppah of love. Look to your Messiah who is your bridegroom.

                    Hebrews. 4:7

Sunday, March 13, 2016

7 he again defines a certain day, today, saying through David so long a time afterward (just as has been said), “Today if you will hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts.”

Thess. 5:16-18

Saturday, March 12, 2016

16 Rejoice always. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus toward you.

Sunday & The Cosmos

Friday, March 11, 2016

We think of Sunday as a religious day. Yet, Sunday has one of the most incredible mysteries. The universe was created on Sunday, and that is the mystery of the week. We don’t think of that, but every week is a recreation of the creation. Sunday is the beginning day, the first day in Hebrew, “Yom Rishon,” the day of the beginning. Messiah rose on Sunday, not because it’s the Christian Sabbath. He rose on Sunday because it’s Yom Rishon, day one, the day of the beginning, the alpha day, the Genesis day. What does that mean? The resurrection is the new beginning, it’s the new Genesis, the new existence. Live in the power of the first day, the new day, the dawning day. The power of Messiah is to live in day one everyday of your life. Your guilt or regret doesn’t matter; it’s all gone. It never even happened in Messiah. Live your life in the power of that first day, Yom Rishon, because in Him all things are new, and it will be because He rose on Sunday; the first day of the creation of the universe.

                                                                 Rasheet: The Beginning of Days

Today's Mission

Let today be a new beginning. Rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness to revive you! Walk in the newness of His love for you today.

3/12 1 Thess. 5:16-18 3/13 Heb. 4:7

In And Out Of The Garden

 Thursday, March 10, 2016

In the creation, God brought man into a garden. When? On the sixth day. In Hebrew, the sixth day begins Thursday night. In the new creation, Messiah suffered and died to redeem us. How did it all begin? It began in a garden, the Garden of Gethsemane, when the Temple guards came to take him away to be executed. As God, in the creation, God brought man into a garden, so in the redemption, man took God out of a garden. In Genesis, it all happened on the sixth day — So in redemption, Messiah was removed from the garden Thursday night — the Hebrew sixth day. On the sixth day, God brought man into a garden to bless him and make him rejoice — And on the sixth day again, man took God out of a garden to curse Him and make Him suffer. And why did God allow it? Because of you. God allowed Himself to be taken out of a garden to die, that you might be brought into a garden of blessing… to live.

                                                      The Sixth Day Revelation Mystery

Today's Mission

Thank God for His unselfishness and generosity as He sent Jesus to suffer on your behalf, bearing all your sin so you could live in heaven with Him for all eternity. And live today in the same spirit.

The Lion-Hearted

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Messiah came the first time as a lamb. But when He comes again, He is coming as a lion – bold, strong, mighty, roaring, and unstoppable. He is coming as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Revelation 5:5 says “Weep not, behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed to open the book.” We are the people of the Lion, here to prepare for the second coming. As end-time believers, we should begin living more like lions. We must stop living weak and compromised walks, and be strong and of good courage. It’s time to put away our weaknesses and timidity, and put on His strength and power. We must renounce fear and anxiety and start living confidently and unafraid. The time is now to become strong in righteousness, strong in faith, and strong in action. So put on a lion’s hope, a lion’s faith, lion-hearted love and lion-hearted confidence. Be as bold as a lion and unstoppable in the Spirit. It’s time to begin living the lion-hearted life, because we are preparing for the coming of the Lion.

                                                                                         Day of the Lion

Today, don’t be intimidated by this world, your circumstances or the problems. Take your place in God and see yourself as He sees you…empowered by His Spirit to be strong and an overcomer.


The Orthodox Jew Who Changed The World

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

There once was an Orthodox Jew, a student, studying the Torah in Yeshiva. He had plans for his life. He was going to become a great rabbi. But life didn’t follow his plans at all. Instead, his life was interrupted by a blinding light. This Orthodox Jew was Shaul, Saul, Paul the Apostle. He left Jerusalem and spread the Gospel of Messiah throughout the world… to gentiles and kings. He became a light to the nations, wrote most of the New Testament books, touched billions of lives, changed world history, and became known throughout the ages. Though his plans didn’t work out, God’s plan did! Perhaps you have plans for your life, and things aren’t going as planned. Praise God anyway because He says “I know the plans I have for you…” Even in your brokenness or failed dreams, God has plans for you too. So rejoice in that. Believe Him. Trust Him. Where He leads; follow. And you will find that His plans are higher and better by far. Just ask Paul.

                                                                                    – Provoked

Give your disappointments to God today. Thank God for the interrupted plans in your life and surrender now to His plan. Be encouraged in the knowledge that God is working all things for your good.

                                                                                The Predator
 Monday, March 7, 2016

When the Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land, God reminded them of their first battle with Amalek. Deuteronomy 25:17 says, “Remember what Amalek did to you by the way when you came out of Egypt. He met you there and struck the back part of you–those who were weak behind you when you were faint and tired. He did not fear God.” Amalek is a type of the enemy. His strategy is that of a wolf. He attacks from the rear, going after that which is weak and tired, and that which isn’t keeping up. Guard your weak areas, for that is where the enemy attacks. Be mindful when you’re tired or spiritually weary because the enemy is waiting to strike. Remember, he goes for the weak and weary ones, attacking those who don’t keep up, who become separated from the flock and the Shepherd. So get spiritually revived in God. It’s a safeguard. Stay close in fellowship and close with the flock. Most of all stay close to the Shepherd, so you’ll be kept safe from Amalek’s attack.

– Indiana Jones & the Mystery of Purim II

Today's Mission

Press in close to your Shepherd today. Ask the Lord to reveal the enemy’s plans to separate you from His flock. Ask Him to strengthen you where you have been weak.

Divine Eugenics

Friday, February 26, 2016

Rabbi Shaul, the Apostle Paul, went to Berea and preached. The Bible says the Bereans were noble. They received the word. The Greek word here for noble is eugenees. We get the word Eugene and eugenics from it. “Eu” means well and “genees” means genes or genetics – good genes or well- born. It’s translated into noble, of good birth. Most of the people in Berea weren’t nobility. They weren’t rich or powerful. In fact, there were probably a lot of very poor people. So how are they of good birth or good genes? When we become born again, we become someone who is born of a good birth. The Bereans received the word, which made them noble. When you receive the word you become born again. You become a true noble man or woman. You’re to live a noble life, a life of integrity and dignity, because you’re born of God. You’re of good stock, as well-born as it gets, so live that way. Live a life of nobility, because you’re a noble person in the Lord.

– The Bereans From: 1 Peter 2:9


you’re a child of God, act like your Father, walk in His ways of love. Show dignity and respect for yourself and others today.

The Overshadower

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Hebrew scriptures speak of Messiah coming at the sunrise. Isaiah 60:1 says, “Arise, shine; for your light has come.” In Malachi, “The Son of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings.” What happens when the sun rises? When the sun rises, everything else, every other light fades away. The moon becomes like a faded ghost. The stars disappear. That’s who Messiah is – He’s the One who overshadows everything else. If we turn to Messiah and see Him in His glory, if you see God face to face, everything else fades away because it’s so brilliant. That means your problems will fade away. Your worries will fade away. Your sins will fade away. Let Him overshadow everything else. Let His love overshadow your fears; His beauty overshadow the world around you; His joy oveshadow your temptations; His righteousness overshadow your sin, and His presence overshadow even your very life. Get so caught up in seeing Him who is the sunrise that the rest fades away. And when the rest fades away, then you are really seeing Him.

The Celestial Kingdom  From: Mal. 4:2

Today turn your heart, mind and focus to the sunrise of the Lord and let His light and love overshadow every thing else.

 The Most Miserable Minister

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jonah had an amazing ministry even though he did’t even want it. He gave the worst message you can give and what happened? Revival broke out. The whole city got saved. Jonah, the man who rejected his calling, wanted nothing to do with God’s call on his life, became the most successful missionary in history. This teaches us something very important. It’s not about us, it’s about God. If Jonah, who hated his calling, did everything he could to get out of it, became the most successful minister in history, then how much more can you do? You haven’t run away or been swallowed by a fish. The point is, it’s not your power or abilities that’s going to fulfill your ministry. It’s the power and ability of God. It’s just your yes. Get God into every part of your life and go for it. Because if God can fulfill the calling of Jonah who did everything he could to prevent it, how much more will He do for you.

The Holy Lawbreaker From: Phil. 4:13

Surrender to God’s will for your life today. Trust that God is able to fulfill His purpose for you by His power that is at work in you.


Minding Your Mind

Monday, February 22, 2016

We treat our thought life as if it’s something that just happens. The Bible says, “Take every thought captive.” This tells us that God has given us the ability to have charge over our thought life. You have the ability to bind and loose them, cut them off and lead them in the right direction. But what if it’s just something you feel? “I can’t control my feelings,” you might say. In Hebrew, one of the words for feelings is “lev,” which also means “mind, thoughts.” So don’t confuse your emotions and your thoughts. They are the same thing. God has given you the power to lead your thoughts, emotions and feelings – take all of it captive. It’s not the end of the story, it’s the beginning of the story. When you despair and say, “I can’t help it. It’s just the way I feel.” counteract this and say “But I’m not going to be stuck with it,” David asked, “Why are you so downcast?” He told his heart what to do. Start leading your thoughts. As Messiah leads you, you’ll have the power to lead them. It starts when you take every thought captive.

The Secret Of Heart Guiding  From: Phil. 4:8

Cast down negative thoughts and invite Jesus to be exalted over your mind today. Feelings can deceive us, but God’s Word never will.

The Mule And The Horse

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Proverbs 32:8-9 warns us not to be like the horse or the mule. The horse has to be pulled back with a bridle or it will run off on its own. The mule tends not to move forward without a great tug from its master. Both animals obey only because they’re bridled and are forced to comply. Believers often show this same behavior. There are those who jump ahead of God and have to be reined in like the headstrong horse. Then there are those believers who hear God’s call but refuse to listen and drag behind like the stubborn mule. Their obedience does not come willingly from the heart. God wants you to obey Him because you want to; not because you have to. Doing what’s right needs to come from a desire to please Him. Do you want to truly walk in the will of God? Then listen and obey with a willing heart. A walk that strives to please God will lead to knowing God more, loving Him more, being with Him more, and being like Him more. Seek God, seek Him from the heart, walk after His heart. You can leave the bridle to the horse and the mule.

