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Our son who is legally blind had a mission in life and that he would be self motivated and not dependent on others. At present we will post his messages as his board website will not allow to open and read. He will be posting many articles posting.  Get in touch with him at the following email; trainingblind@gmail.com

Recently, trainingblind had lost his job and now will be posting updates on this site. He asks everyone to email him with your questions and observations. Trainingblind has just posted his activities to youtube. Below is his link up site.

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Today was fun and tough after a weekend resting and sleeping for the most part. I started with 5x5 rock ring pullups: the last couple reps in the last set were negatives. I followed that with 4x4 off the bar supronated grip chin-ups from off the floor and not the platform on my bar. After that I did 7x10 planche dips off my equalizers and I think next time I'm going to try to go a little deeper in to the dip. I'm still a little gun shy as I don't want to blow out a shoulder t...rying to be a hero. After that I did1x4 neutral grip pullups off the bar and off the platform on the bar. I was going to do some bear crawl and/or some pushups but decided I had enough for today. Tomorrow it's stairs and I'm hoping to get up to 30 flights tomorrow as I want to surpass my record of 41 flights: each flight consisting of 14 steps plus a landing. I'm done for today unless I decided to buffett

OK, today was fun and a little harder than I thought it would be. I started with 3x6 rock ring pullups, neutral, and followed that with 3x5 regular chin-ups off the bar. The last few of the rock ring ones were negatives: about 2 or 3. After that I did 3x5 planche dips and followed that with 3x5 inverted rows: both dips and rows done off the equalizers. I only did sets of 5 inverted rows because I elevated my feet on the Century versys 1 fight simulater: that really adds to the workout and changes things. Then, after that I gave a couple of parting shots to the bag. As I worked out I revaled in the beauty of the sunshine streaming in my windows. I'm done till Monday.

Well... it seems my eye is way, way better than it was last week and in fact, I was able to follow my bag after punching and kicking it which made me happy. Just a little tick in my eye and that's it. I'm starting to wonder if it was sinus related maybe? I still feel like there's something in it but I can keep it open for the most part. Might take a little time to heal up so my vision is back to normal. I think it's because my eyelid swelled up that I couldn't see as much because if I pulled it back, I could see as usual. That's a comfort to boy hidy.

  1. I'm happy and feel awesome.
    Today since I haven't run for a while and since I'm just getting over being sick I only ran 23 flights of stairs today: done in incroments of 5 with a 30 second to a minute rest between sets. After that I did a minimal amount of work on the heavy bag consisting of punch/kick combos: jabs andcrosses only. Tomorrow it's pullups, chin-ups and crawling again. I'm done for the day that is unless I get enough gumption to buffett my heavy bag again...

The following is my workout for today: I love those rock rings and working out made my eye feel even better. It started acting up again today which sent me over the edge. Today I did 4x4 of everything.
Rock ring overhanded pull-ups which were followed by neutral grip rock ring pull-ups. They were followed by regular off the bar chin-ups.
After that I did 2x15s TRX curls and followed that up with 1x10 TRX hammer curls.
It was all pulling today and I’m done today.
I’m noticin...g my range of motion getting better to and next time I do my rock rings, I’ve turned them around so the holds are facing me to see if doing pull-ups will be somewhat easier.
I had them facing the other way because I was focusing on chin-ups but things are different now as I consider working toward muscle ups in the not too distant future.
Today… I’m finished. Tomorrow it’s crawling and weighted vest work and perhaps some sprints wearing said vest.
Thursday it’ll be pulling exercises again.


Crawl Your Way to a much stronger you

I got something that’s so simple to do and yet if you do it for long periods of time and change up the leverage, you can get your strength back if you seem to have lost some through the years.

Babies do it and they reap tons of benefits from it: crawling around.

“Crawling,” you say? “Yeppers…” Good ole fashion crawling.

Your whole body gets in to it and hey… think it’s easy? Try just crawling around on your hands and knees for 10 minutes without stopping and make sure you go forwards and backwards. Make sure you turn around to each side while going forwards and while you’re going backwards. Did you try it? Still wanna talk to me about how easy that was? Sure… I’ve done bear crawl on and off throughout the years but even so… I still felt it in my arms and wanted the timer to go off so I could get up and write this little article.

Actually, at the bottom of this article I’ve posted a link to an article written by Tim Anderson and it’s an awesome read. Crawling would certainly fall in to the category of compound exercise since your whole body is involved in pulling it off. There’s different types of crawling and Tim gets in to the different kinds of crawls one can do.

I like both the Leopard crawl and the bear crawl a lot. Done in short bursts you are in a sense engaging in interval training and be sure, doing such crawls as the bear, leopard and even the crabwalk will put your body through it’s paces.

I’ve already got one of my clients crawling about and at first she thought I was off my rocker when I told her to crawl nonstop for 10 minutes till her arms started begging her for mercy which incidentally she kept going till the timer went off: kudos…

Give it a try. Crawl around on your hands and knees for about 10 minutes without stopping and be sure to move backward and forward as well as turning to the right and left periodically. What I did was go throughout my apartment and when I came to a wall I had to make a turn.

Happy crawling and hey… Don’t forget to give the article at the very bottom of this email to read Tim’s article on crawling.

There are links to other articles by him about crawling so check them out and again… happy crawling.

Hey… I don’t look great but I’m gettn’ it done!

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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My Experience with the benefits of Exercise

March 13-2016

I love working out and bets are that if you’re reading this you do to. It’s an awesome feeling you get after a workout: all those endorphins ripping through your system makes for a feeling in my opinion that can’t be beat.

Wanna know a secret? I’m going to work hard at reversing my biological age and the best way to do that is with bodyweight exercises.

Exercise in general has some amazing benefits like helping you feel better all around. I read online that exercising has the same affect as a mild to moderate antidepressant. I went through a rough patch a few years ago and I can back that claim up with experience. When I exercised I noticed that I felt better and any anxiety I personally experienced at the time was almost nonexistent shortly after exercising.

The other interesting thing I’ve experienced personally from exercise is the ability to take on the day more forcefully. When I was first diagnosed with lower testosterone, I didn’t want to do much of anything save sweat, sleep and be a little irritable whereas now I really want to get it done.

Sure, I still have the odd day when I feel totally lazy but what I’m noticing is that those days when I felt totally tired out are quite few and far between and nothing like they used to be.

I can’t say enough about bodyweight exercises.

Since you’re moving all over the place when doing bodyweight exercises your immune system gets huge benefits. You’re kicking your lymphatic system in to gear. Your lymphatic system is responsible for fighting off infections of all kinds and hey… I’ve noticed that I get sick way less than I used to. I think mother nature’s got it in for me now though because even though I don’t get sick much… when I do I’m down for the count for a few days. Cool thing is that my recovery time seems to be faster.

I love working out and the way it makes me feel. I gotta do it… I gotta say it again… Nothing beats bodyweight exercise because no matter where you go you got your gym with you so there’s little if any excuse not to get it done.

Hey… I don’t look that great but I’m gettin’ it done.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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My Newest informal Videos Using the TRX and other interesting equipment

This blog entery is going to be short and the reason for that is I want to share with you some of the exercises I do. My hope is you’ll find a way to do some of these exercises and hey… I really wanted you to see how the TRX system works as well as to show you a smattering of other fun exercises you can do with the right equipment.

I hope you enjoy these videos and feel free to leave a coment or question and hey… perhaps you have a suggestion or 2?

The Youtube link is at the bottom: Enjoy.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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My informal Videos.

This blog entery is going to be short and the reason for that is I want to share with you some of the exercises I do. My hope is you’ll find a way to do some of these exercises and hey… I really wanted you to see how the TRX system works as well as to show you a smattering of other fun exercises you can do with the right equipment.

I hope you enjoy these videos and feel free to leave a coment or question and hey… perhaps you have a suggestion or 2?

The Youtube link is at the bottom: Enjoy.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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Upping the Anti Even More

For the past while I’ve been focusing on the TRX system and why I love it so much and now I have yet one more piece of equipment I want to talk to you about: the weighted vest.

Weighted vests are awesome to employ because they add weight to your own bodyweight making exercises harder to do.

A couple days ago I bought from the treadmill Factory a 55 pound weighted vest and I love that thing.

The benefits of even walking around between sets wearing that vest are amazing: you’re basically doing weight baring exercise nonstop during a workout.

I was forced to do negative chin ups as well as assisted chin ups (actually neutral grip pull ups) and what a feeling that is. By using a weighted vest while doing bodyweight exercises will actually help you to burn more calories than you would if you were just doing bodyweight exercises without it. It also forces your heart to work a little harder. Try doing TRX pullups with an extra 55 pounds on your back and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m figuring on using the vest to work my way up from negatives to sets of 1 or 2 chin ups and eventually more: after which I’ll start training for 1arm chin ups.