Knowing God’s Will From: Col. 1:10

Obey God with a joyful heart. Find God’s heart today and seek His will for you. Let Him lead you and guide you. Be mindful not to rush ahead but walk with Him side by side.

Cornerstone Construction

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rosh Pinah is one of the most important titles in Scriptures. Psalm 118 says the stone that the builders rejected has become the Rosh Pinah, the cornerstone. In Acts 4:4-12, Peter says, “He is the stone which you the builders rejected, but which has become the Rosh Pinah, the cornerstone.” One of Messiah’s titles is Rosh Pinah in Hebrew, which means literally, Rosh (head) and Pinah (corner), head of the corner, cornerstone. The cornerstone is the first stone from which everything else is built. Only upon Messiah can you build your life. You can’t build your life on marriage, career, or anything else. You can only build it on the cornerstone. He is the Rosh Pinah, the beginning of everything. Begin everything with Him. Start your day on the cornerstone – because everything that is not founded on Him will surely fall apart. Everything founded on Him, will surely stand. Build your life on Him. He is the only foundation that anything can be built upon. He is your cornerstone. He is your Rosh Pinah.

From Message #1313 – The Mystery of Rosh Pinah

From: Is. 28:16

Today's Mission

Start everything with Yeshua. Go to the chief cornerstone for lasting joy in what you touch upon today. Don’t start anything without Him!

Your Kata

Monday, January 25, 2016

If you’re reading the Gospels in Greek, you see the word kata. Kata means according to, by, or on the basis of. Matthew the gospel kata, Mark kata, Luke kata, John kata. It’s the good news of God. Even though your unsaved friends may never read the Gospel and have it manifested, they need to see it. Because of this, the Gospel needs to be the gospel kata, – kata you, according to you. Every time you show them God’s love, forgive them, rejoice when you have no reason to, they’re reading the Gospel kata without realizing it. Every time they see your peace, faith, generosity, your love for them, they’re going to see the Gospel kata, according to you. It doesn’t matter if they take Bible studies or what they think of the Bible. They’ll be reading it because the Gospel will come into their ears, eyes and hearts. Get that Gospel into every part of your life, because in as much as you live it, it will be translated to the world, the Gospel kata, the Gospel according to you.

 The Five Gospels  From: Matt. 5:16

Be a shining example of God’s light to the world. Show love through random acts of love for others. Live the love, let them see God’s love in you, flowing out.


Friday, January 22, 2016

1 Corinthians 13 says that love perseveres, endures. Some translations render it as long suffering, but the Greek word is macro. In photography, a macro-zoom goes the long distance. That’s what love is, it has to be for the long distance, the long run. God’s love, agape, isn’t short term, not a feeling or something that comes and goes, not a high. God’s love is for the long haul. God loved Israel 4,000 years ago. He still loves Israel today. His love for Israel is macro. God loved you when you first came to the Lord. He loves you just as much now. His love for you is macro. His love goes the distance. It holds on when it’s easy, when it’s hard, when you’re love able and when you’re unlovable. Your love also has to be macro-love that goes the distance. Not a feeling that comes and goes. Real love perseveres, presses through, never gives up. Love with a true love because that’s exactly how God loves you and will always love you. Love with a love that He loved you with… macro love.

– Love Is  From: Romans 13:8

Commit to a love not based on feelings, but a love that perseveres, and presses through no matter what.

 Living In The Or

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My sister was correcting her daughter. My sister said, “Young lady, are you going to do this? Yes or no?” My niece replied “OR, I choose OR.” Totally rebellious, not good behavior, but clever. Strange? Not really, we do that in the Lord. The Lord says if Baal is god, choose him. If the Lord is God, choose Him. But we don’t really give an unconditional yes. We don’t totally give up the old. We don’t fully say “yes” to God and we don’t fully say “no” to the world. We are living in the land of “OR.” A little righteous, a little sinful, a little prayer, a little worldly, a little compromise. We live in the land of “OR.” It’s God, but then there’s an idol. We haven’t once and for all cut that thing off, or ruled God in. We are living in the land of “OR,” and Abraham left the land of Ur. As Abraham’s children, you have to leave the land of “OR.” Choose yes once and for all. You are going to be blessed the moment you choose, and start coming out of the land of “OR.”

 The Other King From: Joshua 24:15

Move out of the land of Or and into the land of decision for God. End indecision and begin victory

Some Trust In Duct Tape

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Because of a recent terrorism scare, the government gave instructions on how to survive a chemical or nuclear attack. How? With duct tape and plastic wrap. Are you concerned with terrorism? No. Why not? I have duct tape. Concerned with a nuclear explosion? No. Duct tape. What about the book of Revelation? It’s okay, I have duct tape. The cup of judgment? Duct tape. Armageddon? Duct tape. Well, they meant well. Personally, I picked up some duct tape and plastic wrap, just in case. In the end, it doesn’t matter what security we have, it’s just duct tape and plastic wrap. There’s only One who can save us. Only one we can rest in and find peace. His name is Yeshua, Jesus. Jesus’ real name, Yeshua, means He will save. If you are saved, that means you are safe…only in Him. That’s the point. In Him we are to rest and trust, and find peace. Some trust in chariots, some in duct tape, but for you, trust in Yeshua who is strong and mighty to keep you in perfect shalom….strong against any terror and more effective than duct tape.

 Secrets of the Soul Keepers From: Ps. 18:2

Today trust in the power of the name of Yeshua, Jesus. And in that name, be secure and confident

Beggars Of Heaven

Monday, January 18, 2016

When my father was very young he would often see people in restaurants eating things he wanted. He would go to the other tables and beg for food. When his father saw this, he was embarrassed because it was a reflection of him. So it is for the children of God. When we live as desperate, needy people, always feeling the need for love, the approval and acceptance of others, and needing what other people have, we are dishonoring Him. If we live to get success and comfort from this world or to take from this world, we will be miserable; we are saying He is not taking care of us. We are testifying against our heavenly Father. We are an embarrassment to the kingdom. He commanded us to rejoice; it’s a great thing. Be joyful, it’s okay, it’s a command. You are a child of God, a child of the King. Stop being needy; stop living like a beggar. You have everything you need. Remember that you’re a reflection of your Father in heaven. He is the God of all, and God called you to live like the child of a King–not like a beggar.

 Orphans of the Father  From: Matt. 6:33

Today don’t live in need, but truly as a child of the king – giving and blessing.

Receiving The Forever Gift

Friday, January 15, 2016

Micah 5:2 talks about the One who was born in Bethlehem. Beyond that it says “from the days of forever.” Clearly, someone is from the days of forever. Everyone begins at one point in time, but only One is from forever. Only One has no beginning–God! The One born in Bethlehem is God–Messiah. It has to be that way because only God is God, only God is good, and only what comes from God is good. Messiah didn’t really come from Bethlehem. He came from eternity. Bethlehem received Him. So we need to be like Bethlehem. If you try to produce righteousness, love or holiness, it won’t be good. You can’t produce God from yourself; you must receive Him every day from eternity. You receive that which you didn’t begin, and it will become a blessing in your life. Messiah, the Gift of God, is not from Bethlehem, but through Bethlehem, from the days of eternity. Realize that all the good you will ever do in the Lord cannot be produced. It can only be received and then given from the days of eternity.

 Days of Eternity  From: Luke 18:19

Whatever you need to do and become in your walk and calling – first receive God’s infilling of blessing and anointing. Then do it.

The Miracle Transporter

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mary didn’t leave the glorious miracle of Messiah behind in Bethlehem. She brought it with her into Egypt, then out of Egypt, across its borders. She carried it to Nazareth because the miracle wasn’t about a place. Mary took the treasure and she went. We have to do the same. The miracle is not having a high experience with God; a miracle is greater. The miracle is Him, not something for a moment, not dependent upon anything else. It’s what you carry from your time with the Lord. If the miracle is just an experience, it won’t change your life. A miracle changes you when you apply it to your everyday life. That’s when it becomes a miracle life. For Joseph and Mary, the angels and shepherds all left; the thing was over. They no longer had the experience. Nevertheless they left Bethlehem with the reality of the miracle. So you too, become a transporter of miracles. Take the miracle home; take it everywhere, and don’t leave home without it. The miracle will transform every situation in your life, and your life will become, at all times, a miracle.

 The Miracle Keepers  From: Ex. 34:10

Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, is your miracle. Bring it’s presence and life into parts of your life and world you never have before.

The Inn Place

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

With life’s many distractions, it’s often hard to get alone with the Lord. Two-thousand years ago in Bethlehem, the place to be it seemed, was the inn. The inn was filled with people; there was no more room. The inn was where it was at. It was “in” to be at the “inn.” The manger was outside the inn, not the place to be. But today no one is interested in the inn, but everyone is interested in the manger. In the end, it’s not the “inn” things that are going to be where God is at. That seems like the “in” place, but in the end, it’s not going to be. The “in” place is going to be where Messiah’s presence is – God’s presence. The other stuff is going to be empty; forgotten. The only thing that will matter is you being alone with the Lord, in God’s presence; that’s it. Just like Joseph and Mary, get out of the inn and get into the manger, into the quiet with God, because there’s no room at the inn. But in the manger is the presence of God.

 The Manger People   From: Ps. 16:11

Find a quiet place where you can be completely alone with God, to pray and have fellowship with Him! You will find rest there.