Don’t kid yourself, one can get extremely strong with bodyweight exercises alone even if you use something like a weighted vest to help you out. The cool thing is that it’s all functional strength: it’ll Cary over in to everyday life. I love bodyweight exercises because if you don’t have a gym… no worries… do a few burpees and let me ins and you’re good to go. Hey… try handstand push-ups or 1arm pushups but I’ve already written about this earlier so I don’t want to belabor it.

Of course the majority of you won’t be wearing a 55 pound weighted vest (that’s serious weight even if it doesn’t sound like it) but even an extra 5 or 10 pounds can make a huge difference.

My vest is adjustable which a good thing is if you don’t want to use all that weight at once: just pop the steel bars out of the pouches they’re in and away you go.

Eventually I’m hoping to wear my vest for a short period after a workout just to get even more benefit from it but with that in mind as with anything else in life… no sense getting carried away right?

For those of you who can handle it, consider getting a weighted vest even if it’s only a 10 pounder and give it a go. Get the adjustable one though so you can start off with easy weight and work your way up. You’ll get stronger and you’ll probably notice amazing quick gains. I noticed that my negatives lasted just a signet longer than they did last time.

Hey… check out the treadmill factory and give them a call or drop them a line: they might be able to help you out. Their link is at the bottom of this blog.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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Big Guns and they’re Free

The summery of this article is really short and sweet. Want big guns the IRA would want to ban? Work the triceps tons.

In the video below I show you one exercise to give you arms that’ll beat the bank: no kidding. The bicep muscle which is the muscle right at the front of the arm will only grow so big but the back? It’s almost limitless. Of course genetics have a huge part to play in how big you’re gonna get but that aside it’s the triceps that’ll really ad size to your arm. You can get pretty big biceps and you can do exercises like 15s to get them to peak. If you exercise the backs of your arms you’ll be closer to getting those shirt-ripping, girl attracting arms you want.

One exercise I love (and it’s the one shown below) is the TRX triceps extension. If you’re doing an ez-curl bar extension or dumbbell extension you’d be sitting or standing with the weight held in your hands behind your head. In such triceps extensions you simply raise and lower your arms behind your head: bending the arm at the elbow joint making sure you don’t knock your brains out all over the floor.

TRX triceps extensions mimic these and actually the TRX extensions are a hum-dinger. You’re facing away from the anchor point perpendicular to the floor holding the TRX handles in both hands so that they’re near the neck line.

You then proceed to push your body up and toward the anchor point: using your legs as a fulcrum. Your legs aren’t doing much of the work at all Best case is to be using upper body strength alone while your core and legs do what they do to keep you upright.

Remember, the further you are away from the anchor point the easier an exercise is to do. The closer you are the harder the exercise because there’s less tention to work with.

Wanna really give your body something to cry about and get some awesome gains? Try doing TRX triceps extensions with a weighted vest but if you’re a novice or beginner I’d likely weight on that one till you’re sure of your form and what you’re doing.

This exercise is awesome for women to do to. I’ve had tons of women complain to me about their flabby triceps and this exercise will help tone them for sure.

I gotta tell you that even if you’re working out lots you’re still likely going to have a certain amount of give there: it’s just the way things are. That said, here’s the video and I’m thinking my next video should show some other excelent triceps exercises like tricep dips and pushdowns.

Here’s the video.


Till next time…

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

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Meet the Heavy Bag

It’s my opinion that a heavy bag can only ad more fun to a workout. They’re awesome!

A traditional heavy bag can hang from a mount on the ceiling or nowadays you can get heavy bag stands. They’re long cylindrical bags filled with sawdust, rags and sand to ad to the mix and make them heavier.

There are other types of bags boxers will employ like speed bags but we’re only concerned with the traditional heavy bag here.

There’s a lot of benefits to using a heavy bag for instance they’re awesome cardio. Try doing 10 2 minute rounds on a heavy bag full throttle and you’ll understand. Even boxing a heavy bag doing 10 2 minute rounds isn’t for the faint of heart: good conditioning, a strong will and a healthy dose of grit will certainly go a long way. It’s easy to catch yourself slowing down and letting that sense of being tired overtake you but if you want to get the full benefits of the heavy bag then don’t give in too easily.

Another benefit of heavy bag workouts is that they help in stress management. You can take out tons of aggression on the bag and it can take it.

You’ll also find yourself perhaps a little better off if you need to ever defend yourself or a loved one although I must say for the record I’m not advocating violence. Violence should be avoided even if it is controlled violence like martial arts or boxing. I’ve read that if it’s possible, as much as it depends on us to live quietly and be peaceable with all and I kinda like that but that discussion is for another day I think.

The heavy bag can be your best friend in the gym or at least one of them because of the benefits you can gain from using it.

I find myself vacillating between thinking boxing is a cool sport if heavily regulated to thinking that perhaps it ought to be banned but I will never vacillate when it comes to the heavy bag. Use it to get rid of unwanted stress and to strengthen your shoulders, arms and the tendons in your hands. Speaking of which, it’s wise to where gloves when using the bag so as to cut down on the risk of breaking your hands on the bag especially if you’re wailing away on it.

Go easy to start and work your way up to let’s say 5 2 minute rounds. At Heavy fists you can find articles on how to punch, stances and heavy bag drills to beat the bank but that said, if you don’t have a heavy bag and if you have the space and can afford one you should consider getting one.

You can even find standalone bags with plastic basis underneath which you can fill with sand, rocks, water or anything heavy. Those are great for apartments as the bag is on a spring which is affixed to the base so it can move around as if it were hanging from a mount or stand.

The link to heavy fists is right at the bottom of this little blurb.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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Ok, I gotta write about it again… The TRX is unbelievable!

It seems that all exercises done on it are compound exercises and no kidding… If I had to get rid of everything and keep one thing only it would be the TRX.

You think yr tough? Try doing 3 sets of 15s bodyweight curls with your body on a 45 degree angle to the floor or less. Wanna up the ante? Put your feet closer together or hey… why not be a real tough guy or gal and either stand on one foot or put one foot atop the other: you’ll find out pdq what tough is.

Better yet, why not try 1arm bodyweight curls? Even bodyweight curls cause your whole body to get in to the action and as a rule the more muscles you use in an exercise the better it is for you: the more you force your body to get stronger faster.

You actually will burn more fat sitting still after your workout doing compound exercises and that’s a good thing.

I’m %99 sure that if I weren’t exercising and using compound exercises I’d be much heavier than I am now and rest assured I ain’t a lightweight.

Seriously, the TRX is the thing I’m hammering away at well… actually… it’s hammering away at me.

The TRX in combination with the Lebert Equalizers are both amazing tools to have in your toolbox no doubt.

I love both and use both together and boy hidey if you try it you’ll find out what a workout really is sunshines and gents: trust me.

Soon I’m likely going to post a few videos showing you some of the exercises you can do with both and hey… I might even throw in a video showing how you can do a variation of rope climb in your own apartment along with progressions. I’d love some feedback on that idea and not only on that idea but let me know what you think of the site in general: I’d love to hear from you so drop me a line at the link below won’t you? Let’s get acquainted.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


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Ways to Workout when you’re Working Fulltime

OK, I said I was going to do it now here it is. For the past almost 2 months I’ve been working fulltime and still wanting to workout in order to maintain the health I got back.

First things first… You’ll probably have to get up earlier than you want because when you get home from work you’ll likely convince yourself that you’re just too tired to get a workout in.

Of course, after the dust settles and you feel more comfortable in your new job you might be able to pull off a nighttime workout but that could be a while in coming perhaps.

I’ll tell you that at my peak time of day which is actually mid to late afternoon and even in to the early to mid-evening, I was up to sets of 10 chin ups. During these morning workouts I find it best to go back to sets of 4 and then ad everything else in to the mix after I get my chin ups out of the way.

For a while, before I began to feel comfortable with my morning shift, I would knock off a few chin ups between getting things done around the house and I’d throw in a few dips along with some rope climb for good measure. Now it’s different.

This morning I managed to do my 3×4 chin-ups then played on the TRX for the rest of my workout.

So how will this help you? It might give you some ideas to get started working out in the mornings or at times you’re not used to working out.

Take it slow and don’t force yourself to do more than you can. Wait till your body gets used to the new time then ad either progressive overload or change up the leverage on your bodyweight exercises to make them harder.

I really think that when you’re getting your body used to a new time to workout you really should be quite conservative in terms of how hard you push yourself: go lighter it’s safer and better.

Don’t try to be a hero and get hurt in the process. That won’t do anything save get you hurt and put you out of commission and who needs that especially if you’re in your late 40s or early 50s. It takes a little longer to recover when you get older so why bother trying to tough it out and go crazy as if you were used to working out when you just get up.

Not only will you be getting used to a new workout time but since you’ll likely be getting up 45 minutes or so earlier than you likely would if you weren’t working out, your body is getting used to that to and it will rebel against you if you push it too hard too fast.

Here’s what I’ve worked up to in my morning workout just to give you an idea.

I started off with 3×4 regular grip chin ups and followed that with the following on the TRX.