The End-Time Warriors

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

God’s people are fighters. Israel wasn’t just a nation, it was an army. If you are a child of God, you need to be a fighter. It may be great to hang out and fellowship with others, but you also need to fight. The world is fighting with darkness; the light has to fight back. It’s not against flesh and blood, but against this present darkness. Fight the good fight. The people of God had swords, armor, shields, and they fought against overwhelming odds. Most weren’t even trained soldiers, but it was God’s power. So for you; the same thing. You may not consider yourself strong, but with God you have to fight, and you will be a fighter. With God you will overcome and win. Don’t only have hope. Have a fighting hope. Put on fighting goodness, fighting perseverance, fighting faith, fighting joy, fighting encouragement, fighting self-control, fighting zeal, and worship–that fights through; discipline that fights, courage that fights, a victory that fights, joy that fights even when it’s hard to be joyful, a fighting spirit. Fight the good fight of faith. Be a warrior…an end- time fighter in the Lord.

– The Chanukizers From: Judges 6:12

Stand firm today; resolve to fight against the darkness by shining the light of Messiah and upholding His word!

The Holy Headband

Monday, January 11, 2016

Israel’s priest wore a gold crown that said, “Holy to the Lord.” His headpiece had to be consistent with the holiness of the rest of his garments. We too are called priests, and need to have a crown consistent with our faith. Your thought life crowns your mind; it has to be consistent. However, how often do you worship the Lord while thinking about something else? You say, “I love you brother”, but you really can’t stand him. “I’ll pray about that,” knowing you’ll probably never pray. Your thought life has to be consistent with your faith and ministry, and the rest of your life. The inside has to be the same as the outside. Your actions and thoughts must be pure and consistent with what you mean in your heart. Say what you think; think what you mean; mean what you say; do what you mean–it’s all together. Be consistent in every way; holy from the inside out. God wants your prayer life, thought life, and emotional life to be holy. Let Him have His way. Let your thoughts become Kadosh L’Adonai, holy unto the Lord; pure as a crown of gold.

– The Spirit Mind  From: 1 Peter 1:16

Consecrate your thought life to God and His purposes. Seek to bring every thought in line with your faith.

 The Enemy Whistle

Friday, January 8, 2016

There was an old man in my neighborhood who didn’t want anyone parking in front of his house. When anyone would, he would run outside blowing a whistle yelling at them not to park there. The people were intimidated and would move. It wasn’t true; they were allowed to park there, but because they believed his whistle, they lost their parking spot. He had no right to do that. The enemy is like that man with the whistle. He says you have to stay in that sin, that bondage. You have to live in fear, worry, etc.; not the life God has for you. If we accept that, we miss it, even though he had no right to do that, even though the promise was ours. The enemy is just like the man with the whistle with no legitimate authority; a thief. Stand on the word; call his bluff. Because Messiah said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.” That’s the truth. Everything else, my friend, is just a man with a whistle.

Stealing the Showbread  From: Jn. 10:27

Meditate on the authority of Messiah and take authority over the enemy’s intimidation.

The Forbidden Tree

Thursday, January 7, 2016

There are many books about things that God didn’t reveal in the Bible. Consider Eve eating the fruit of the tree in the Garden of Eden. God gave Adam and Eve every tree to eat from; only one did He forbid. Eve focused on that one outside of God’s will and ate from it. Similarly, David had everything, but He focused on that one outside God’s will–Bathsheba. Human nature has always been seeking life outside of God. We do it too. We tell ourselves that it is of God. Maybe it’s just a little outside His will, but we still want to indulge in it. The truth is, there is nothing outside of Him. It’s all in Him–every revelation, mystery, fullness of deity, true joy that lasts. Everything is in Him. Whatever you thought you wanted that was outside of God’s will is not good. The only good is inside Him. Imagine how much we would have avoided if Adam and Eve stuck with all the trees of the garden instead of focusing on the one. The same with you. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Rejoice in what you do. Seek everything in Him.

– The Grass on the Othe Side of the Cherubim  From: Jn. 1:3-5

Don’t be deceived by the “green grass on the other side of the fence…” it may contain a sinkhole of misery. Keep your eyes on Messiah and rejoice in your blessings and live!!!

Throwing Jonah

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We read about Jonah through Jonah’s perspective. But we can learn something more through another’s perspective – the crew. The crew had problems–the boat, the wind, the storm. But their real problem was Jonah. Once they realized that, they threw him overboard; no more problems, just smooth sailing, nice and quiet. But for Jonah, he was swallowed by the fish. For them, their problem was over; they threw it overboard. Similarly, you might be dealing with continual problems in your life. The real problem may not always be the problems that are in front of you, but something deeper. Perhaps not everything in your life is going wrong, but there is something in your life that is not in the Lord’s will…not God’s best. Until you deal with that thing, and throw it overboard, you are not going to solve the other problems. You may already have a notion concerning what it is or you might have to seek for it. But if there IS something, that something is your Jonah. Deal with it, throw it overboard once and for all, and the storm will cease. You will have smooth sailing.

 The Deciders From: 1 Peter 5:7

Find a quiet place to pray and seek God’s will for your life! Take steps to rid your mind and life of anything that’s against His will! Throw it overboard!

Your Bag Of Miracles

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A farmer has a bag of seeds filled with things such as the promise of life and fruitfulness. If the farmer doesn’t put the seed into the soil, it remains like a promise unfulfilled. The Bible is a bag of many seeds. Every seed or word is filled with life and promise; a potential forest of fruitfulness, victory, love, joy, promises of God, miracles, and abundant life. It’s all there, but it’s only unlocked when you take the seed out of the bag. Take the word, the verse, the truth or the promise out of the bag; water it with faith, and apply it to your life. Take it with you into the dirt, the muck, the messiness of real life; your work life, home life, emotional life, your daily life, your thought life. Let it get inside of you. The one who hears the Word and takes it to heart is the good soil who will bear much fruit. Do you have a bag full of promises, blessings, power, and life? It’s all waiting to touch your life. Take it out, apply it to your life and you’ll be blessed 100-fold with blessings of power and life.

– The Imperishable Seed From: Is. 55:10-11

Take a word from the word of God – a seed. Apply it throughout the day to the soil of your life.

 The Choice Of Your Shannah

Monday, January 4, 2016

The word in Hebrew for year is Shannah. But the word Shannah comes from the Hebrew for the number two. And the word year in Hebrew means “the second time, the repetition, the repeat” – for each year is like a repeat of the year before. We often live our lives just this way; we continue to do the same things: the same mistakes, the same stumblings, the same fears. It’s just a Shannah – a repetition of what went before. But the word Shannah also means “new, the second, the second chance.” So each Shannah, each year, is given to give us a chance for newness in our life. A new beginning to do the things we never do but should, to make the changes we know we should. It’s up to you to choose which one it will be. In the power of God, He wants this Shannah to be something new and different, for “brand new” things, for overcoming and for victory. For in the new birth, all things will become new for you – but you need courage to break out of the repetition and into the newness of life.

 The Shannah  From: 2 Cor. 5:17

Do something new today – take a new course – a new action – step out in faith – break the routine – do something unexpected of the old you – but part of the new you God has called you to become.


Friday, January 1, 2016

Dear Friend, As we begin a new year, it’s a fitting time for an update…God’s necessity is to judge evil. His heart is for mercy. He warns before He judges. The Harbinger opens up the biblical template of judgment that manifested in ancient Israel. It revealed that the same 9 harbingers warning of judgment that appeared in Israel’s last days are now reappearing in America. In other words, that America is now the nation in danger of judgment. The Tipping Point. The Harbinger first came out in 2012. That year turned out to be a tipping point, when for the first time in American history, the majority of Americans came out in favor of ending the biblical definition of marriage, in effect, God’s order of creation. That same year, America elected for the first time, a president who advocated for ending the biblical definition. America’s fall and apostasy from God has greatly accelerated, deepened, and intensified. And the harbingers have not stopped but have continued to manifest. The Year Of The Fall, The Mystery of the Shemitah opens up the ancient seven-year template of the Shemitah, the Sabbath Year that has marked some of the greatest collapses, crashes, and cataclysms in the financial world, the economic world, and world history itself. From the beginning I’ve cautioned believers not to focus on dates and that nothing had to happen on any day, period, or cycle. At the same time, the most predominant of the Shemitah’s templates, that of the long-term descent of the world’s markets has fully manifested, wiping out 2 trillion dollars of the American markets, 11 trillion dollars of world markets, producing two of the top ten greatest crashes in world history including Black Monday, and devastating the new engine of the world economy, China, wiping out nearly half of its financial realm. At the same time, there was another fall. The Shemitah of 2015 marked a milestone in the moral and spiritual fall of American civilization as the nation’s Supreme Court struck down the biblical definition of marriage. The ramifications of this with regard to apostasy, persecution, and judgment have not yet been fathomed. Israel And The Abrahamic Covenant One of the saving graces in America’s apostasy from God is that it still blessed Israel. The Abrahamic Covenant ordains that those nations that bless Israel will be blessed. But now we are witnessing the deterioration of America’s relationship with Israel and the signing of a covenant with Iran that Israeli leaders say places the Jewish nation in danger. To fall away from God and Israel at the same time is ominous. The Beginning Of Persecution. When a nation calls what is sin a good thing it will end up calling what is good, evil. This means God, the Bible, and true believers. It means persecution. We are witnessing more and more believers being found guilty by the state, punished, boycotted, even thrown in jail for holding to what God says. In short, we stand in critical days. We need to be watchful and in prayer concerning judgment. At the same time, none of this is a surprise to God. He is still in control and still greater than this world. Let us resolve this month to pray for revival and not just pray for revival, but actually start living in revival. May God greatly bless you as you do. Your brother and co-laborer in His love and service, Jonathan

 The Tectonic Moment  From: Rev. 3:11

 The Inn And The Out

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Messiah was born in a manger because there was no room at the inn. But the deeper reason was this; the room at the inn was too small for Him. The palace at Jerusalem would have been too small for Him, and the temple itself. Solomon said after building the most magnificent temple, “This temple can’t contain you God, nor can the highest heaven…” When God came into the world, there couldn’t be room for Him in any place. That’s why he was born outside. Nothing is big enough to contain His presence. Only the outside can begin to fathom His awesomeness. What about you? The Word says He dwells in those who receive Him. But how can He, when even the Temple couldn’t contain Him. He came into the OPEN; so if you have God inside you, you must live in the OPEN with no walls of bitterness, pride, fear, or selfishness. Only with an OPEN life, OPEN heart, OPEN spirit of love, joy, mercy, will the Lord really dwell in your life. Open your heart, your mind, your horizons, your life. For the Lord comes to dwell in, THE OPEN.