Only 3×5 TRX pull ups followed by 3×5 inverted rows: actually a cross between a curl and an inverted row.

After that I did TRX shoulder press (3×5) followed by 3×5 TRX chest press: all TRX exercises were done slowly in order to make them harder.

I usually do 5×5 training but since it’s a new time I have to listen to my body and lighten up on it.

I usually do rope climb but didn’t because I don’t want to push myself: never mind the way I felt after all that suspension training.

Anyhow, that’s what I have to tell you from here in the Junction Triangle: hope it was helpful to you.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com


My TRX Experience

As many of you know I have been unable to write as I found myself employment which has taken up a fair bit of my time. I expect things to level out soon and no… I’m not giving up my training whatsoever.

Now that all that’s out of the way let’s continue.

For the longest time I have been interested in suspension training or training that utilizes straps to suspend you off the ground in different positions. I read about the TRX system and have wanted one for quite some time and so as a celebration gift to myself for actually landing a job I went out and bought one.

At first I was a little nervous. I figured that maybe since I have rings what did I really need this for anyway? It’s a little pricy and on and on I went feeling bad about my purchase till today.

The TRX system is an amazing system to use and it’s portable. I figured that since I can already do chin-ups and even the od pullup why TRX pullups would be a synch. Boy hidey was I wrong.

As I pulled myself up from a seated position holding on to the TRX which was hung off my door I became aware of just how much my core got in to the action: never mind my back, biceps and so on.

I find the TRX an amazing system and I love the fact it’s portable: you can take it anywhere and string it up pretty well anywhere to.

Since part of you is suspended in the air you’re stabilizers get a workout they normally wouldn’t get save perhaps if you were using barbells and dumbbells. Since you’re working out using your own bodyweight it makes things really interesting.

I tried to do chin-ups using the TRX system and the same thing. I noticed my core getting involved in the action along with my leg muscles for support. What a hammering folks.

The cool thing about the TRX system is that you can make the exercises harder or easier: leverage dependent. If you move back away from the TRX so the straps are tight then the exercises are likely going to be easier and if you move toward the TRX then you can make them harder. You have to rely on more core strength and strength to get her done.

Even the position of your feet on the floor can make a huge difference. Try the TRX pullup with your feet close together and then spread further apart: you’ll notice the difference.

I personally love the TRX and for those asking about the differences betwixt rings and the TRX they’re in sense 2 different animals.

I suppose if one wanted they could string the TRX up higher and do some ring exercises on it but I’d recommend rings for ring exercises personally and the TRX for TRX exercises.

All in all, I’m happy with the system and am going to continue to make use of it.

I got the TRX PRO and so it came with a few different anchoring options. I tried hitching it to my pullup bar, putting my feet through the foot straps below the handles and doing some rope work and I found it cumbersome so I personally don’t think I’d recommend doing it.

The TRX is well worth the money and since I focus mostly on bodyweight exercise it’s a blast to play with: no doubt about it.

For more information about the TRX system and the exercises you can do with it check out their site. My only complaint about the site is that since I’m using a screen reader it would be helpful if they had written descriptions of each exercise that were easy to find instead of videos only as it seems at present.

Otherwise… Happy training.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com




Resistance band chin-ups

So we’ve talked about let me ins and we talked about inverted rows. Now it’s time to get up on the bar for some fun and hard work.

For this exercise you’ll need a pull up bar (either a standalone one like I have or if you’re light enough a door mounted one) and some resistance bands.

If you’re using the stand alone bar then all I did was to hang the resistance bands off both neutral grip handles otherwise you’ll have to loop the band and tuck it under itself leaving some of it hanging down so you can put your knee in to it.

I’m going to discuss the rest of this in the way that’s most familiar to me: that is with the bands looped across each neutral grip handle on my own pull up bar.

We’ll discuss how to do a supronated grip chin-up because that’ll be the easiest one to do now.

If you have a standalone bar then step up on to the platform and hold the bar with your hands about shoulder width apart or just outside the neutral grip handles. If you’re still too short, consider grabbing a chair to stand on so you can reach the bar otherwise you should have your hands on the bar with palms facing you and arms slightly bent.

Keep your shoulders packed down in to the sockets and back: don’t let them come up to your ears.

Put one or both knees in to the resistance band and now pull your body up as if you were doing a curl.

At first, the band is going to carry most of your weight but as your body goes up, the resistance will go down which means you’re going to have to work a little harder at the top of the chin-up,.