– The Gospel of the Moons  From: 1 Cor. 3:16-17

Open your heart completely to Him to be used as a holy vessel, open your mind, open your way. Be as a holy instrument to let the Holy Spirit flow through you.

he Age Changer

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Imagine someone was born today and because of his birth, every calendar would be changed; all dates of history would be rewritten. Everything afterwards would be dated in relation to this birth. Events beforehand dated in relation to how far it was before his birth. Yes, it happened; a child was born in an obscure village, in a manger with no one seeing but animals and a few shepherds. In the midst of deep obscurity, this event changed all the world’s calendars. How could this happen? It couldn’t, unless this life was the life of the Son of God, Messiah, Yeshua. How awesome is His life and what a difference His coming makes. It changes everything from BC to AD. What about your life? If Messiah’s coming so revolutionizes world history, how much more must it be for your life? Are you living a revolutionary life? Are you living an AD life? Is that AD life and power so revolutionary that it makes everything before it BC? He has come and that changes everything. Be a revolutionary. Walk in His power and make everything else BC, for He has come.

– BC/AD  From: Gal. 4:4

Today stand in the power of A.D. Turn away from every trace of B.C. in your life – and live in the new, A.D., you.

 The One Behind The Wall

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In the Song of Solomon, the beloved says, “My lover is like a gazelle or a young stag. Look, there he stands behind our wall.” The word in Hebrew is kotel. Today in Israel the holiest place is called the Kotel or the Western Wall. It’s where Jewish people go to pray. So the holiest site in Judaism is a wall. It’s significant. For the Jewish people have had a wall between them and their Messiah. But here’s the good news. It says our beloved is behind the wall. Right behind that wall is the Lord. Messiah is waiting with open arms for His people, right behind that wall. Yeshua, my beloved, is behind the wall. Do you feel there is a wall between you and God? Maybe your sins and your problems keep you separated. But your Beloved is right there, right behind the wall, waiting with His arms open. Whatever the wall is, don’t fear. Don’t worry, just break through because He is waiting. Your Beloved is right behind the wall.

– Israel’s Yom Kippur Finale From: Jude 20-21

What wall do you have in your life? Look by faith, right behind your wall to see Messiah, and walk through it to Him.

Returning To David

Monday, December 21, 2015

In Hosea it says, “The children of Israel will abide many days without a king or prince, without sacred stone or sacrifice, ephod or idols. Afterward, the Israelites will return and seek the Lord their God and David their King. They will come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness in the last days.” The Bible says in the last days the Jewish people will return to the Lord and to David, their King. David was dead 3,000 years before that, so why is David there? David is a way of saying the Son of David, Messiah. In the end times, the Jewish people will return to the Lord, to Messiah. That means they have left their Messiah. There’s only one that they left, Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah. When the Jewish people come back to Israel, when Israel is a nation again, know you are living in the last days. It’s the time for the Jewish people to return to their Messiah, Jesus. So pray for them. Keep praying. Keep sharing. Keep blessing because the days are near when they shall come back to David, Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus their King.

 The Three End-Time Teshuvas From: Matt. 22:42

Today's Mission

In your prayer time today, pray for all Jewish people around the world that they would see the truth of Jesus as their Messiah. Ask God to prepare their hearts for His return.


Friday, December 18, 2015

We know it as Easter, the time of the crucifixion and resurrection. Easter is a pagan word linked to Ayustra, the goddess of fertility. The actual word in the Bible is written in the old King James is the word Pascha. Pascha comes from the Hebrew word Pesach. Pesach is Passover. Messiah is not our Easter, but Messiah is our Passover Lamb. Even the first believers celebrated what we call Easter on Passover. It was only later ruled out as they ruled out the Jewish things. It shows us that our faith is Jewish, no matter what; you are born as a citizen of Israel. Messiah is our Passover; Pesach, our Passover Lamb. His name is Passover. And therefore, Messiah gives you the power of Passover, the power to walk in freedom as did the Israelites. Let the power of Passover cause you to Passover that past, to whatever you have been in, to Passover from death to life, from that sin to freedom.

– The Hidden End-Time Holiday From: Rom. 6:13

Today's Mission

Receive the power of the Passover Lamb in every area of your life, and walk in freedom today.

 The Priest’s Undergarment And Sexuality

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The priests of Israel wore sacred, holy garments. The high priest wore the breastplate; the ephod; the urim; the thummim, and the golden crown. He also had to have holy undergarments. Even on the inside, that which touched his body had to be holy. There’s a lot we can take from this. It’s not just the outer things that people see, but the inner things, the things that touch. In Hebrew it speaks about the private parts. There is to be no hint of sexual immorality; everything in our life is to be covered by the Lord. No off-colored remarks, no room for wandering eyes, even our private thoughts are to be covered. Each of us is brother and sister until there is union in marriage; that is the covering. Many ministers have fallen because this was not covered. Cover yourself, every part of your life, under the holy covering of God including your sexuality and God will bless you. For the Lord requires us to be holy from the outside in and the inside out.

From Message #1202 – The Sacred Undergarments

From: Deut. 7:6

Today's Mission

Bring any impurity in your life to God. Open it up totally to Him. Let Him touch it. Commit your heart to total victory, by the power of God.

 The Upside-Down Power

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The power of the cross…think about it. An execution stake, a horrible vessel of torture and death that becomes a symbol of life and hope. Death turns into life. The worst thing that can happen becomes the best thing. Here’s the worst sin, the crucifixion of God, yet it becomes the greatest act of righteousness that’s ever been. Here’s the ending of God’s life, yet it becomes the beginning. The cross becomes a place of hope; the tomb, a place of new beginning. That’s the power of God. The power of Messiah is to turn everything upside down. The Apostle Paul was accused; the man who was turning the world upside down. You have that power too. If you are in Messiah, you have the power to turn everything upside down, to turn your sorrow into joy, your setbacks into victory, your failures into triumph, to turn every bad thing into the blessing of God. Use that power; the cross is the most revolutionary power in the universe. It’s the power for the Lord and in the Lord to turn your life and the world upside down.

From Message #1201 – Upside Down From: 1 Cor. 1:24-25

Ask God to show you the areas of your life that need restoring/healing and apply His power to them. Seek God to turn problems into answers, tears into joy, and endings into new beginnings

 The Zoroastrians

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In an ancient Middle Eastern land, there’s a caste of priests called the Zoroastrians of the Magian or Zoroastrian faith–the Magi. They dressed in white robes and conical hats. They begin a journey not knowing where it will lead them. Seeking something greater, they ultimately came to the house of a Jewish family with a Jewish child. They would come to know the child as the Light of the world, the Glory of Israel. They followed a star which brought them to Bethlehem; a moment ordained from the beginning. The prophet Isaiah said in his writings, “Arise, shine, for your light has come. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.” It says, “They will bring you gifts of gold and frankincense.” When the Light of Israel comes, the Gentiles will come bringing gold and frankincense. They were the first to fulfill the prophecy—because the Light has come. Be like the Magi. You don’t have to understand everything. Just follow His leading, and you will end up fulfilling the destiny for which you were born.rnrnrnrn

 The Magi Mystery  From: Eph. 5:8-9

Today's Mission

Make today a spiritual journey. Seek and follow God’s will and leading in everything, and be led to a treasure.

The Synagogue Church

Monday, December 14, 2015

The church and the synagogue are two separate and opposed things. There is a barrier between the church, the synagogue, the Gospel and Jewish people. The first of what we call “church” was in Jerusalem. The leader was James. He wrote one of the earliest epistles. James 2:2 says, “If a man comes into your meeting, into your assembly, …” The word here for into your assembly or church is synagogue. That’s where we get the word synagogue from. The first churches were in synagogues. The first church in Jerusalem was in a synagogue and that is the mother of all churches, the synagogue. We have to remember the Gospel is to the Jew first; we have to pray for the Jewish people; love the Jewish people. Salvation came to you from the Jewish people; you are part of something Jewish. If you are born again, you’re a child of Abraham. You are of the commonwealth, a citizen of Israel. So be blessed…the first church was in a synagogue.

 The Doctrine of Caesar From: Rom. 1:16

Today, ponder the fact that you are actually a citizen of Israel, spiritually Jewish. The word Jew means praise. Praise Him continually

The Axe Principle Or How To Be Focused

Friday, December 11, 2015

Eccl. 10:10 says, “When the axe is dull, unsharpened, more strength is required. But with wisdom or skill, you will have success…” Simple but profound. If you have a knife that’s not sharp, you will have to use a lot more effort to get things cut. But the sharper it is, the less strength you’ll need to do it. It’s not just for knives, but for our lives. We can be doing things that are draining us of energy, and getting little results; not being effective for God because your axe is dull. If you live without focus, life becomes dull; you don’t accomplish much. You spend a lot of time and effort with little return. Like Paul, become focused on the Lord. He said, “I do nothing without aim, everything is focused on Messiah.” He had purpose; he was consistent; focused; he changed the world. Make Messiah the focus of everything. Fix your eyes on Him, run the race, you’ll become as a newly sharpened knife and be able to slice right through your problems.

 – Sharp   From: Heb. 12:1-2

Today's Mission

Sharpen yourself spiritually. Aim to live a day of focus, staying fixed on Him, fulfilling His call and will in everything you do.

The House Of Caiaphas And The Mystery Of The Hikrib

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Messiah was brought to the house of Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin, into the dominion and jurisdiction of the priest of Israel. In ancient Israel, when a sacrifice was offered up, there was a procedure to be followed. The first part was called the Hikrib, from a Hebrew word which means close or near. Hikrib means the bringing near of the sacrifice into the dominion of the priest. You had to give the sacrifice to the priest. Therefore Messiah, as the sacrifice, had to be brought to the house of Caiaphas, just as the sacrifice had to be brought to the dominion of the priest – the Hikrib. In the same way, you need to bring Messiah near to every part of your life, near to your hearts, near to your sin, near to your emotions, near to your past, near to your wounds, your secret things, your dreams, everything. The whole point is the sacrifice has to be brought near. Bring Messiah near, because that is when it counts.

 Footsteps On The Altar From: Eph. 2:13

Perform your Hikrib today. Bring Messiah into every part of your life. Surrender all weakness, and temptation.

The Torah Of Spirit

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jeremiah 31:31 speaks of the New Covenant God promised to Israel. The time is coming says the Lord, I will make a New Covenant, not like the old; I will write it on their hearts. The Old Covenant has 613 commandments for every part of life–eating, clothing, hygiene, worship, fellowship, marriage, taking out the garbage–everything. The New Covenant, life in the Spirit, probably has more. The Spirit commands not by force, but moving by the Spirit. There’s a way to live in the Spirit for every part of your life. There’s a way in the Spirit to dress, to walk, to wash, to work, taking out the garbage. The Orthodox Jew lives according to the Law. You are in the Spirit, and there’s the Spirit way to raise your children, to speak, to answer, to play, to work, to shop–in the Spirit! Every part of your life is to be a worship service. Messiah has put His spirit within you so at all times, you can walk in the Spirit of God and fulfill the Law or the Torah of the Spirit.

 The Spirit-Filled Lift From: Gal. 5:16-17

Today resolve to be all the more open to the power of the Holy Spirit. Let Him lead you. Be moved by the Spirit in everything you do today.

 The Visible Zeus & The Invisible Elohim

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hanukkah was about a war between God and Zeus, a Greek god. His statue was placed in the temple, defiling it. The worship of Zeus was carnal, an idol to fill the senses. The Lord is not an object, nor an idol. His worship is spiritual; of the Spirit. The feast of Hanukkah uniquely gives clues about end-time culture; a war between the carnal and the spiritual. Our present culture focuses on the senses. “If it feels good, do it.” Unfortunately, this has seeped into the House of God. Believers are told to go by feelings. “God will make you feel good; feel the Spirit.” This is not the way of God; it’s of Zeus. Feelings must never lead faith; only follow. We follow God; He’s beyond the sensual. We are never called to feel God, but to know God. We live by faith, not by sight. We still know Him when we don’t feel Him. We praise Him when we don’t feel like it. Stop going by feelings. Know it, believe it, choose it, and stand in it. For you are of not of Zeus, but Jehovah!

 Zeus & Jehovah  From: Deut. 5:7-8

Today, make it your aim not to live by your feelings, senses, or emotions, but by the reality of God, the truth of the Word, the assurance of the Gospel.

Transporting The Miracles

Monday, December 7, 2015

The nativity was a moment in time filled with the miraculous. But Mary didn’t leave the miracle behind in Bethlehem. She brought it with her to Egypt, then out of Egypt across the borders to Nazareth. The miracle was deeper than a place, circumstance, day or situation. It is said that Mary treasured these things in her heart. We have to do the same thing. The miracle isn’t about having a high experience with God – it’s greater than any high experience or circumstance. The miracle is Him, His presence. That’s not just something for a moment. The miracle is what you carry, it’s what you take from your time and experience with the Lord. A miracle changes your life when you apply the miracle to your everyday life. That’s when it becomes a miracle life. For Joseph and Mary, the angels, shepherds – they were all eyewitnesses to a personal experience of the reality of the miracle. Become a transporter of miracles. Take the miracle home, don’t leave home without it. The miracle will transform every situation and your life will become at all times, a miracle.

 The Miracle Keepers  From: Luke 2:1-20

Today, bring the miracle into every situation. Let God’s presence transform every circumstance and moment of this day.

 The Hunter’s Temptation

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hunters hunt by using bait–the pleasure principle. Worms are gourmet for fish. Another temptation is sex; a hunter blows a horn imitating a duck call. The male duck, looking for a good time, gets caught. That’s not just true for animals and hunters, it’s true of the enemy, the hunter of your soul. He uses the pleasure principle to trap you, to get you away from God, into temptation, out of God’s will. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether you have a hard time with other believers, that’s the pleasure/pain principle. He will offer something to get you away from fellowship. To overcome that, stop living by pleasure and stop avoiding the uncomfortable. Seek God and His righteousness. Refuse the pleasures of sin and embrace the hardness of the cross. When the enemy’s bait has nothing to connect to, he can’t touch you. The enemy’s worm, the enemy’s horn will not lure you. Reject the pleasure principle for the God principle and the righteousness principle. Do what is right. Forget about pain or pleasure and you will end up a victorious believer and not a dead duck.

 The Pleasure Principle  From: John 10:10

Today's Mission

When you face temptation today, try something new – look to the end of that temptation, where it will take you, the pain it will bring – and resist It!

 the Undipped

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Greek myth tells of when Achilles was a baby; his mother dipped him into the “River of Immortality.” But the heel by which his mother held him wasn’t dipped into the water–leaving him vulnerable there. Thus the phrase: “Achilles heel.” He died when an arrow struck his heel. Achilles was dipped in a myth, but we are dipped for real. We are baptized in Messiah, completely submerged in Him in salvation. You won’t have victory where something is not covered. The enemy can still touch you where you are not submerged under Messiah’s headship, leaving you vulnerable. The enemy will have a foothold or heel hold of anything that is out of the cross; anything out of His Lordship. Submerge yourself into Him. Dip everything in your life: that sin, that thing, that ambition, that habit under His Lordship, and it will be covered. The enemy will be defeated in your life, and there will be no more strongholds, footholds; or heel holds. You’ll have victory, and no Achilles heel. Submerge your spot so there will be nothing left in your life that is undipped.

– Whelmed  From: Ps. 62:2

Today's Mission

Give the enemy of your soul no room in your life. Cover every weakness, every temptation with the blood of Yeshua. Immerse yourself in Messiah to be completely His.

The Harder The Test

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Are you going through some hard tests; having a hard time hanging on? You think you don’t have the strength for it? When you were in the fifth grade, you were given a test harder than in first grade. You were given more because you learned more. You’re accountable for more as you progress. The first grader has easier tests. The third grader harder, the fifth grader harder still. To whom much is given, much is required. If you’re going through a tough time, be encouraged because the hardness of the test manifests the level you are at and the degree of the revelation. It’s a good thing. Do you have harder tests? You are at a higher level. God believes you can handle it. He won’t give you any test you can’t handle with Him. The harder the test, the greater the blessing, the higher the place you’re going to get to when you pass the test. So dig in your heels my friend, burn the midnight oil, embrace the challenge. Pass that test; it’s a sign you are in the big leagues.

– Miracles In Sodom  From: Ps. 26:2

Today's Mission

Persevere through your trials today. Treat every problem, obstacle, or setback as a test. Seek to find the lesson to be learned and pass it.

Word for the Month

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Imagine you were living then, in the last days of ancient Israel, a time of apostasy, warnings, and judgment. Imagine God had placed you and called you as He did the prophets to minister and fulfill your calling in such a time and place. How would you do that? The first thing you’d have to do would be to face the fact – that the Israel you once knew, the Israel that once knew God, no longer existed. You were now living in a post-biblical nation in opposition to God and His ways. rnIn the same way, we must all now realize what we are dealing with. The America we once knew is gone. Your calling and ministry now exist in the context of a nation in deep apostasy, and a mainstream culture increasingly and ever more brazenly at war with the ways of God. How do you minister and bear witness in such a culture? Do you tone down the message? Do you lighten up the word of God? rnWhat would your answer be? The need of a nation in apostasy is to hear the truth, and to hear it loud and clear. Woe to us if we should compromise or remain silent. Woe to us if we should put self-interest and the acceptance of man over what is right. Woe to us if we should tone down or compromise our preaching and teaching of the Word because of the pressure of the times. And woe to us if we should fail to stand strong in an hour that requires nothing less. rnYou don’t have to imagine you live in such a time – you already do. And in such a time, it is crucial that you not become weaker or softer in your witness, but bolder and stronger. You must now speak with a prophetic voice. rnYou must take up the mantle of the watchmen. And for the watchmen to fulfill his charge, he must stay separate from the city. rnIn the same way it is crucial that you all the more live separate from the sins of the culture that surrounds you – and all the more live all out and holy to fulfill the calling God has given you. rnOnly those willing to be different can make a difference. rnAnd the watchman must keep his post in his watchtower and dwell more deeply in the presence of God. rnFinally, the watchman must lift up his trumpet, set it to his mouth, and blow, with all his might, so that his city might be saved.rnTake your stand. Live holy. Live strong. Live uncompromised. Fulfill your charge as a watchman and your calling for such a time as this. rnThis month make it your aim to rise to this charge, and may God greatly bless you as you do!rnYour brother and co-laborerrn in His love and service,Jonathan

The Abolition of Gray From: 2 Peter 3:3

Hurting The One You Love

Monday, November 30, 2015

There are lots of accounts of people in bondage to alcoholism and drugs where the person remains in the addiction because the pain they deal with isn’t enough to cause them to decide to seek help. But one day they saw how their behavior was causing pain to those they love the most. Only when they had seen that, they stopped. In the same way, every time you sin, you are hurting someone else. Who? You’re hurting the One who gave His life for you, who died for you, who died because of your sins. So when you sin, you’re causing Him pain, grief, tears. It’s what He wept for. If you won’t stop that sin just because it is wrong, or if you won’t stop because it is hurting your own life, stop your sin because you are hurting someone else, the One who gave His life for you. You don’t want to cause Him grief or hurt. It was enough that He went on the cross for you and me. Bless Him now. Be done with that sin. Be finished once and for all, and bless and stop hurting the One who loves you.