You can put your feet in to the band as well if that tickles your fancy. I like to vary things up and so if I’m doing assisted chin ups I’ll sometimes put one foot or one knee in to the band: crossing my ankles behind me for better balance.

Another cool hint is that if you find assisted chin-ups to difficult even with the heaviest band, try using 2 or 3 bands for even more resistance just make sure that the bands can rest one atop the other from the biggest to the smallest.

At the bottom of this article I’ve placed an article on a cool site for you to check out at your leisure.

I don’t know if I agree with the article I’m posting for you to read in that cable pulldowns are the best thing to do because those actually are a slightly different exercise. I personally think it’s best to start off with let me ins, progress to inverted rows and their variations and then to assisted chin-ups. Soon after you’ll be doing unassisted chin-ups.

My reasoning for not focusing on cable pulldowns is this. If you’re focusing on the bodyweight exercise itself then you’re more likely going to develop the stabilizer strength you’ll need to pull off unassisted chin-ups.

I do love the article though and one can always learn from the opinions of others.

I’ve learned that what one personal trainer thinks is baneful; someone else thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread and so I try to learn from everyone. It’s also a good thing to remember that what works for one person ain’t gonna work for another.

Happy chin-uping!

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

That said, why not drop me a line and say hi at trainingblind@gmail.com




My last article in this series is of course about chin-ups but I want to tie in why I think bodyweight exercises on a whole are just beyond awesome.

Briefly, the unassisted chin-up is a huge achievement especially for people like me who way over 300 pounds. What a rush that was when I busted out my first chin-up: something I haven’t been able to do since high school

Now I do sets of 2 to 5 chin-ups and am happy with that.

Normally, in a chin-up you want to get your chin past the bar and some people even like to get their chest up to the bar but when you’re heavier that could take a while: doable perhaps but it will take time.

When you do your chin-ups if you’re heavier, aim to get first a good range of motion and second, try to get your chin up to or just a little over the bar. That really is a huge accomplishment.

As always, keep your shoulders packed down in the sockets and don’t let them come up to your ears.

Remember to cross your feet at the ankles that is unless you’re doing chin-ups in which you are trying to pull your knees up toward your chest. It’s my opinion that for now it’s best just to cross your feet at the ankles, lean back slightly and start chinning.

Earlier I had mentioned how I wanted to tie in why I love bodyweight exercises so much in this article and here goes.

For the longest time I have had a fascination with the sheer strength of primates like gorillas and chimps. A chimp is apparently 7 times stronger than the strongest man: that’s mighty powerful folks.

I wonder if the strongest man in the world and a chimp are on equal footing or how much stronger than he a chimp in the wild is.

Apes and monkeys are always doing bodyweight exercises such as climbing, dipping and so on. I got to thinking, if apes can get mean strength from climbing and so on why not me? I went online and found scads of articles about bodyweight exercises and how effective they can be at getting you stronger and never mind that, most bodyweight exercises are compound exercises and so one could get a crackerjack workout just doing bodyweight exercises.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks like that as so many other people in the fitness industry have written articles and even workouts one can try: they’re all over the net.

Once I started to master such exercise as planche dips off my equalizers and chin-ups off my pull-up bar I was hooked and haven’t looked back since.

Once in a while I’ll do some kettlebell presses or swings but for the most part it’s all bodyweight exercises.

It’s amazing how just changing your position you can make an exercise harder. I’ve done semi one arm push-ups using one of the Lebert Equalizers to hold on to for support. Let me tell you, those are hard. When you weigh over 300 pounds and can do such movements you’ll get a huge rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins. Heavier people ain’t supposed to be able to do chin-ups never mind semi one arm push-ups.

Recently at the gym in my building I was playing around with the machines and did a 150 lb. bench with one arm: I haven’t touched a weight in over 3 years really save the exercises I’ve listed above.

Enjoy chin-ups guys and for that matter, if you’re thinking bodyweight exercises are for kiddies… think again.

I’m thinking my next article is going to be on how to do handstand pushups or perhaps I’ll start right at the beginning and show you how to go from wall push-ups to handstand push-ups using a wall for support.

Till then, happy chinning and hey, check out the link I pasted at the end of this article. It’s an amazing read no doubt.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program or if you think you have a medical issue that is causing you concern.

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How do I go about Training Blind?

Lots of people ask me how I can be a personal trainer without having sight. That is a good question and I want to try and answer it on my blog.

First off it might help to say this that when you’re blind, you rely on your other senses more so than you would if you have sight.