 Heavenly Tears  From: Eph. 4:30

Today's Mission

When you’re tempted today to do what you shouldn’t do, consider the pain you’ll be causing the One you love. And be done with it.

The Jailer’s Joy The Four Seasons Of Joy

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving comes from a Hebrew feast called Khag or Festival. In Deuteronomy 1:6, Moses commanded Israel “Three times a year shall all males appear before the Lord thy God in the place that he shall choose; in the feast of unleavened bread and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the Lord empty handed.” The Jewish people were to celebrate the feast of Unleavened Bread in the Spring, the feast of Shavuot or Pentecost in the early summer and the feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles in the autumn. Later God gave the feast of winter called Chanukah. How did they rejoice in every season? In every season they give thanks to God for His blessings. Learn the lessons from God’s festival. These are God’s rest days. If you’re a child of God, your life must be characterized with rejoicing. Rejoice in season and out of season. Learn the lesson of the Jewish festivals; give thanks to God in all seasons of your life and live a life of celebration.

From: Phil. 4:4

Today's Mission

The Moedeem and the Mystery of Your LifeSeek out the joy in all you do today. Celebrate every blessing with true thanksgiving to the One who rejoices over you. 

To Have And Have Not

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving comes from the feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. The Hebrews were commanded by Moses to leave their houses and dwell in small tents called Sukkahs. On the 15th day of the 7th month they were to celebrate the Hebrew feast of Thanksgiving. Living in these tents or huts was not comfortable, but God uses this act of obedience to show how blessed they were in their houses in the Promised Land. Their houses, the fruit of the land, was a gift from God and should not be taken for granted. In order to have something, you have to lose it. Imagine if you lost your health or your closest friends, your family, your dreams, every blessing. These things are all gifts from God and can’t be taken for granted; and should not be taken lightly. Learn from this act of the Hebrews – for all good gifts cometh from God. The next breath that you breathe comes from God. Don’t you think that’s a blessing that should be celebrated? Stop taking God’s gifts for granted, thank Him today and every day. Your life will become a celebration.

The Third Practice From: Lev. 23:39-43

Today's Mission

Give thanks to the Lord in all His goodness. Take nothing for granted. Count all your blessings – as gifts given by God.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Book of Acts says that Paul and Silas were set free by an earthquake from their jail cell in Philippi. The jailer ended up taking them home with him to celebrate his recent salvation. A question, who’s watching the jail? The man was put in charge of the jail and would be put to death if he abandoned his post. The doors were opened and the Philippian jailer doesn’t seem to care. Rather, he’s having a great time in fellowship with Paul. We don’t know exactly what happened, but we know he didn’t seem to care. What changed him? He was saved. A lot of believers who are in the Lord are still keeping prisoners for offenses made against them. Are you still keeping their record or condemning them? You are saved and forgiven and now set free. You need to rejoice so much that you don’t have to watch your prison. Release the prisoners in your life; release the condemned people in your life. Salvation is so good and you have so many better things to do in God than being a prison watcher.

 Midnight Grace  From: John 8:36

Today's Mission

Release all offenses against you, let them go. Forgive and forget those who wronged you. Be glad, rejoice, let go, and be free!

Transforming The Valley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I knew a true saint and woman of God. She was put into a Mexican hospital in great pain from cancer. Yet she never complained. There was a head nurse, supervisor, who ran that Mexican hospital. She was a very hard woman. Yet she noticed this one patient who just radiated the love of God. She was drawn to her. She would just sit by her bed, wash her and be ministered to by her. Then the saint of God went home to be with the Lord. The head nurse was totally changed by the presence of this believer who instead of cursing her situation, shone the light of God. We are never to let ourselves be defined by our circumstances. Before you curse your valley, look around. You might discover the reason you are in that valley is that you need to minister to others in that valley. Be encouraged, transform your problems, revolutionize your situation by the presence of God. In every circumstance, it should end up in some way transformed by the fact that you are in it.

 Sabina  From: Isa. 60:1-3

Today's Mission

Let the presence of God determine your circumstance. Serve and minister where you are. Be transformed by God, and transform your circumstance.

The Unlikely Place Of Ministry

Monday, November 23, 2015

The first wilderness experience came directly from God. The Hebrews went into the wilderness because God said so. He said, “Let My people go that they may serve Me in the wilderness.” The wilderness was for freedom to serve God in it. Wilderness in Hebrew is “midbar”, and “avodah” means to serve, to minister and to worship. The Hebrews went into the wilderness to serve God and worship. You say, “I can’t serve and praise God because I am in the wilderness.” Not true. All the more you can serve and worship God there. The wilderness was the place to receive God’s Word and His revelation, the place where God’s presence dwelt, where there were no distractions. Are you in the wilderness? Don’t say, “How can I get out of this situation?” Rather, ask this, “Lord, how can I serve, worship and glorify you in this problem?” Then the wilderness will stop being a problem.

It will turn into an appointed place of God’s calling, purpose and service in your life. Let the glory of God come into your problem, and your wilderness won’t be a wilderness any more.

The Midbar. From: Ps. 34:1

Determine today that no matter what happens, in each and every circumstance, you will praise, worship, and serve God.

Set As A Diamond

Friday, November 20, 2015

There a sacrifice offered up by the priests when they went to ministry. It was called “the Miloeem.” The Hebrew “Miloeem” comes from the word “jewel.” It’s linked to the root word of being fitted, as a jewel is fitted into a ring, set into place, and it’s all linked to jewelry. God puts you into ministry as a jewel being fitted into place. God will fit you. Believers often want a ministry that fits them perfectly. It’s not the ministry that you mold to fit your life, it’s your life that gets molded to fit the ministry. You get molded like a perfectly fitted jewel. Without serving, you’re a diamond in the rough. You have potential, but you’re not there. But as you commit yourself to the Lord’s purposes and let Him mold you, you become a precious jewel. God will fit you into your calling as a master jeweler. A precious stone in His hand; set, fitted, ready to shine and reflect the face of the Master Jeweler.

 The Sacrifice Mysteries I

From: Ps. 37:5

Today's Mission

What is God calling you to? What do you have to change in order to fulfill that calling? Let God mold you into His diamond. 

The Calories Of Holiness

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The priests of Israel had higher standards in everything. They ate the holy sacrifices of God. They were the holy ministers of God. So the holy ministers of God had to live off of holy food. When you eat food, the food turns to energy. So if you partake of unholy things, you end up with unholy energy to do unholy things–lust, idolatry, pride, bitterness, immorality. But if you’re to live a holy life, the key is to eat holy food. If you eat holy food, you end up with holy energy. Holy energy is the energy to do holiness; to love, to repent, to do right, to be victorious in God. Philippians says, “Whatever is good, right, pure, excellent, let your mind dwell on these things.” When you do that, then you’re partaking of these things into your spirit and then that holy food becomes holy energy. You are called to be a royal priest. The priest of God has to eat holy food. So eat holy food. Partake of what is of heaven and things of God. Rejoice in them. Let them become part of your life. You’ll have the energy of holiness.

Food of the Priests From: Phil. 4:8

Today's Mission

Set this day to partake of your spiritual food, the Word of God, His love, His presence. Then move in the energy of that holy food to accomplish holy and great works for His glory.

The Good Seed And The Good Soil

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Messiah tells us the parable of the sower through the seed in the ground. The question was where was the power, in the seed or in the ground? The good ground bore life. The bad ground didn’t. The good ground was simply the ground that received the seed. So the key to abundant life in God is not about trying to produce good works, or holiness in God. The soil can’t produce anything without the seed. It’s the seed that produces the fruit. The seed is the Word of God. The Word of God produces fruit in your life. Take the Word of God into the soil of your life, and it will do its thing. Your part is to just receive it; let it come in and do its thing. Become good soil for the seed. The soil that becomes good at receiving will blossom with life, a thousand-fold. Receive the seed; it will change your life.

 The Word  From: Matt. 13:3-9

Today's Mission

Receive God’s message for you today. Open your heart to the Living Word. Give it a place to grow within you. Nurture and apply it to your life now.


 The Second Garden

Monday, November 16, 2015

The fall of man happened in the Garden of Eden, the garden of life. Man was surrounded by life inside a garden of life. And yet in a garden of life, he died – it all happened in a garden. On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene ran to the tomb and found it empty–the resurrection. That’s the beginning of our faith. What kind of tomb was it? It was a garden tomb, a tomb inside a garden. Redemption took place in a garden. If the fall of man happened in a garden, so too the rising of man must also happen in a garden. Death came from the first garden, but true life comes from the second garden, where this first life is finished, where everything new comes alive. So don’t go after what you see with your eyes or feel with your flesh–there’s no life there. Seek the things of Messiah, the life that is deeper than life; the love that’s deeper than love. Come to this second garden–the garden tomb. For in the first Garden of Life, we died, and we can only die. But in the Garden of Death, the tomb, we rise to life.

– The Gardener  From: John 11:25

Today's Mission

Seek out the eternal and lasting things today. Don’t waste time pursuing temporary pleasures of earthly desires. Go after God’s own heart.

The Tree Of Death And Life

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Tree of Life was sealed up from the sight of man. It disappeared. And yet it’s not gone. It’s in our midst. It’s come back to us in the form of a tree. The cross is the Tree of Life in disguise. It starts out looking like the Tree of Good and Evil, but it ends up being the Tree of Life. When you partake of the cross, it seems as if you’re partaking of death. You take up your cross, die to self, surrender. But really, you’re partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life. The cross seems tough–to love your enemy, to forgive, to sacrifice yourself. But when you partake of it, it ends up bringing life. The fruit of the Tree of Life; you die to self, you come alive, your tears have turned to joy. Don’t be fooled, the cross only looks hard, but every time you partake of it, it’s going to bear you fruit. Love and joy and peace and faithfulness, gentleness, and goodness; for the cross is none other than the Tree of Life in disguise.