Try this little experiment while you’re sitting at your computer. For about 3 to 4 minutes close your eyes as tight as you can comfortably or put a blindfold on ensuring to put tape around the edges of the blindfold so you don’t subconsciously look down or anywhere else for that matter.

You should for the best results of this experiment be in total darkness so that you can’t see anything. After a while you’ll find perhaps that you’re becoming more aware of the space around you. For instance perhaps you can hear your fridge running or you can hear water dripping from your faucet: sounds you never paid any attention to before are in the forefront of your awareness perhaps

Maybe you can feel how the floor feels beneath your feet?

As a blind person with a little shadow vision in the right lighting and being able to see different colored lights (only if they’re bright enough), I make use of my other senses just as you did while conducting that little experiment in closing your eyes.

It’s probably partially because of this that I could be more aware of my own body as I move through 3 dimensional space and I try to use that and transfer my own experience to whoever I am training at the time.

Personal trainers do at times touch their clients while spotting them and/or trying to show a client how their body should be positioned while doing an exercise. It’s obvious that I would need to use a little more hands on and so asking for permission is in my opinion mandatory. I personally inform everyone I’m going to be training that I will need at times to touch them and if they’re ok with that off we go. If not then I get another client.

The way I show my clients how to do some exercises involves allowing them to feel what it feels like to do a particular exercise by doing the exercise with the client resting his or her body next to mine. While doing the exercise I’ll personally have my clients follow my body motions and I guess you could say it’s kind of like playing Follow the Leader in a way.

It’s an awesome thing to have someone trust you enough to allow you in to their space and it’s my personal opinion that such an honor should never be violated and so I try to be careful and truth is, the only real time there’s any touch since I train mostly in bodyweight exercises is when I’m spotting a client and aiding him or her to do an exercise.

The rest of it involves normal motivational coaching. When someone has chosen you to be his or her personal trainer, you have been given an awesome privilege and honor. I think that really needs to be respected.

It’s always helpful to realize that our bodies have something they want to tell us and my job as a personal trainer is to help you tap in to what it is your body wants to tell you. The best way I have found is through the experience of feeling an exercise through and that’s partially likely because I’ve never really seen anyone do an exercise.

Being a champion wrestler in high school I was trained by my coaches at the time through hands on method and so that’s what I try and give to each client that is my boss for every session they have with me.

You tell me what your goals are and I try and help you meet those goals. Together we both learn and grow not only in strength or fitness but also in the knowledge of the other.

I love exercise and as of the past few years I love bodyweight exercises and it’s my personal opinion that they can be used either alone or in tandem with weight baring exercises. One really can get quite strong doing bodyweight alone by making use of such things as negatives (where you focus on the lowering faze of an exercise), speed and leverage but I fear I’m getting somewhat carried away.

All in all I use my own spatial awareness and the client’s body to aid my clients to really feel the exercise before they actually carry it out.

I use my feet to ensure their feet are in proper alinement and so on.

That’s how I as a blind personal trainer assist others. I hope this has been helpful to any of you who are wondering not only if blind personal trainers exist but how they actually train others when they cannot see.

I’m not the first blind trainer out there but I probably am the first blind trainer to employ some of the methods I use to help others.

That’s how it’s done. That’s how I as a blind personal trainer teach others how to exercise and listen to their bodies. Contrary to my appearance, I love working out and get a thrill when I can do an exercise I couldn’t do before.

I was thrilled when I could do dips again off the equalizers and I was even more thrilled when I started to be able to hang off a rope hung off my pull up bar to not only almost climb it but to do exercises while hanging on that rope alone. I want others who are interested to experience the same rush: that’s a cool feeling to give someone that kind of high.

Nothing can beat that feeling of achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself and that’s kind of like winning isn’t it? You might even beat yourself and do better than you thought you would: you really can’t put a price tag on winning and I’m speaking from experience.

I hope this little blurb was helpful to the curious out there and I look forward to comments and feedback.



Rest and recovery are an essential part of any workout plan. It’s during rest days that you’re actually adapting and restoring muscle tissue.

I love working out but I also love the rest that comes usually on the weekends because it’s then that I can feel myself just drinking in the relaxation. If you don’t take the time to rest your body will rebel against you and you’ll end up over training which will have the opposite effect of what you want: getting fitter and healthier.

You could actually experience muscle breakdown to. I’ve learned to listen to my body and do what it says. Some days I just can’t pull a heavy workout off and so I don’t.

Rest is a good thing especially after a workout consisting of nothing but negatives and soon I think I’ll write an article on purely negative workouts. It’s enough to say they’re fun, hard and effective.