 The Tree  From: Gal. 5:22

Today's Mission

Seek to be a giver of kindness and love for others. Look for ways to reveal God’s love and don’t expect anything in return.

How The Devil Prepares You For Ministry

Thursday, November 12, 2015

In the gospel it says that the Spirit led Messiah into the wilderness to be tested of the devil. God works all things for good. He uses all things, even evil, for good; for good purposes. Even the enemy is used. Messiah was going to be tested by evil. It was that Messiah would come out of it approved for ministry. So really it was all part of preparing Messiah for His ministry. So God even used the devil to prepare Messiah for ministry. So, too, in your life you will be attacked by the enemy. But God is using and will use all these things, even the attacks of the enemy, for your good. He will even use it to make you grow, conform you to His image and prepare you for the ministry and the calling that He placed you for. So when you go through that trial, that test, remember it’s not an accident. It is there for your good, pass the test, and it will prepare you to fulfill the calling that God gave you.rn

– How to Pass the Test  From: Rom. 8:28

Today's Mission

Accept every challenge today as a test, as a way to be proven worthy to rise in your calling. Use the test to grow stronger and trust deeper in God’s plan for you.

The Gospel Of The Rosy-Cheeked

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The word “GOSPEL” is Jewish. Gospel music, Gospel preachers, Gospel choirs, Gospel recording artists, all Jewish- all from Israel. The word for Gospel in the New Testament in the Greek is, Euangellion but it is the translation from the Hebrew word that appears in the Hebrew scriptures. In the book of Isaiah it says; how lovely are the feet of those who bring glad tidings to the poor, glad tidings means good news or Gospel. The Hebrew word is” Besorah”, the original word for Gospel. It means “fresh and rosy cheeked.” If you aren’t fresh in God, then you’ve gone away from the good news. Every time you hear the Gospel it has to be fresh. The Besorah has the power to make you fresh and new. Your life will be renewed, your love, your joy, your zeal, your prayer life, your work, your family, everything will become fresh and new as the Gospel. You will become rosy cheeked.

– The Joy of the Harvest  From: Rom. 1:16

Today's Mission

Begin your day with a fresh message from the Good News of the Gospel. Receive good news anew and afresh, from the Word of God.

Burning Your Bridges

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There’s a story of a famous battle where the general ordered the destruction of his ships so that there would be no turning back for his army. They could not turn back; they could not retreat. They realized that they had no ship to go back to so they had to go forward and fight all the way. You need to have the same attitude. When you go forward in God, you have nothing to lose. God commanded the people of Israel to go forward through the Red Sea. They had no alternative, mountains on one side, the Red Sea on the other, and the Egyptians with Pharoah’s army behind them, Had they retreated they would be faced with certain death. In the same way, you have to enter the battle to win. David ran towards Goliath in the name of the Lord. God wants a people who have nothing to lose. Burn your ships, burn your bridges of the past; move forward in faith and love through the Spirit of God. The only thing we have is what lies ahead.

– The World Behind Me

From: Luke 9:62

Today's Mission

Destroy any paths leading to your past and make a clean break. Be fearless and focused on the Kingdom that is ahead of you and the One who holds the keys to your future.

Authority Over Your Thoughts

Monday, November 9, 2015

A lot of believers think that their thought life has a life of its own and beyond their control. Paul in his epistle to the Corinthians warned them that the weapons of their warfare were “not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations and every high thought.” Holding every thought captive is not a natural process but supernatural. And the Holy Spirit will anoint you to do it. Have you ever noticed that when you walk, your legs are moving without you really thinking; you just move along?. This doesn’t mean that your feet are out of your control. Rather, it’s just a habit. So it is with your thoughts. You may think that your thoughts go on without you, but that’s just the force of habit. You have control over what you do with your mind. Take responsibility for your thought life; take every thought captive and make a choice to take control over your thoughts. The more you do it, the more your mind will follow. Do you have a godly thought life? It’s your choice, it’s as simple as moving your hand.

Crown Of The Holy From: 2 Cor. 10:4-6

Today’s Thought: Take your thoughts captive. Take any thought that’s not of God be taken down and replaced by one that is.

Being some where else

Friday, November 6, 2015

It says in the Gospel that when the disciples came to the Lord, they said unto Him “everyone is looking for you,” then He answered, “Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby so I can preach the Gospel there also.” His last command to the twelve disciples was to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Behold I will be with you even to the ends of the earth.” During His ministry on earth, Messiah went everywhere He could go because He knew that the Gospel had to be preached to all the world until the end would come. You need to have the same heart and to allow the Spirit to move within you to do the will of God. God is on the move. You have to move as well. Don’t be bound in what is comfortable. Be prepared to move forward. Don’t fear, for God is with you wherever you go.

– Before the Sun Sets

Today's Mission

Move away from your comfort zone today and move towards growing deeper in your faith. Open yourself to the mission that the Holy Spirit has for you.

11/7 Jer. 39:18 11/8 Matt. 21:21
Prison Praise

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A prison is a dark and miserable place. And yet one night, in one particular prison, the prisoners heard singing, songs of joy. They must have wondered what all that singing was about. Paul and Silas were put in prison for preaching the Gospel. And yet even in prison they weren’t afraid. For they knew that in the presence of God there is joy. And as they were singing in the middle of the night, the power of praise illuminated the darkness and a great earthquake struck the prison and the prison opened up. The guard was awakened; he feared that all the prisoners were gone. But Paul said “we are all here.” The guard then asked Paul, “What should I do to be saved?” Paul answered ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and your house.” So, no matter what situation you find yourself in, even in the darkest of circumstances, praise God. Let your light shine, make a commotion of your joy. Start a disturbance of faith. Begin an uproar of righteousness and cause an explosion of light to enter in.

The Midnight Miracle

From: Acts 16: 25-34

Today's Mission

Be that source of light to scatter the darkness. Don’t be afraid to cause a holy disturbance of praise and joy – and shake the lost from their shackles.

Better Than Demons

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In the Gospels, Jesus commanded the unclean spirits to depart and they obeyed Him. On many occasions the disciples saw the Lord cast these spirits out and yet at the same time, He often had to correct the disciples’ doubting and unbelief. As believers we’re always hearing the Word of God and yet when we hear we often do nothing about it. Yet, in the Gospels the demons heard His voice and immediately departed. We are the friends of God and yet many times we argue with Him, and struggle to obey His word. God is calling you to do something great according to his purpose. Don’t ignore Him. There’s a blessing in obedience to the Word of God. The songwriter illustrates obedience in this song “Trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.” Obey God without delay. Don’t ignore Him. Don’t rationalize His word away. Follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and a blessing will await you.

– Crazy in Gedara From: Luke 8: 27-39

What is God telling you to do? Don’t ignore it any longer. Just do it. And you will be blessed

 The Priestly Bath

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The priests of God in the Old Testament. In order to enter the priesthood, they had to take off their old garments and take a holy bath. After being cleansed in the ritual bath, they were then given the garments of the priest to minister unto the Lord. You are called by God for a great purpose. So you too must take off the old garments; put away your old ways, old ideas and old habits and be willing to put on the new in God, for we were created in His image. You can’t do what God wants you to do unless you are willing to go through the process of renewing yourself in the things of God. Your ministry is waiting, your priesthood is waiting; it’s calling you. In order to serve as a priest in the service of God, your garments are important. Take off the old, put on the new. Dare to let the past go and get on with fulfilling your calling. Ring out the old and ring in the new.

From: Matt. 9:16-17

Today's Mission

Live in a spirit of renewal. Prepare yourself to be used for great and mighty things. Put off the old clothes that hinder your calling and step into the new. rn

The Disciple’s Continual Response

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Gospel of Matthew says the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus was walking along the Sea of Galilee; he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting their fishing nets into the sea. He said to them “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” The men immediately left their nets and followed Jesus. Have you wondered why they immediately left their nets to follow Jesus? In John’s gospel, Jesus appeared to Andrew first. He was told to follow Him; then Andrew went to tell Simon his brother about Jesus. So this wasn’t the first calling for Andrew, but the second – and it would be the second that would change their lives. A true disciple does not say “yes” to God once but again and again. So don’t live your life on yesterday’s yes but give him your yes daily; your hineni, your “Here I am Lord, send me.” Make a choice to follow Him daily. The continual and progressive yes will change your life as if it was the first call because a disciple of God, when called of God, must always be as if it is for the first time.

 From: Matt. 4: 18-20

Today's Mission

Open your day with your Hineni prayer. Say yes to His will and say yes to His calling, to a new calling, and to rise to new and higher ground.

The Power Of Playing A New Tune

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In the Bible it says, Sing to the Lord a new song. What does that mean? God wants you to worship Him in new, fresh ways, but it is even more. You are supposed to be singing a new song to the Lord. That means not only in worship, but in your life. It’s a principle. Sing a new song, play a new tune. If you’re sad, if you’re depressed, sing a song of praise, become a person of praise. If you’re a complainer, become a person of thanks. If you’re a selfish person, become a person of giving and be generous. If you’re bitter, become a person of forgiveness. That is your new song. Don’t react to everything that is going on in your world; start playing a new song. Act upon the world with blessing and you will change it. Your life will be a new tune. When you are going through tough times, praise Him, forgive, bless and you will change the world when you start playing a new tune. Sing a new song.

From Message #1155 – The Piper’s Song

From: Ps. 34:1

Today's Mission

Change your life today by playing a new song to the Lord. Change your tune to be the source of praise and blessing to others and in a spirit of constant forgiveness.

The Zeroah And The Galah

Friday, October 30, 2015

In the first verse of Isaiah 53 is an amazing thing. It says, “Who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” The Hebrew word for arm of the Lord is zeroah. It is talking about Messiah. It says, to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? The Hebrew word “galah” means revealed, particularly in a disgraceful way. It also means to be stripped naked, to be treated like a captive. His love for us is simply amazing. This word speaks of Messiah being stripped naked, being disgraced, being taken captive. All this is in just one word. God didn’t just reveal Himself, He stripped himself, He allowed Himself to be humiliated, degraded to save us. The blessings of God are free to you, but none of them came without a cost. They came with a great cost. God loves you, He would go through hell to save you. Live for Him in the same way, even if it costs you everything. Follow Him, love Him, serve Him in a manner worthy of that cost.

 From: Ps. 62:1-2

Today's Mission

As He gave all for you, do likewise. Go all out for God today. Serve Him joyfully. Love Him mightily. Live for Him completely.

The God Oath

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In Luke, at the beginning, Zechariah and Mary say there are references to God’s promises for the oath that God made. In fact, Zechariah means God has remembered. If you put it together, God has remembered His oath. What oath did God make? It’s in Genesis 22, when Abraham offered up Isaac, it says that He swore by Himself. When you swear by something you are offering it up. God is offering up Himself. It says in that mountain it shall be seen. What mountain is that? Mount Moriah. What is on Mount Moriah? Calvary. The place where Messiah died, the same place where God swore the oath. God swore by Himself to Abraham and 2,000 years later on that mountain He fulfilled His oath. He offered up Himself on Calvary. All the promises of God rest on His oath, and that oath rests on Calvary. Whatever He promises He will do it. He swore it by His own life. He offered it up for you in the land of Moriah on a hill called Calvary.

Today's Mission

As God remembers His oath tornyou, so you too remember and remain faithful unto thernBe as a living sacrifice and give Him all of you.

The Fear Of The Legion

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Mark 1:24 the demons say to Messiah, “Have you come to destroy us?” Sometimes you think that demons are scary things, but they are not scary to Yeshua at all. In fact they are scared of Him. A whole legion and they are all scared of Messiah. That’s the truth. We act as if the enemy were in charge, or is something to be afraid of. But, this reveals that the enemy is actually on the defense, certainly in the face of Messiah. If you are in Messiah, then the enemy is on the defense with regard to you. Of course, he doesn’t let on. Few enemies will let on that they are really scared of you. He wants you to believe that you are defeated, finished, that you are going to lose. You have to stand and take the authority of the Word to overcome. Messiah didn’t believe the lies of the enemy. You need to have that same attitude. We are not only conquerors, we are more than conquerors. The enemy is more than defeated and you are more than blessed. Be on the offense.

From: Rom. 8:37-39

Today's Mission

Take authority from God’s holy Word and push back against demonic forces, against the voices of defeat and intimidation. Overcome and take the victory that has been won in Messiah.

The Mary Strategy

Monday, October 26, 2015

In the Gospels it says of Martha and Mary, Mary chose the better part. Now it doesn’t say that Martha chose the worst part, just that Mary chose the better part. The thing is, you don’t have to choose the worst part; that will just happen. You don’t have to choose a life of distractions, problems, busyness, or losing sight of God; that will just happen. It will happen because you didn’t choose anything. You have to choose the better part like Mary chose the better part. If you don’t, then many other things will pull you, divide you, distract you, and will squeeze out time with God. Martha was all over the place, but Mary chose the better part. So, if you don’t choose, you will be all over the place, too. You will be dragged all over. Do you want the better part? Stop being dragged. You are going to have to choose time with God and make it stick, commit to it, make it something that cannot be shaken. The good things of God don’t just come, they are chosen.

From: Psa. 86:11

Today's Mission

Make it your number one joy and aim today to dwell in God’s presence. The world is here but choose the better way, your time with Messiah.

The One Who Blesses

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The word for Jew in Hebrew is Yehudi. Yehudi comes from Yahudah which means to thank, to praise. So, if you are born again, the Bible says you are a fellow citizen of Israel, you are Jewish in spirit, a Yahudah in spirit. That means your identity is to give thanks. So are you a thanker? Are you someone who praises and blesses, no matter what? That is what you are to be known for. What is the key thing that comes out of your mouth? It is to be giving thanks and being the blessing. Look at your blessings, count your blessings, number them. All you have to do is be thankful. It’s amazing how all of a sudden you are going to feel so happy, so blessed, so content, so rich, so joyful, so peaceful. Thank God every day for your salvation. Thank God for everything, because the one who is always giving thanks for all things, that’s the one who is blessed, and there is nothing more Jewish than that.

Find your identity in Messiah as a blesser. Fill your day with thanksgiving and praise

The Wilderness Leading

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

rnIn Mark 1:12 it says, the Spirit compelled Him. That’s Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus. The Spirit compelled Him to the wilderness. People preach that God always leads us to earthly blessing, and if we are in the wilderness, something is wrong. Maybe, we don’t have enough faith, or we’re in sin. Just because you are in the wilderness, it doesn’t mean that you are not in the Spirit. It might be the Spirit Himself who took you there. We need the wilderness, the hard times, the times without, so that God can do a greater work. Messiah was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. He was led there not because He was out of God’s will, but because He was right in the center of God’s will. God has a plan. Are you being tested? Praise Him, glorify Him, obey Him, just like Messiah did. The Spirit led you in that place. The same Spirit will lead you out when God’s purposes have been accomplished; then you will be ready to take on the mantle of your greater calling.

From: Mark 1:12

Today's Mission

No matter what you go through today, in everything, seek to hear His voice, find your mission, and follow His leading – to victory.

The More Of Him

Friday, October 23, 2015

Philippians 3 has an amazing thing that Paul says. He says, “That I might gain Messiah.” Now, if anybody had Messiah, it was Paul. He is the chief teacher of the New Testament, yet he says, “that I might gain Messiah.” If you have Messiah, how can you gain Him? And, if you are gaining Him, how could you have had Him? What does it mean? We have to have that attitude. The attitude goes on with, I press on so that I might know. It’s the attitude of one who has much more to go. There is so much more no matter how much you have. If anybody had it, it was Paul, but he says I don’t even have the half of it. There is so much more, there is no end, Messiah is infinite. There is so much more Good News, more joy, more blessing, more revelation, more victory, more peace, more intimacy, more wonders. So, if Paul could say it, you could too, that I might gain Messiah. There is a whole more of Messiah for you to gain.

Keep pressing on with all your heart to know God and be constantly filled by Him. The more you seek, the more there is to discover, unending joy

Separating The Leper

Thursday, October 22, 2015

In Mark 1:42 it says, that “the leprosy left.” A strange thing, it would be more natural to say the man was healed of leprosy. It doesn’t say that, it says the leprosy left him. Now it would be the natural thing to associate the man with the disease. The man was a leper, because he had leprosy. But, here it separates it because ultimately Messiah is going to separate the disease and the man. We often look at people by their afflictions. This man is a sinner, that one is selfish. But this one is a leper. God doesn’t see this one as a leper, He separates it. We should do the same thing. This is not a selfish person, this is a person who is under selfishness, but can be free of that selfishness. See the person not as they appear to be, but as God made them to be, and as Messiah redeemed them to become. Treat them as such and you will stop seeing lepers and you will start seeing the leprosy leave.

 From: Mark 1:42

Today's Mission

Put on the eyes of God today. Separate the person from their sins and their sinful identity. And see them as God made them to be – Just as God sees you.

That They Might Be With Him 

Friday, October 16, 2015

It says in Mark 3:14, He appointed the twelve that they might be with Him. The Lord chose the disciples to teach them, to minister to them, to teach them to minister and to send them out to preach. The first reason it says that Messiah appointed or chose them was that they might be “with Him.” They could not do anything else, if not first with Him. All ministry comes from being with the Lord. You can only become as much as you are if you are with Him. If you feel like you are not really being sent into ministry, you don’t have your ministry, you are waiting for it or it is not really happening, maybe you are not really being with Him the way He called you to be with Him. Do you want a great witness? You need a great “withness.” Spend time in prayer, communion, the Word, praising, loving, receiving, just being with Him. Then you will have a great witness and you will be great and mighty in ministry when you become great and mighty in being with Messiah.
From: Mark 3:14

Today's Mission

Take God with you after you start your day with Him. Stay in His presence, sing to Him and praise Him through your day.

Living In The Ouranos  Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In Luke 10:18, Jesus tells His disciples that He saw Satan fall, as lightning, from heaven. But the word ‘heaven’ in the New Testament Greek is “ouranos,” which means heaven or eternity. So it’s saying He saw Satan falling from eternity. There is a real key here; the key of the enemy’s power. When the enemy fell away from eternity, he fell away from eternal things. This means that the power of the enemy is not eternal, but temporal, temporary. Things we experience in this life are temporal; things like panic, fear, emotions, temptations or temporary thrills. When you live according to what’s temporary, you subject yourself to the enemy’s power, not the power of God. So the key to overcoming the enemy is in the word “ouranos.” To live the heavenly life is to live according to what is eternal. Look to God and His eternal Word. Learn to look through the hardship to the eternal promises. Look through the fear to the faithful God. The enemy fell from the eternal, but you will rise when you look to it.

 From: 2 Cor. 4: 17-18

Today's Mission

Overcome the enemy and all his strategies today by moving away from the temporary. Live above it, in the heavenlys, in the ouranos.

The Glory And The Details  Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A movie had a famous line that said, “If you build it, they will come.” And there’s something biblical about this. In the Bible, God told His people to build the Tabernacle. He gave exact instructions. So they built it exactly as God said. Then He came; the glory of God came. In the Book of Kings, they built the Temple according to exact instructions, and the glory of God came and so filled the Temple that they had to get out. Ezekiel also describes how the temple was built to exact specifications and then speaks about the glory of God coming. When the disciples obeyed the Lord’s instructions to tarry in Jerusalem, the glory came as a rushing mighty wind. If God’s people hadn’t done it the way God said, the glory wouldn’t have come. He wouldn’t have come. The point is this: obey God and do exactly what He says. Follow God to the best of your ability, mind, heart and strength, and He will come. The blessings will come, the victory will come, the Spirit will come, and the glory will come. If you do exactly what He says, He will come.

From: 2 Chron. 20:20

Today's Mission

What is it in your life that is not according to God’s Word, His exact will and instructions? Get that part of your life into the exact will of God. Then wait for the Glory!