There’s another kind of rest that’s important and that’s sleep. The average person needs around 8 hours of sleep a night and it’s during sleep such hormones as HGH (or human growth hormone) and other hormones are produced. Hormone production can be enhanced by exercise but only when you allow yourself to rest.

I found a good article on rest and recovery and it’s at the bottom of this blurb. Give it a read to and hey… never forget… It’s always wise to consult your family doctor before engaging in any exercise program.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you



What’s it like?

“What’s it like suffering with low testosterone” you ask?

In a word… awful. It’s like being in a kind of foggy haze with the feeling of sheer fatigue that won’t seem to go away never mind the fact that your clothes are soaked sometimes due to insane torrential sweats.

You’re cranky at times because you just feel well… awful.

The other thing you experience is a total lack of libido and that my friends is really frustrating to say the least but there is a bright side to all this.

If you’re reading this let me share with you the thing that helped me out in amazing ways. Sure, supplements like zinc and magnesium helped out along with indole 3 carbinol for a while but it was something even simpler and more cost effective.

“What’s that you ask? The answer really is simple. Compound exercises.

Compound exercises are exercises in which 2 or more muscles are working at once: the more muscles worked during an exercise the better.

That’s one huge reason I changed my workouts from mostly weights to mostly bodyweight exercises. There’s something to be said if you can move your body through 3 dimensional space and when you’re heavier partially due to a hormone imbalance there’s even more of a rush.

The compound exercises I find most useful are chin ups, dips, pull ups and rope climbing exercises.

Rope climb especially is amazing in terms of the muscles used. I can’t think of one muscle that isn’t used when you’re hanging off a rope with only your hands and feet.

I love weights don’t get me wrong… They do have their place but it’s my opinion that they’re somewhat over rated. If you’re going to a gym, keep it up but don’t think that bodyweight exercises like even the humble pushups are pushovers because they’re not.

There’s so many ways to do pushups that can make them harder or easier it’s not funny.

Leverage is an amazing tool to make bodyweight exercises harder or easier to.

Last year I worked my way up to almost 80 pushups in a minute and so my fast twitch fibers were certainly getting a good throttling no doubt.

I made the choice to do a little homework before I jumped in to taking any kind of medicine but that’s my own personal choice.

I’m not advocating either taking or not taking testosterone therapy just sharing what my own decision was at the time I was diagnosed.

Soon I’ll write an article on why it was I made the choices I made and I’ll try to be as thorough as possible.

It’s enough for me to say that lately I’m personally glad I made those choices and they’ve worked out for me. Now… back to the topic at hand.

I found that doing bodyweight exercises helped tons. I feel a whole lot better and that’s one reason I got in to this line of work: to help people like you possibly experience what it feels like to get younger.

I personally love that feeling. It’s amazing to have things you thought were long gone in to oblivion like libido return and it’s an awesome feeling when most days you’re feeling like all is well with the world for the most part.

Once things start balancing out you really do feel younger and full of life. My situation was that I didn’t have enough “free” testosterone. My body was making enough but to keep it simple, my body wouldn’t let a lot of it flow through the bloodstream. Hey… Nature’s just mean and nasty sometimes. Actually I think a lot of this problem can be caused by eating things like processed tofu but again, that’s for another day and besides, my goal is to get you interested in exercise. I’ll just say that I personally stopped eating so much tofu.

Exercise is probably one of the best weapons we have to balance hormones and even produce more testosterone and hey… if you need testosterone replacement therapy take it but why not exercise to perhaps enhance your life anyhow?

Remember it’s always wise to consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise program and if you think you have any medical issues that need attention.

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The Magnetic Principle

Monday, October 19, 2015

I am sure you have seen magnets. The thing about a magnet is that if it is not attached, it’s going to draw all sorts of metal to it. It’s going to get weighed down, but if it’s attached to something else, then the other things aren’t going to weigh it down. In the same way our hearts are like magnets. If our hearts are not joined they become vulnerable. They become joined to sin, to unclean things, to addictions, to habits, to indulgences, to idols, to money, to whatever it is. The key is, when your heart is attached to Yeshua, then we become free of all the rest. Your heart was made to be attached to Him, that’s why He said, My Yoke is easy. Be yoked to Him and you will not be burdened with all the rest of the stuff in the world. Join your heart to Him and you will be free from every other thing that tempts you in this world. You will be free, just like a magnet that is joined.

 From: Matt. 11:29

Today's Mission

Get real close to God today, like a magnet. Join your heart, soul, mind, and strength to Him. And you’ll be free of all those other things.